Packers have nothing to lose so let ‘er rip

The Green Bay Packers will face the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs Sunday in what is essentially frosting on the cake of a successful season. By winning seven of their final 10 games the Packers have certainly found their quarterback of the future in Jordan Love. They have a young pass catching crew to build around and the future looks bright no matter what happens against the Cowboys.

There is no question in my mind the Packers can beat the Cowboys. But it will take the Packers best defensive performance of the year and I’m not sure their capable of it. But if Joe B. can dial one up here, Love and the offense should be able to keep it close enough to steal. The Cowboys do not want to let the Packers hang around. Love has three come-from-behind wins this year and the Packers have been in close games all year. They are battled tested.

Hardly anybody is giving the Packers a chance. I do. I think they can get after Dak and finally get a turnover or two. I’m not too worried about not having Jaire Alexander, they seem to have played better without him. So I’m going to say the defense does it’s job and the Packers give Jerry Jones another playoff disappointment. Packers 31, Cowboys 24.

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