Packers presumably fill holes on young roster

Green Bay Packers’ general manager Brian Gutekunst completed the 2024 NFL Draft Saturday by taking the best player available in each round. Coincidentally, those players all match up to the perceived weak areas of the Packers’ roster. How lucky was that?

Gutey did admit need is always there subconsciously so they may have probably swayed a few decisions. But overall I like what the Packers did. I am no draft nut so I can only opine what I’ve read since the draft, and for the most part is has been pretty good for the Packers. Everybody is a star on draft day and you never know who will be standout or who will be the bust.

One of the guys that standout to me is first round pick Jordan Morgan. I hope the Packers put him at left tackle and let him compete there before they start moving him around. Dude is a left tackle. If he wins the job, great, if not then see what you can do. I predict he’ll be the opening day starter at left tackle.

Another opening day starter will be linebacker Edgerrin Cooper. It will be interesting to see how they use him with Quay Walker. That’s a lot of speed for new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley to play with. And more than likely safety Javon Bullard will be a starter at safety. Another Georgia product he seems to fit Hafley’s defense to a t. With Xavier McKinney this is going to be a much improved safety room.

From the rest of the guys l like the center Jacob Monk, and I’ll be curious to see what they do with theĀ  massive Travis Glover. We’ll all be curious to see what they do with running back MarShawn Lloyd. I’m guessing they want him to possibly bring that long run capability Aaron Jones had that Josh Jacobs doesn’t necessarily have. He’s a 5′ 9″ bowling ball of a running. Can’t wait to see him the huddle next to the 6′ 6″ Glover.

The Packers had the luxury to draft the way they did and the competition will be fierce in training camp. Especially coming off a successful first season under quarterback Jordan Love. Exciting times for Packers’ fans.

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