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Quality Green Bay Packers Content

A Word About Packernet's Article Links

Packernet strives to only link to free, quality Packers-related content. We listen to our visitors' comments and constantly adjust our sources accordingly. We also will sometimes filter out specific articles if they are not relevant or are soliciting other websites, etc. We value your opinion so please let us know if you have something to say about the article and video content we link to.

No Paid Content or Paywalls

  • We filter paid "insider" content that is always subscriber-only content. If you are looking for (pay-only) insider content you will need to visit the source websites directly.
  • For sites that use "paywalls", i.e. websites that allow a certain number of free articles per month prior to requiring a subscription: While there are techniques we could employ to circumvent these paywalls entirely and guarantee that you would never run into a paywall (i.e. "screen scraping", etc.), we believe that would damage the relationship Packernet has with the sites we post articles to. Conversely, we also believe that with the amount of ads we, as readers, have to suffer through to read the actual content on these sites, that we are entitled to view, in some cases, more than the restrictive limits some sites presently allow. We use certain linking techniques that help combat the tracking cookies and javascripts used on external sites that should help avoid running into the read limits. Provided that you use the links on Packernet and do not click links on the external sites directly, you should have better luck getting free, quality content to read. - We have chosen to continue to use JSOnline as a source as their current paywall is not as restrictive as others (20 free articles/mo). - Paywall, allows 9 free articles/mo.

    We have chosen to discontinue using Gannett/Green Bay Press Gazette/ as a source as their current paywall is very restrictive (9 free articles/mo).

  • Packernet gets between 5-10,000 external link clicks per day on average. We feel that Packernet supports the sites that provide quality content by delivering that amount of traffic (and subsequent ad revenue) to them. If any site has a problem with how we link to their content we are just fine with filtering them out and serving up links to their competitor sites instead.

Blog Content

  • Packernet has it's own blog and commentor following, and does not presently feel the need to link to other Packer-related blogs. If you would like Packernet to link to other blog sites, please let us know.
  • If you would like to contribute to Packernet's blog, feel free to send us your article. If it is well-written and has good insight, we will post it. If we like your stuff, we may invite you to become a regular contributor.

NFC North Content

We have had some comments about linking to non-Packers-related NFC North division content. While some of the content in the ESPN NFC North blog tends to be more focused on other teams, we feel that some high-level content about the Packers' division rivals is good to have, and that NFC North content is indirectly Packer-related.

Packernet is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Thanks, and Go Pack!