Packers ready to rock

Where is Leon when you need him? Just once I would love to hear a sports figure say what he really means. That certainly was not the case when Brett Favre met the media yesterday. Favre must think we are all idiots when he says he is not motivated by revenge. I mean, like the Favre Network segment says – “Come on man!” It is just like when a player holding out says “It isn’t about the money”. The second they say it isn’t about the money, you know it is about the money. No different than what Favre is saying. In the end Favre did kind of admit it was about revenge when he told the media to “call it what you want”. Funny stuff.

After hearing former Packers William Henderson and LeRoy Butler on the Rome show this week it is clear that Favre is a traitor. Both former Packer greats admitted they lost respect for Favre when he joined the hated Vikings. And both agreed you can’t ride the fence on this issue. Like Butler said, you are either a Favre fan or a Packers’ fan, there is no in between. Like LeRoy said, you can’t root for Favre to throw for 400 yards and want the Packers to win the game. That is complete bovine excrement. You are either with the Packers or you are with the enemy. And either case is fine. If you love Brett Favre then love Brett Favre and cheer the Vikings’ on. No problem. No Packers’ fans will be joining you. You probably jumped on the Packers’ bandwagon only because of Favre and we don’t want fans like that anyway. By the way, I can say “we” and mean it as I am an owner of this great franchise.

This game is all about Brett Favre getting revenge on Ted Thompson. Maybe the Vikings do win. So what? I remember the Chicago Bears losing twice to the Packers the year they went to the Super Bowl. Nothing will really be decided on Monday night no matter what anybody says. This game means way more to Favre than it does to the Packers. This is one man against 53 and I like the 53. The Packers as a team want this game much more than the Vikings do as a player. The Vikings’ players didn’t even want Favre during training camp and can in know way feel the hate that is in Favre’s heart. On the other hand, the players on the Packers’ team have rallied around Aaron Rodgers for over a year now and are united in their cause to win this game for A-Rodg.

Aaron Rodgers has been as cool as a cucumber since taking over as starting QB for the Packers and I think if he plays that way Monday the Packers win going away. Running back Ryan Grant has had surprisingly good success against the Vikings and if gets 85 or more yards I think the Packers will roll. The only thing about this game that scares me is Adrian Peterson breaking a long run or two for a TD, and by long run I mean the 40 or more yard shots that he is great at. If the Packers make him earn his 100 or more yards and force the Vikings to pass more than they want to it bodes real well. I also think Dom Capers hasn’t shown jack the first three games and the Vikings will see plenty of formations they haven’t seen on film thus far.

Finally, I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad, but I think good. From all accounts the Packers’ players have been loose as a goose in the locker room this week. There has been a running joke keeping everybody upbeat and the players seem to be in a good mood despite the media frenzy. Kind of odd, actually. I think it is a quiet confidence. I know I feel the Packers should win this game with no problem and the closer the game gets the more confident I get. My early prediction of 24-20 Pack has been upgraded to 34-20 Pack. I just can’t see us losing this one and I cannot wait for it to start. We will win – Al.

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  • jeremiah

    i am with you man, last sunday evening i was pretty concerned. then about tuesday i just was anxious. then thursday i was NOT anxious, now it is saturday and i am getting confident.

    i see it as a very good game decided by turnovers and one or two big plays ( yes, i know, that is very cliche), but i see it something like 28-24.

  • Matt Hayton

    You must be dreaming with that O-Line.

    Don’t see any scenarios where we win by 14, but hey that’s why they play the game!

  • Matt Hayton

    You must be dreaming with that O-Line playing in the dome.

    Don’t see any scenarios where we win by 14, but hey that’s why they play the game!

    I think we’ll split the season series, with each team winning at home just like last year…

  • ScottS

    Great post. Go Pack.

  • Rocky70

    24-20……… 34-20……… Doesn’t matter to me as long as GB is on the plus side.

    Actually the OL that may be scrutinized the most after this game is the Viking OL… Peterson has a tendency to make their OL look better than it is…….. If GB jumps out early & forces BF to make plays (beyond handing off to AP) BF may not last the game………… BF will throw up his usual half-dozen or so wounded ducks ….. Picking off 2 or 3 may indeed result in a 34-20 score.

