I can’t believe he did it!

The Green Bay Packers will have a new defensive coordinator next year. I am shocked head coach Matt LaFleur actually fired his friend Joe Barry. That had to be hard but the overall body of work and the sudden pressure to win now warranted it. There was just no consistency to the defense and the style of defense being played seems to be a dying fad.

I think the Packers have the talent to be good on defense, and I’m guessing they’ll get some additions this offseason as well. They just need to be used to the best of their abilities. I’m not going to throw out any names for a replacement, but I have changed my viewpoint on it. I would like to see a veteran DC with a track record of success as opposed to giving someone their first gig. Easier said than done I know.

The off-season is off and running. Going to be fun.

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