A new era in Green Bay


It’s finally official, Aaron Rodgers is a New York Jet. Packers’ general manager Brian Gutekunst has now completely overturned the Green Bay Packers. With help of team president Mark Murphy, or course. Long time head coach Mike McCarthy is gone. And now the legendary quarterback is gone. This is fully Gutekunst’s team moving forward.

One of the reasons Gutekunst stated for the trade was the Packers 8-9 record last year. “We need to get better,” he said. Certainly getting better includes the added draft compensation, but it’s clear the Packers saw the same Aaron Rodgers last year that I saw. But that is all water under the bridge now. The Jets will, for at least one year, get a quarterback the Packers didn’t get last year. One that attends the offseason activities to build chemistry with his new team.

I would imagine the odds to win the Super Bowl are going to change dramatically at Caesars NJ sportsbook. The Jets are going to be primetime darlings now. Might want to move fast or try one of the many other games available.

The road to the playoffs favors the Packers

We’ll see how it plays out, but for those who think the Jets are all of sudden a Super Bowl favorite, I have a house in Tuscany for sale. DM me. I think the Packers have a better chance to be there than the Jets. The Packers certainly have the easiest path to a division title. The AFC East has the Buffalo Bills, perennial Super Bowl challengers who you have to think will break through one of these years. The Dolphins made the playoffs last year and the Patriots will always be dangerous as long as Bill Belichick is head coach.

The NFC North doesn’t have anybody the likes of the Bills for the Packers to content with. The current favorite is the Detroit Lions. That pretty much is all you need to know about the NFC North. The Vikings showed they were paper champions in the playoffs last year. And the Bears are always going to Bear. Jordan Love will feast on them the same way his two predecessors did. I already bet on the Packers to win the division and I believe they will.

Maybe Pennsylvania NFL betting will have better odds for the Packers. But if not there are a wide variety of NFL betting options available. Jordan Love for MVP maybe?

Top three for sure

Rodgers will obviously go down as one of the best quarterbacks in Green Bay Packers’ history. I will put him number three. Bart Starr won five championships in seven years, that’s a no brainer. And I put Brett Favre ahead of Rodgers. They both had similar careers but Favre went to two Super Bowls and I think he did more with less. It’s a close call, though.

Other than the Super Bowl run in 2010 my favorite memories are mostly the wins over the Bears. The pass to Randall Cobb to win the division in 2013. Coming back from 20 down with 9:14 left in the third quarter to beat the Bears on a broken ankle. The hail-mary to beat the Lions. 2011 would have to be my pick for his finest season.

This is a very exciting time to be a Packers’ fan. We (as an owner, I can say we) have a young coach with four years experience now and a proven winner. Love will have some young weapons to grow with in Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs and others. And don’t ever forget the value Aaron Jones brings to the table. He is really the straw that stirs the Packers’ drink. If 33 is on the field, the Packers offense will be just fine. They do need to find a backup in his mold, though, but that is a story for later this week.

It’s going to fun getting to know Jordan Love and watching all the things head coach Matt LaFleur has up his sleeve for him. Get your popcorn ready!

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