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About Packernet

Packernet is the one site you need to stay informed with all the latest Green Bay Packer news. We scour the web for the latest Green Bay Packers news, audio, and video and link to it all from one place. We filter out the garbage, and only link to free, quality Packer-related content. In addition, we post colorful blog entries, talk radio podcasts, photos, and more. We also link to some coverage of the NFL and the NFC North football conference.

Quality Green Bay Packers Content

Packernet strives to only link to free, quality Packers-related content. We filter paid "insider" content that is always subscriber-only content. If you are looking for (pay-only) insider content you will need to visit the source websites directly.

We listen to our visitors' comments and constantly adjust our sources accordingly. We also will sometimes filter out specific articles if they are not relevant or are soliciting other websites, etc. We value your opinion so please let us know if you have something to say about the article, audio and video content we link to.


The Early Days

Packernet was Al's brother Jeff's idea to start with. He is a computer programmer extrordinare who designed the original Packernet from the ground up. He designed the main site and the integrated the Packernet store, which was called "Packershop" at the time. We went live in July of 1996, pretty good timing for our first year.

Jeff only stuck around a few years before going on to bigger and better things. Al continued to run Packernet on his own until Kevin joined up in 2007. The store part of Packernet went by the wayside in 2005. With the Packers Pro Shop exploding we could no longer compete, even though sales were fairly good right up until the end. We sold cheeseheads galore and it was a lot of fun for Al to send them all over the country and in some cases England, Japan and Australia.

Packernet 2.0

In May 2007, Packernet's design had gone a bit stale, but the passion to continue to provide fans with relevant news and radio content still remained. Kevin Roth, an ambitious and innovative web developer and fan of the site, offered to redesign Packernet and offer up some new management tools to help Packernet thrive once more. Kevin helped transform Packernet into a media hub for Packers' news and information and has helped to keep us relevant.

A Labor of Love

Packernet has always been a site for Packer fans by Packer fans. Today's Packernet is more of an information site for Packers' fans. We aim to be the only source you need to get your daily "fix" on Packers news, without having to visit many different sites to make sure you haven't missed anything. You can listen to podcasts and view videos and, as has been the case from the very start, read articles from around the web regarding the Packers. Our blog also provides a forum when fans can connect and share opinions about the team.

We are astounded at the success Packernet has had over the years. We now average between 4,000 to 5,000 unique visitors every day, and every year traffic continues to grow to have higher and higher averages.

Packernet has always been a labor of love. There is just enough advertising to keep us afloat so you don't get bombarded with pop ups when visiting us.


The real thanks goes to our visitors though, for without you we wouldn't be here. I suppose we should thank the Packers too, after all they did win two Super Bowls since we went live. Then again, maybe they should thank us!

We truly appreciate any and all support. Please share our site with your friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances!

Go Pack Go!

Packernet is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Thanks, and Go Pack!