Jordan Love quarterback analysis and what’s to come for Fantasy

.With Aaron Rodgers’ departure to the New York Jets, the Green Bay Packers turned the page to a new chapter, placing their trust in Jordan Alexander Love as their starting quarterback for the 2023 NFL season.

Born November 2, 1998, Love is a quarterback whose collegiate career at Utah State University was distinguished by notable accolades. He was a second-team All-MWC selection 2018 and the MVP title at the 2018 New Mexico Bowl.

Opting to enter the NFL Draft after forgoing his senior year, Love was picked by the Packers in the first round (26th overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft. Initially serving as the backup to Aaron Rodgers for three years, Love’s ascension to the starting role in 2023 marked a significant milestone in his career.

Ascending to Prominence

Jordan Love’s inaugural season as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers was a narrative of growth, resilience, and ultimately, triumph. Transitioning into the spotlight post-Aaron Rodgers era, Love faced immense pressure and expectations. Despite early challenges, he demonstrated commendable fortitude and skill, culminating in a season of impressive statistical achievements.

Love’s contract, with a 2023 cap hit of $4,409,271 and ranked 33rd among quarterbacks according to While it won’t last long it proved an extraordinary value given his on-field performance.

Overcoming Early Hurdles

The season’s outset was marked by Love’s struggle with consistency, highlighted by a stretch from the third to the ninth game where he threw more interceptions (10) than touchdown passes (8). These early performances were characterized by fluctuating completion rates and yards per attempt. However, the narrative shifted dramatically in the latter half of the season.

From the tenth game against the Chargers to a wild-card victory at Dallas, Love unleashed his potential with a staggering 21 touchdown passes against a single interception. This turnaround showcased his burgeoning prowess and underscored the Packers’ astute investment in him as their future quarterback.

Statistical Renaissance

Jordan Love’s season statistics—4,159 passing yards, 32 touchdowns against 11 interceptions, and a 64.2% completion rate—paint a picture of a quarterback coming into his own. His performance placed him second in the league for touchdown passes, a testament to his precision and ability to find the end zone.

Moreover, his improvement from being ranked last in completion percentage at the season’s midpoint to finishing 21st is a testament to his adaptability and perseverance. Such a dramatic improvement underlines Love’s evolution from a potential talent to a proven performer on the NFL stage.

As a result of his impressive performance, Love has gained popularity among fantasy sports enthusiasts, becoming a favored option on the best DFS sites. These platforms, which offer a range of fantasy sports activities, now frequently feature Love as a top quarterback pick, attesting to his rising value in fantasy football circles.

Impact on Fantasy Football

For fantasy football players, Love’s performance trajectory offers a compelling narrative. His ability to rack up points through both the air and, on occasion, with his legs, positions him as a potentially valuable quarterback option moving forward.

The promise of an increasingly cohesive Packers offense under Love’s leadership suggests that his fantasy stock could rise significantly.

Fantasy managers would do well to monitor Love’s progress. The development of his chemistry with his receivers are key factors that will heavily influence his viability as a fantasy starter.

Looking Ahead

The Packers’ journey with Love at the helm is just beginning. The young quarterback’s ability to adapt and overcome adversity speaks volumes about his potential to lead Green Bay back to playoff prominence. His performance in the latter half of the season, marked by improved decision-making and confidence in his deep throws, hints at a quarterback coming into his own​​​​​​.


Jordan Love’s 2023 season was a foundational year, setting the stage for what could be a rejuvenated Packers era. His growth from a quarterback thrust into the spotlight to a leader capable of steering his team to playoff contention embodies the highs and lows of professional football. For fantasy football players, Love’s development presents both a risk and an opportunity. His potential upside makes him a player to watch in the coming seasons. As the Packers build around their young quarterback, the NFL, its fans, and fantasy leagues alike will keenly observe Love’s trajectory, eager to see how far he can lead Green Bay in the quest for championship glory.

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