Packers do the right thing

The Green Bay Packers waited until the last minute but when the market was determined for cornerback Sam Shields, they stepped up to the plate and signed arguably their best defensive player to a long term contract.

Shields, along with cornerback Tramon Williams, gives the Packers two lockdown players at a key defensive position in the NFL. Both Williams and Shields have been used as the guy who covers the opponents best receiver, regardless of where they line up. Not a bad combination to have.

At age 26 Shields is in the prime of his career and the Packers simply had nobody who was even close to ready to replace him. The price the Packers paid for him looks to be fair on both sides and now the Packers can focus on improving their other defensive deficiencies like safety and defensive line.

I knew the 32 million that Brett Grimes re-signed with the Dolphins for would not be enough for the Packers’ to keep Shields. In the end it was just a starting point. I ripped the Packers for the way they handed this one, but in the end they got it right.

Go Pack! 

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