    I look for Clay Matthews to have a break-out game on the D…….. Play fake, roll-out, long to Jennings or Driver should happen more than once…. The ‘great’ Viking defense still can’t defend the pass ……

  • Pete H

    First of all Al, the Bears split with the Packers during their Super Bowl run. 26-0 to open the year, remember.
    Second, I don’t think any of those on here who argue on why they don’t despise Favre are rooting for him this week. Why on Earth are you so intent on rehashing and rehashing and rehashing the same subject that you also continually post that you don’t want to talk about anymore? Really
    Third, seriously, you need to invoke Leroy Butler and William Henderson’ opinion to justify yours. Who gives a crap what they think. Leroy is my favorite player of all time, but he still doesn’t get to define what a fan is.
    Fourth, being an owner doesn’t make you a better fan than the rest of us…it just makes you think you are. Based on my knowledge of your history of posts as well as many of the others on here I can go out on a limb and say that most of us non-owners have more knowledge about the game, as well as the Packers as a whole. You are able to pull a name out of your ass every now and then, but if you truly knew what was going on you wouldn’t be nearly so bipolar.
    Fifth, I’m sorry for this, and I have absolutely no interest in seeing Favre with any level of success this game…I cut him from my fantasy team because I have Warner and would’ve had to play him this week….BUT I am sick of the self righteousness on here that thinks they get to define what someone else is because they still like or dislike a player who played here and is now playing for another team. Its just so beyond old and done..

  • Richard Krause dic d

    I must say that I enjoyed reading your blogg, Al. It certainly was the ONLY one I read that even gave GB a slightest chance of winning this game.

    Keep the D ends and OLB aware of AP’s tendencies of cutting to the outside to really put the hurt on the D backs.

    Go Pack Go


  • Pete H

    Here we are talking Rodgers/Favre blah blah blah….without a mention that we might be facing Peterson without Raji and now Jolly, and Bigby, 2 tackle positions that have been turnstyled all year, and a running back that gets berated every week for running like a chump, but yet, against a stout Vikings line he should now find plenty of holes….based on previous years stats….cmon

  • Mark Troy

    I’d be the happiest person if the Packers win, but I am so dubious of our offensive line, that I have serious reservations. I hope they come out with a kickass attitude, and run the ball through the “William’s Wall” again and again, setting up play-action passes for big games.
    Can’t wait! If our line looks weak again, I’ll be beside myself. 5 years to build this offensive line? I think Adrian Klemm is better than the current crop.

  • You guys are right, this team stinks. Need complete overhaul already and MM and TT should be the first to go. Rotten OL, sure wish we had Wahle and Rivera back. Damned wide receivers that are too slow to go deep, and their best Driver and Jennings can’t even hold on to the ball – way too many drops. The QB is a total joke who is hurt all the time and has no movement in the pocket; no wonder he gets sacked so much. Wish we had Favre back, but no, that ego maniac Thompson kicked him out. I don’t care if Grant did rush for a thou he has absolutely no power and can no longer break the long one. Stupid drafts, less than half the starters drafted in the last four years. Kicker can’t even make 50 yarders on a sunny day, and the punting is atrocious with no hang time. Coverage on STs even worse, look at all those 50 yard runbacks. The DL is worthless, no push, no sacks, no run stoppers; Jenkins, Harrell, Raji (can’t even get on the field), Jolly and Montgomery were lousy drafts and the LB corp would be nothing if it were’nt for the carry-overs Kampman and Barnett. Not only can’t they blitz, they cannot even stop the run with 4 and 5 of them in the game at the same time. Oh, the lousy coaching staff, and the DBs. Woodson is the only guy there that would make any other team in the league and it seems like he is a one man team on defense. Collins was damned lucky last year and should not have made the pro all-star game. Hell, he can’t even stay healthy either. No point mentioning the other safeties because they’re made up of lousy FA pickups, lousy drafts, and jerks who do nothing but pick up penalties.

