Heartbreak in LA

The Green Bay Packers suffered yet another crushing defeat Sunday. This time at the hands of the undefeated Los Angeles Rams, and courtesy of one Ty Montgomery. The Packers played their best game of the season, yet it wasn’t enough against the cream of the crop in the NFC. Not when you make a mistake like they did.

Thanks to Montgomery, the Packers last chance to win never materialized. In what was clearly the worst mental mistake since Brandon Bostick‘s ill-fated attempt to field an onside kick that would have hit Jordy Nelson right in the hands, the Packers handed the win to the Rams on a silver platter. It was a huge mistake by the Rams to kick it to the endzone in the first place. The Packers got a gift and Montgomery gave it back. Just can’t understand not downing it with Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback.

Montgomery claimed he wasn’t sure where he was on the field. That is supposed to make us feel better? I know there is that old saying that one play does not make a football game. But the truth is exactly the opposite. That’s just a cop-out. Almost every close game comes down to one play. The team that makes that one play wins the game. The one play in this game was Montgomery fumbling.

Granted, there was no guarantee that the Packers would have won the game had he not fumbled. But I would have liked the Packers chances. Rodgers was warming up, having erased a 10-point second half deficit after the Packers’ defense made some key stops. They had over two minutes on the clock, one timeout and the two-minute warning to go about 50 yards to give Mason Crosby a chance. Crosby hasn’t missed since the the Lions’ game and made a 53-yarder in the third quarter. Sadly we’ll never know.

Montgomery’s gaffe overshadowed what was a great defensive game for the Packers. I know the Rams put up 400 yards, but if you would have told me they would hold Jared Goff to under 300 yards and Todd Gurley to under a buck-twenty, I would have took it. Hell, to hold them to 29 points is pretty damn good. That offense is loaded.

On offense the Packers put up 359 yards despite having 23 less plays than the Rams. Wide receiver Davante Adams is in complete beast mode, having over 130 yards receiving each of the last three games. Ever since Rodgers called out head coach Mike McCarthy for not getting Adams enough targets, Adams has been on fire. He’s a big play machine.

Led by Jaire Alexander, the Packers defense played great. Yes, they got hit for some big plays, but one of them was a complete fluke when the ball bounced off the arm of a Packers defender and Gurley made an incredible catch off the deflection. I think the Packers defense is getting better and they are much better when Alexander is on the field. He may already be their best defensive player.

The Packers gauntlet continues next week in New England, where the Packers are already established as seven point underdogs. While any hopes of a 12-4 or 11-5 season are over, the Packers are still in the hunt in the NFC North. The Bears, Vikings and Packers all have three losses. The Lions are in last at 3-4.

But if the Packers lose to the Patriots, they will have lost three of four and will be officially reeling. I think if the Packers do lose Sunday they will only win six or seven games this year. It will be an all out mutiny. But a win could change everything for the positive. Life in the NFL I guess.

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