Film Room Bright Spot: Davante Adams

An abysmal offensive performance by the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s showdown against the Baltimore Ravens produced few positive grades. Fourth year wide receiver Davante Adams was one. Find out why in the Film Room with Coach Hawn.

Davante Adams is becoming unstoppable. The stout second-rounder has developed into a coverage eater by blasting away at zone, man and man-free defenses at will. Here are five plays from Sunday’s matchup with the Ravens that show just that.


Play One:  COVERAGE: Man Free  ROUTE: Fade

Adams gets a free outside release versus man under coverage, stacks the corner and reroutes back to the ball before safety Eric Weddle can fly over the top. If QB Brett Hundley throws this ball to the goal line corner, it’s likely six points.


Play Two:  COVERAGE: Cover 3 Zone  ROUTE: Curl/Comeback

Adams presses the sternum of the corner, whose job is to not allow Adams to get behind him. At twelve yards, Adams settles his hips, breaks down and comes back to the throw from Hundley. He high-points the throw with arms extended, shielding the ball from the corner who is now in position to collision the receiver. Adams absorbs contact with great possession skills and secures a first down.

Play Three:  COVERAGE: Man  ROUTE: Slant (Rub Concept)

Adams stutters at the line just long enough to allow the out (Cobb) to create conflict between the corner and the flowing nickel back. Adams then releases to the now-open slant window, secures the catch and then tucks the ball to the safe shoulder and secures the first down for Green Bay.


Play Four: COVERAGE: Split Two Zone  ROUTE: Double Drive

We all remember when Adams got crushed by Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan earlier this season. Here Adams shows tremendous courage by running a drive route through the middle once again, right into the teeth of two middle linebackers. He displays great concentration to not only secure the catch in a tight window but then slip the downhill pursuit tackle of the safety to gain more yardage and a needed first down.


Play Five: COVERAGE: Cover Two Press Zone  ROUTE: Fade (Smash Concept)

Adams shows great athleticism by slipping off of the attempted jam by the pressing corner, then glides up the sideline and makes a leaping grab in front of the closing safety. He tiptoes the sideline to secure the catch before ducking out of bounds to save time.

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