    Not only that, but nobody on the entire team is even trying, no wonder they get hurt all the time. Then when they go to rehab we don’t have a trainer worth crap to get them back in shape.

    This all started about five years ago and has been a steady downhill slide ever since. Off with their heads, throw everybody out, and start over top to bottom, but keep Woodson.

    Did I cover everything? We don’t have a prayer Monday night.

  • Oh, I forgot, I’ll be so happy if the Packers win this game and go 10-6.

  • O’Jeff

    Zombie-freaking-daycare-workers – Al, you have snapped your flippin’ cap with this second paragraph “we don’t need no halfway fans” garbage.

    I enjoy Brett Favre in the same way I enjoyed Walter Payton and Barry Sanders. Great football players – great opponents – great fun to watch – even better fun to beat. The better they play – the greater the glory for us when we win. There’s no hatred here – no treason involved. We didn’t want him. After a year, the Jets didn’t either. He went someplace where they did. That’s it. Get over it. Like Barnett said, you’re acting like a jilted girlfriend.

    If you really couldn’t watch that final touchdown last week and be happy for the guy, I think you’ve got a serious problem. It was a great play by a great player and a great catch when the game was absolutely on the line. That’s outstanding football. Period.

    The NFL is a better place with guys like Favre, Payton and Sanders around no matter who they’re playing for. I don’t have to hate Favre to be a Packer fan – the mere suggestion is an embarassment. Feel free to ban this name if there really is no room for my ilk around here. I won’t invent another. I’ll go find a pile of Vikings fans to watch the game with.

    I have watched games in enemy territory many times. If it stays true to history, I’ll get a better reception among them than I have from some on this side of the fence. Sure, they’ll put the shit on me, but at least they’ll know I’m a Packer fan. I won’t have to play prove it every blasted week.

  • packer_bob

    Hi-fricking-larious Al! I heard William Henderson on the Rome show, and from your interpetation of it, obviously you hear what you want to hear. Like your interpretation of MM’s conference the other day, when he “admitted” it was a bigger game than usual. You must sit at home at home with a sock on your hand and practice ventriloquism, because you make the puppets say what you want them to say.

    You’re right, if you are a Pack fan there is no way to root for him in the opponents jersey. I was hoping the Vikes would lose last week, but when Favre did what Favre does I still had to tip my cap to him. Not rooting for him, but still has my respect. As does AP, Barry Sanders back in the day, and Walter Payton before him.

    I find it funny that several of you find this a referendum on Favre and think you know what’s in his head. But none of us can comment on TT’s “plan” cuz he’s so inscrutable he should be from the Orient. Whatever.

    I’m way less concerned about BF then I am about our ability to run the football, stop the run, and protect the QB. “Real” fans should share the same concerns. LOL

  • 4205

    O’Jeff – the only difference between Payton / Sanders analogy is that they knew when to retire and we never had to deal with either of them playing for another team. Watching Emmitt run for the Cardinals was sad. Favre is more like Montana and KC – had some left in the tank, and did ok for parts of another year or two. I’ll root for him to do well – but not while playing against Green Bay or in games that would allow the Viqueens to finish ahead of the Packers.

  • thomas meier


    So let me get this straight, in one of the previous threads you were making post demanding people answer A or B.
    and you felt A (which was packer blow out) was the only choice a ” true packer fan” would pick.
    then on this thread you say “24-20…… 34-20 it doesnt matter as long as the pack wins”?
    so by your own definition your not a packer fan!

  • thomas meier

    i can respect players from other teams, but i will do so after they retire! and that goes for everyone not just bf.
    I dont want to see favre do well at all this season but not because i feel jilted by him…. i dont want him to do well because if he does well it increases the vikings chances of doing well and as a packer fan i dont want to see that.

  • Rocky70

    Rehashing …?
    Last I looked BF is the starting QB for the ViQweens.
    Last I looked GB is playing the Vikes this Monday night.

