I think I like this guy

The Green Bay Packers have themselves a new defensive coordinator and after reading up on him I think I like the guy. It appears the defense Jeff Hafley runs will be quite the opposite of one Joe Barry. And not just because he likes to play press coverage on defense. I like him because he has experience in both the Packers 3-4 and the 4-3 defense. He will adapt either or according to how views the Packers’ personnel.

Under Barry the Packers were stuck in a scheme and could never adjust to anything it seemed. When they were get steamrolled they couldn’t stop it. Nor could get the big stop when they needed it. Maybe with Hafley they will have a little more ammo to make a play when needed. From what I read his defenses are not penalized much and well disciplined in their assignments. That is something the Packers rarely were under Barry.

I like what Hafley did at Ohio State and it was obviously good enough to get himself a head coaching job. His defenses at BC were strong units as well, especially 2021 when they were third nationally in passing yards allowed and top 30 in six other categories. If he can translate that the NFL the Packers may have found a diamond in the rough.

I like the hire. Sucks we have to wait so long to see him get to work. Will be exciting to see how the players adapt to him and read between the lines when comparing him to last year. This glorious offseason continues.

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