Thank you Roger Goodell

The NFL Schedule comes out every year around this time. It’s a day that is met with anticipation by NFL fans throughout the world.

This year’s schedule release was particularly important to me.

Let me warn you ahead of time. If you’re looking for hard-hitting analysis. This piece will disappoint you. This will be more personal than anything.

Last May I proposed to the woman of my dreams. Eventually, we set a date.

We decided on Sunday October 14. The first reaction of many was the same. A Sunday on football season?

Yes, that’s the day we chose. It’s the day that made the most sense.

Had the Packers played a game on this Sunday I would have missed it. Life is more important than football.

My fiancee is more important than anything in my life.

That being said, the Packers have been a huge part of both my life and our relationship.

Frankie did not care one bit about football when we met. Once we started dating, however, she began to take an interest.

Our first game together was December 4, 2016. It was Packers vs Texans. The second part of the “run the table” winning streak.

The Packers won, which was cool, but It was the day I firmly believe we fell in love.

Lambeau Field has always been special to me. To be able to share that with her was an experience I will never forget.

Because of that, yes I was hoping the NFL would schedule the Packers on one specific day.

Monday October 15.

The day after our upcoming wedding. It was a dream scenario. The idea for me is to get married on Sunday, then go to the game on Monday. She was thrilled with the idea, so we sat and hoped.

Today, the schedule leaked. Sure enough, the Packers will take on the 49ers on Monday October 15.

It’s the game we’ll be attending this fall. Night games at Lambeau are particularly special to me.

This one will be even more special. It’s the first day that I’ll have my own family in the stadium. Something that I have started on my own.

It’s a crazy thing for me personally to think about.

I have no idea who is in charge of making the schedule. I’m simply assuming Roger Goodell because he is the commissioner.

Goodell has taken a lot of flack, and deservedly so since he has been in the big chair.

This time, however, I extend the biggest of thanks.

It’s hard not to be romantic about sports when I think about what exactly is going to happen this fall.

It’s truly the best gift the NFL has ever given me.

I can now attend the game with my wife. I’m a firm believer that memories are far more valuable than possessions.

No matter what happens, this will be the best Packers game I’ll ever attend.

My request for this game being placed on this date started as a joke, but it turned very serious.

Now it’s real.

For that I say,

Thanks Roger, for giving me a memory that I already know I’ll never forget.

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