    If this isn’t the appropriate time to comment on BF & let your feelings be known, when is the correct time??…………. Face it, you apologists are still protecting your ‘Master’ even though he has donned the purple. …. You pseudo PackFans are too much……..

    pseudo (so̵̅o̅′dō, syo̵̅o̅′-) ………………sham; false; spurious; pretended; counterfeit

  • Pete H

    Oh yes my football swami…..I am gonna venture a guess that every damn poster on here has already “let their feelings be known” more than once. So that would be defined as rehashing…….re⋅hash  /v. riˈhæʃ; n. ˈriˌhæʃ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [v. ree-hash; n. ree-hash]
    –verb (used with object) 1. to work up (old material) in a new form.
    –noun 2. the act of rehashing.
    3. something rehashed.
    Get over yourself

  • AATP

    thomas meier – stirring the pot… nice…

    I think Al is entitled to his opinion and I also think he spin his yarn however he likes since it IS his blog. Love it or hate it, it allows us the ability to comment on the things he says and I actually enjoy when folks get on here and talk real football. It’s the name calling stuff I get tired of. I think all of us are guilty of waffling from time to time on this current team. Not so much the management and coaching as I think those who ride the Kool-Aid train will continue to ride that train and those who do not, will never get on. I think I’ve stated before, along with a few others, that you can respect Favre for what he did while he was with the Packers and now that he’s a Viking and his play directly affects the Packers outcome at the end of the season, that I can say I do not have any interest in him doing well. That does NOT excuse the Packers from holding the keys to their own destiny as they also have to play well to keep the Vikings from being the better team. At the end of the season I would like to see Green Bay out front in the race the Viqueens getting ready to watch the post season from home. But those are my dreams and they directly affect the entire Viqueens team and Favre is part of that as is Adrian Peterson. They both piss me off cause they both have the ability to ruin the Packers season. But the Packers also have the ability to ruin their own season if they don’t play well… Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed that the entire NFC North all won their games last week for the first time in quite a few years. I cheer them all on for that but ultimately I would have voted for all NFC North teams to lose except the Packers.

    I’m going to waffle a bit here on my favorite team – if our team is as banged up as I think they are it could be a long day in the dome. But the good news is that Favre had Metrodome hex on him and always had a tough time playing in the dome, AR doesn’t have that hex on him yet. Crossing my fingers for winning a close one in enemy territory. I think both offenses struggle and it comes down to a big defensive play to end the game. 21-17 and these numbers could go either way but I’m hoping it’s the Packers day to win in the dome.

  • Pete H

    You know whats funny is that Rodgers should be thankful for how egotistical Favre is. It has saved him from having to come after a beloved least for many. Now he’s a hero just because he’s not Brett

  • AATP

    We will miss you Brent but AR is our new hero… 🙂 as always, I’m just kidding around – saw that on a T-Shirt…

  • Pete H

    AATP…Al is surely entitled his opinion, just as we are to rebuke it…thats what makes this a great site.

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    @Pete H.
    Leroy Butler and William Henderson are a couple of my all time favorites!!!!! Your third statement is a f**king joke. Really, your rant is just getting old. “I’m a fan and I can say and do anything about the Packers that I want and that’s my right and I still can be a fan” blah, blah, blah!!!!

    Here’s your statement:
    Third, seriously, you need to invoke Leroy Butler and William Henderson’ opinion to justify yours. Who gives a crap what they think. Leroy is my favorite player of all time, but he still doesn’t get to define what a fan is.

    Who gives a shit what they think??? We lets see…… I believe they both played years for the Packers, helped win a SuperBowl, made probowls…… they could actually know something. Really, who gives a shit what you think. Who are you compaired to them……………… YOUR A NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go sit in a room full of reporters w/Butler and Henderson and see who they go to. I imagine they’ll all flock to you. LOL

  • AATP

    Pete H:

    DA is a great example of exactly what I’m talking about – tact is not always some people’s best attributes… there are tactful ways of dealing with Al’s rants and there are non-tactful ways…

    I know, I know, some other blogs are even worse as someone was saying, guess what? I’m not on those blogs as I thought this was the exception – guess not…

  • Rocky70

    Golden Oldie #3

    Matt Hayton Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 8:24 am

    ” I will also never forgive Favre for putting on purple. ”

    Never is a strong word….. Most have already forgiven him … You need to get over it, MH…..

