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Here’s a fun parlor game for packer fans to play. Who’s our #1 receiver?

The answer?…. whomever Jordan Love throws to on that play.

Ok, it’s probably more complicated than that, but the point is the Packers appear to be bursting with talent at the receiver position. They also have a quarterback who loves to use every tool in the toolbox.

Embarrassment of riches

Jayden Reed is the Packers best receiver, but Dontayvion Wicks is not far behind. No, wait, Wicks has line releases that look like Davante Adams. But then there’s Bo Melton, who looks like a practice squad lottery ticket that just might be a jackpot. So many choices!

What about Christian Watson? Based on his performance last year, flashes this year and his athletic measurables, Watson may still be our receiver with the highest ceiling. Wicks and Reed may love Christian Watson, but they aren’t waiting around wondering about his ceiling. Watson needs to figure out his hamstrings because the most important ability– is availability.

It’s tempting to say that Romeo Doubs, Malik Heath and Grant DuBose are “just guys.” But they seem like more than guys. Doubs may have the best hands on the team and seems to be an outstanding end zone and short area target. No, he’s not special, but if he’s your 4th or 5th receiver, you’re doing ok.

Heath, the darling of training camp, has some big catches and shows he’s an outstanding blocker. After a slow start, it doesn’t look like the game is too big for Heath. DuBose gets an incomplete. He’s an unknown. So was Bo Melton a few weeks ago.

Not only WIDE receivers

Since we’re talking best receivers, it’s impossible to overlook tight ends Tucker Kraft and Luke Musgrave. With both grabbing key receptions on the final, clock killing drive on Sunday, they gave the Bears gut punches. Tight end looks solid for years to come.

Pick a number

As of now my Packer receiver ranking is: 1. Jayden Reed, 2. Dontayvion Wicks, 3. Tucker Kraft, 4. Christian Watson, 5. Bo Melton, 6. Romeo Doubs, 7. Luke Musgrave, 8. Malik Heath. It’s a ranking of best guesses. It will change. Good luck to draft picks or free agent receivers in 2024. Making this list, won’t be easy.

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