Brilliant, and not

Jaire Alexander’s performance against Justin Jefferson last January is one for the ages. Holding the best wide receiver in the league to 1-catch for 15 yards is a career performance. Surrounded by my Viking fan in-laws, I was giddy for Alexander’s mocking griddy after he broke up a pass.

You have to respect Alexander as a player. Normally, I’m not a fan of a lot of jawing and strutting. But when you talk big, and deliver, I’m down with that.

Money for nothin’

This spring, Alexander chose not to attend a couple week-ends worth of team meetings, pad-less practices, and time in the Packers workout facility, known as “organized team activities” (OTA’s). To make that choice, Alexander passed on a $700-thousand-dollar workout bonus. Wrap your mind around that choice.

For the average Packer fan, it would take 5-to-15 years to earn what Alexander could have banked in 8-to-10 days. He could have put the money in his retirement account, donated it to charity, or blown it on whatever his heart desired. When asked about the decision he said, “I know what works for me.”  Who doesn’t an easy $700K work for?

Fame/fortune has an expiration date

5-10 years down the road, when Mr. Alexander is no longer cashing paychecks as the highest paid corner in the NFL, he may look back and regret that choice. Sure, we’ve all made foolish choices in our 20’s. Yes, he’s making plenty of money and should have a nice financial cushion for life. No matter, saying no to nearly three-quarters of a million dollars? To run around in shorts and lift weights for a few weekends?

I’d say his agent should be fired, but the agent must have begged him not to skip the bonus. They’re paid on a percentage of their players’ earnings, so Jaire’s choice likely cost his agent. As for his spouse, parents or loved ones, they must have asked him “what are you thinking?”

Raised by depression era parents, I’m old-school cheap. I’m bummed if I miss out on a $10 rebate or pay a nickel a gallon more than I had to for gas. This has little to do with the Packers or football. Honestly, as it pertains to the Packers we should be talking about the lousy leadership message Alexander sent by not showing up. Aaron Rodgers was widely criticized for the same decision last year. No, this take is about the money. I don’t get it. I’m awed at the mind-bending, incomprehensible foolishness, of youth.



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