    It’s your line, buddy.

  • iccyfan

    O’Jeff Says: “If you really couldn’t watch that final touchdown last week and be happy for the guy, I think you’ve got a serious problem.”

    First, I’ve been out of this “fanhood measurement” discussion for some time; my personal position is that I’m a fan of the franchise, not transitory players. Even so, I was OK with your premise until I got to the quoted sentence.

    I have had two unwavering desires for every weekend of every NFL season since I became old enough to understand the game. 1) I always want the Packers to win. 2) I always want the Vikings to lose. This feeling is on the same cosmic level as Yin & Yang, Heaven & Hell. So I guess I’ve got a serious problem as I was NOT happy the Vikings won. Period!!!

  • packer_bob


    “O’Jeff – the only difference between Payton / Sanders analogy”

    First off, it’s Packer Bob. O’Packer Bob is just fine, or el duderino, or just the dude.

    Secondly, the analogy isn’t about retiring but respecting opponents that deserve respect.

  • packer_bob


    I wasn’t happy about the Vikings winning either. Wasn’t happy last year when they beat us either, but had to give respect to AP during that game. It’s not a question of who you want to win. I rooted against the Bulls for all 6 of their championships, but as a fan of the game it’s hard not to admire what they did.

    That’s the difference between being a fan of a team (which we all are) and being also a fan of the game, imo.

  • iccyfan

    packer_bob Says: “the analogy isn’t about retiring but respecting opponents that deserve respect.”

    Hatred and respect are not mutually exclusive. I hated Fran Tarkenton with every fiber of my being but respected him enough as a player to celebrate his induction into the HOF. Conversely, I don’t hate Favre but I’ll never again respect him, though that has nothing to do with his activities on a football field. Funny thing, the slight distinctions between Love / Hate & Respect / Disdain…

  • Rocky70

    Bucky Badgers 31
    Minn. Go’fers 28

    One Minnesota team laid to rest…………… The second will be the Vikes on Mon. Night. ………. How sweet it will be.

  • Rocky70

    After Saturday Practice:

    •Left tackle Chad Clifton (ankle) did not practice again, but he has not been ruled out of the game Monday against Minnesota.
    •Nose tackle B.J. Raji took part in the entire workout and appears to have bounced back from some ankle problems he had during the week. “He practiced well,” McCarthy said. “I anticipate him going.”
    •Defensive ends Johnny Jolly (stomach) and Cullen Jenkins (groin) both were full participants in practice and have been listed as probable.
    •Cornerback Charles Woodson (foot) practiced in full, as did wide receiver Greg Jennings (wrist), and both are listed as probable.
    •LB Jeremy Thompson (knee), and safety Atari Bigby (knee) did not practice and are out.

  • Pete H

    DA, nice of you to show up again. So let me get this straight, because Leroy Butler played here very successfully and won a title, he gets to define what a true fan is? Thanks for adding your infinate wisdom….that is just brilliant. Leroy Butler and William Henderson are now your justification on how a fan you’ve never met isn’t truly a fan because he doesn’t despise another player who used to play here, on that same championship team, made huge mistakes, was traded and went to play for a division rival. My hat is off to you. Stunning………Who would reporters talk to? What in the hell does that have to do with anything? Does he know the game better than me…..absolutely without question…so the fuck what… Your post makes no sense. UI will say that apparently YOU give a big shit what I think to drag your ass back on here chirping your virtually incoherent dribble. I can hardly believe I wasted my time responding to you. AATP, my apologies, that just ticked me off.

  • Pete H

    Thats all good news Rocky. They NEED Jolly and Raji this week

  • thomas meier

    Hey Rocky70,

    I will say i do admire your passion, it’s impressive seeing someone act on their emotions as much as you do.

  • thomas meier

    who out there “Respected” Emmit Smith? Troy Aikman? Randy Moss (while he was in Min)?

