Quiet time really quiet this year, and other offseason thoughts

The Green Bay Packers and the NFL are in its six week vacation leading up to the opening of training camp and the 2024 NFL season. It’s been a dream offseason so far for the Packers, who were normally the center of attraction with their former QB on the roster. Things are completely different, but the goal is the same, win another Super Bowl.

After a whirl of activity in free agency, the rest of the offseason has gone well for the Packers. A few injuries in the weight room, but none on the field and everyone should be ready to go for training camp on July 22. I’m super excited for this team, probably the most excited I’ve been since they were defending champs in 2011. All the ingredients are in place for a deep playoff run again. Here a few thoughts on the big changes.

Sports betting is taking off around the world and British Columbia is no different. Sports betting bc drew more popularity since single-game betting was legalized across Canada in 2021. The Packers are going to be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl after nearly knocking off the NFC Champion 49ers last year. But you might want to check the odds now as a hot start will definitely affect the odds once the season starts.

Jordan Love

Without a doubt the Packers have their quarterback of the future and will need to get his extension completed by training camp or shortly thereafter. Because of the unique circumstances surrounding Love’s rise to QB1 this is going to be a very complicated contract. How do you pay 50-plus million a year to a QB with only 10 games of solid play? The Packers need to have some protection somehow in case Love bombs. This could end up some sort of Mahomes type deal that is a little out of the norm. We’ll see, but it will get done for sure.

Josh Jacobs

The Packers released one of their core players in running back Aaron Jones when they could not agree on a pay cut. To replace him the Packers signed the younger Jacobs and also drafted MarShawn Loyd in April’s draft. Jacobs can do everything Jones can do is four years younger. Jacobs does not have the injury history Jones, has, either. This move was to me, a huge upgrade. If Jacobs plays 17 games this offense is going to unstoppable.

Jeff Hafley

There would have been a fan revolt of epic preparations had Joe Barry returned as defensive coordinator. Losing that lead in San Francisco sealed Barry’s fate, if it wasn’t sealed long before that. In walks Hafley and a whole new defense that goes from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defensive front. The new scheme and new coaching staff has been well received by the players, who are excited to be attacking instead of whatever they were doing under Barry.

The Packers other big name free agent was safety Xavier McKinney, giving Hafley the QB of his defense. Could this be the first time the Packers’ defense plays like one with eight first round picks on it?

There is a lot to like about this year’s Packers. But we all know things can change in a hurry, If/when it does, this team looks able to handle it. Can’t wait to get rolling!

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