The new “all-in” for Gutey

It was only a few years ago that Green Bay Packers’ general manager Brian Gutekunst was accused of not going all-in to get the Packers to the Super Bowl. Little did we know then that Gutey was going all-in by signing all of former quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ friends, which really hindered his ability to build a championship team. Now with Rodgers gone and with the youngest team in the league Gutey is going all-in his way. I certainly like this method better.

Time to pay up

The Packers will only have the luxury of one season with a low-priced quarterback, but that is the price to pay for draft and develop. When it works it’s no problem paying up. Last year the Packers won a playoff game for the first time since 2021 and took the eventual conference champions right down to the wire. You can bet the Packers will be talked about in sports betting circles this year. This time with a young up-and-coming QB with a young team.

Gutey’s all-in really started last April when we he restocked the receiving corp in the NFL Draft. He probably didn’t expect the production he got from those guys but all of sudden the Packers’ receiver room is packed. I include tight ends in that bunch. Now Gutey can turn to other areas of need knowing his non-QB playmakers will be playing for diddly-squat the next three years.

Using all avenues to improve

The Packers made an extremely rare appearance on the first day of free agency with two huge signings. Gutey made a huge move at running back and filled a nagging void at safety. Another splash could be coming in April as the Packers have plenty of ammo to move around in the draft. That could be up or down or for veteran players or both. Can’t wait.

This all-in will last as long as Love is plays at a high level. Hopefully it pays off in a championship but we know all too well having a Hall-of-Fame QB doesn’t guarantee you a thing. The Packers got one each from their last two HOF QBs, I’d settle for that with Love. But I want more. One thing’s sure, Gutey is always all-in. I’m confident he’ll get done with Love what he couldn’t with Rodgers.

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