Leap for Learning and The Green Bay Packers


Last fall the Green Bay Packers and UScellular partnered together to offer Leap for Learning. It has already become one of the most innovative educational solutions for students as they can experience different learning methods and implement all the best that technology has to offer.

Another purpose of the Leap For Learning is to help identify and eventually assist one of Wisconsin’s K-12 schools with a generous $20,000 award that will be aimed at the improvement of STEM education in the classroom. As we all know, not every school has the funds and available resources to keep up with the technical demands, which is why Green Bay Packers decided to establish a partnership with none other but UScellular to make it all possible to help the young learners achieve success and follow their dreams!

Last year’s award went to Oconto Unified School District. The Oconto Unified School District was nominated by Scott Boucher, IT Director/Network Engineer at Oconto Unified School District. For more on how the process worked, read on.

Leap for Learning by The Green Bay Packers

You Can Nominate a School!

The most important thing that you have to know about the Leap For Learning is that you can nominate a school. The requirements include writing a brief summary or a special statement where you talk about why a particular school has what it takes to receive a technical makeover and how exactly it can make a difference. An essay that you have to present should be around 500 words or less, depending on what you want to say. If you are stuck with ideas, consider approaching TopEssayWriting for this purpose and get your ideas structured. Remember to check for the final deadline in 2023 and see the possible changes in the requirements. Just stay true to yourself and believe in what you stand for!

Explore Your True STEM Potential!

Leap for Learning by the Green Bay Packers is your chance to make a difference and explore all the technical benefits that you can use while learning STEM subjects. Starting with Augmented Reality to interactive smart blackboards, technology instantly takes things to another level. If you know how your school can improve things and you want to talk about cooperation and charity projects, make sure to include all of it in your admission essay!

Tech Upgrades Are Not Only Technical!

The people behind this wonderful program also care for the emotional health of students by going beyond the technical improvements alone, focusing on the social and emotional points as well. It means that the panel of judges also looks into the leadership qualities and the community culture of each school nominated. It will also look into athletic communities and an attitude while playing American football and staying true to fair play and good team values. Therefore, one of the goals of the program is to provide emotional support as well and see what methods and solutions are implemented by the schools nominated.

After School Access Project.

Speaking of the UScellular participation in the Leap For Learning program, one must mention their After School Access Project as well. It provides technical assistance for school learners by offering over 50,000 young people the possibility to use hotspots to stay connected to a stable Internet. In addition to that, the price plans have been secured until the end of 2023 to keep things affordable for the young learners and college students. It is a great example of technology that truly serves people and helps them learn.

Why STEM Education?

While the popular belief is that STEM education is always based on the use of the latest technology, it’s not entirely true as the basic concepts can still be taught by using available resources. Of course, that is not to say that it is not necessary, yet teachers and parents must realize that STEM education is all about analysis and strategic thinking as the purpose is to go beyond science and mathematics. It’s all about finding real-world applications and striving to develop analytical skills by knowing how to voice an opinion and make use of practical experiences.


Olivia Evans contributed to this article and is an educator and technology specialist with a passion for STEM subjects and social equity. As a researcher, she loves to write and promote good values and helpful educational ideas. Follow Olivia to unfold your creative skills and make learning fun.

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