Who runs the show at 1265 Lombardi Ave.?


As another offseason of Green Bay Packers Held Hostage continues I have begun to wonder what the hell is going on inside the walls of Lambeau Field’s offices. Who is running this clown show? This waiting on Aaron Rodgers bullshit is ridiculous. If the Packers are serious about winning, which I’m beginning to think they aren’t, they would not be in this predicament.

When Brian Gutekunst replaced Ted Thompson and team president Mark Murphy changed the power structure I was OK with it. Gutekunst was a young general manager and the writing was on the wall regarding Mike McCarthy. This offseason has changed my mind, though. There is no way I believe Gutekunst wants Rodgers back despite all the public posturing. This is and always was a Murphy decision. If Gutekunst had total control this would have been over the day after Rodgers stunk up Lambeau in a season ending loss yet again.

Love is ready

There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Jordan Love. Gutekunst didn’t move up in the draft to take Love if didn’t think he had a chance to be the future of the franchise. It worked out perfectly. It pissed off Rodgers into two very good years while Love learned how to be a pro. And just like Rodgers did 16 years ago he made a huge jump from year two to year three. And with Rodgers now just a soon to be 40-year old journeyman, it’s time to move on. The problem is Murphy handcuffed the Packers by forcing, or allowing, both are equally bad, the Packers to sign Rodgers to that ridiculous extension last year.

This front office is one decision away from returning the Packers to the malaise days of the 70s and 80s. Love will not accept another year as a backup so if Rodgers is allowed back the team will have no quarterback for the present or future. The Packers of the two aforementioned decades were the Chicago Bears of today. Constantly searching for that franchise QB but never finding one. The Packers have a chance to have three in a row if they don’t blow it.

What will he do?

I still believe in my heart that Rodgers retires. Maybe he already told Gutekunst that but Gutekunst told him to take his darkness retreat and be sure. If Rodgers is a man of his word then he will hang up his cleats. There is no way he can watch film of himself last year and honestly think he is still the same guy. This didn’t start last year, this started the second half of 2021. I think he’s done.

One way or the other the shit has to hit the fan soon. The Packers have things to do and with that albatross of a contract they need answers now. Please, please, do the right thing. I’m too old to go through that kind of suffering again.

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