How the Packers Promote Student Growth and Empower Future Leaders

The Green Bay Packers are a professional football team that competes in the NFL. It has 13 league championships, four Super Bowl wins, and the highest win-loss record in the history of the NFL. 

Aside from the Packers’ success in professional sports, they also have a broad system of community support. They help social services, the education sector, and have a bunch of programs for students. Let’s take a closer look at the work the Packers do to empower students and provide them with educational and skill-building opportunities. 

Green Bay Packers Employment Opportunities for Students

Students can work with the Packers! The positions are open to junior and senior students throughout the year. Although positions are limited, you still have a good chance of getting employed. There are full-time and part-time offers as well as game-day and seasonal options. 

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Student Interns Opportunities

The Packers offer diverse internship opportunities to those who want to join their corporate offices and gain practical professional experience. They can become interns in the marketing, HR, public relations, and finance departments. There are also programs aimed at sustainability and recycling for those interested in environmental conservation.

Empower Conference

The Empower Conference is a two-day event hosted by the Packers every year. The team works with hundreds of middle school students from Milwaukee and Brown County districts. 

The event gathers motivational speakers, writers, and artists who host various activities for students. The primary focus of the conference is leadership. But it also aims to inspire the youth to follow their dreams and empower positive change in their local community. 

Packers Student Art Contest

Another annual event at Lambeau Field is the Packers Student Art Contest. All student artists can participate and send their artwork. There are three groups of eligible students: grades 6-8, grades 9-12, and university and technical college students. Each year there is the theme of the contest. In 2022, it is “Why the Packers Inspire You.” 

The three winners get their artworks displayed throughout the season at the home field of the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field. They also get a chance to receive a $5,000 donation to their school’s art program and tickets to the next home game of the Packers. 

Football Camps

The Green Bay Packers inspire people to be active and have fun playing sports from an early age. Elementary school students can join football camps in Green Bay, Wind Lake, De Pere, Appleton, and Waupaca. Here they can improve their football skills, try different drill stations, and meet Packers alumni. 

Character Playbook Community Impact Project

Organized by the Green Bay Packers and Brown County United Way, the Character Playbook Community Impact Project offers Wisconsin middle school students a chance to design a project with the goal of improving something in their community or school. It could be anything, planting a garden, beautification of common areas, online programs, events, etc. 

Students with the best proposals get to present their projects to the representatives of the team and nonprofit organization. Approved projects receive a $500 grand for their implementation. Students also get assigned a project supervisor who provides guidance. Thus, the Character Playbook Community Impact Project gives students a chance to make a real impact on their community and get mentorship from a project supervisor to improve their skills. 

Grants for Student-Athletes

The Green Bay Packers Foundation awarded a grant to enhance the experience for student-athletes at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The funds were directed at opening up career development opportunities and supporting students as they improve their leadership skills. 

It helped to organize workshops and leadership programs focused on personal skill growth. The support provided by the Packers made a huge impact on the development of young leaders. 

Final Words

One of the most successful and celebrated American sports franchises offers students invaluable opportunities for personal and professional development. The Packers enhance the educational experience for them and inspire students to impact their communities. 

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