    I think this whole Favre situation has caused people to search for ways to validate that it’s ok they still are ROOTING for him by simply referring to it as “respecting” him.

  • Pete H

    good grief

  • iccyfan

    thomas meier Says: “I think this whole Favre situation has caused people to search for ways to validate that it’s ok they still are ROOTING for him by simply referring to it as “respecting” him.”

    Thumbs Up!

    It’s truly beyond me that anybody would admit on a Packer fan-site they were happy when a bitter divisional rival, ahead of us in the standings, snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. How can that be interpreted as anything other than putting an individual player (Favre) ahead of the franchise you purportedly love (Packers)?

    Oh right, Packer-Bob answers that query with the “fan of the game” transcends the “fan of a team” argument. My head is reeling – Thumbs Down…

  • Rocky70


    Glad to see you back & posting…………….. Refreshing to get some logic & common sense in the posts again…………

    We’re all ‘fans of the game’. ….. REAL fans of the Pack ?? ….. Maybe not so much.

  • AATP

    I would really like to see Atari Bigby on the field Monday night… really sucks that he’s out… I see Raji and Jolly are probably -hopefully they can stay healthy the entire game and give 100%.

    My ultimate hopes are that the OL holds up and that we get some assemblance of a running game going to take the heat off AR. I know our OL is having problems but wouldn’t it be awesome if they decided this game meant enough to step up their game one notch? If AR doesn’t start the first couple series with a sack I may have some hope for the offense. If AR ends up splayed out on the grid-iron I might start to panic a little. My thoughts are, if our OL can give AR enough time or the OC can put together a scheme to keep the Viqueens DL on their heels we might just be able to knock this game outta the park… If they keep the playcalling close to the cuff and MM continues to try to send OUR team a message by trying the same stuff over and over again we could be in for a long upsetting evening. I’m hoping we see some wrinkles we haven’t seen yet this season… I was seeing a lot of plays in the pre-season that I’m not seeing in the regular season. Our TE’s are being used like they were in the pre-season. The slants are all but a memory. Bring it all back on Monday night and that will put the Viqueens on their heels I think…

  • matt

    The Packers shall win the game if they run the ball consistently and can produce gains of five yards with some frequency. They haven’t shown it yet and they won’t be a dominant team until they do. Winning really starts with the running game.

    I believe in giving schemes and people a chance, but it is time to scrap the zone running scheme. It isn’t working, while the power scheme just seems to work much better.

    Bishop should play a significant amount this game. He is the Packers best linebacker against the run and if he doesn’t play, then it seems contrived.

  • Matt Hayton

    The outcome of this game and this season for both the Packers and Vikings goes a helluva long ways in determining all legacies involved, but imparticularly TT. If we win (both Monday and this season) he smells like roses and will be the GM for many years to come, and if we lose he has egg on his face and should be shown the door.

    I am just as disgusted with Ted Thompson as many of you are with Brett Favre. I have lost all respect for Ted Thompson in HOW he handled the BF situation and his numerous lack of moves (which is my dead horse that I won’t beat again)to get this team over the top.

    Rewind to last summer: The second Favre said he wanted to come back, TT should have traded him, just like the 49ers traded Montana. But instead they did the worst job of showing a franchise player the door in the history of team sports, including trying to buy him off with $20 million and letting both him and another head coach (Gruden) think he was going to one team (Bucs), but at the last second trading him to another team (jets) and letting Favre find out on ESPN just like the rest of us.

    That is piss poor. Not the what but the HOW. Many of you can disagree, but that is just my take.

    So too be honest it is really hard to root for guy with no class (HOW he handled Favre) and is an ego-maniac (values his drafted players over doing what’s best for the team). Whoever wins Monday night gets a leg-up in determining which is the right way to build a franchise and who made the right decision.

    Both MM and Childress were hired the same year, both managements came in the year before. Both have had 4-5 years to build a SuperBowl contending team. Both need to win now or will most likely be shown the door.

    I can’t stomach Favre in purple, and I can’t stomach TT running the green and gold. Both sides acted like babies last summer. Both are just as wrong in my mind. So after giving this much thought, I am hoping for a tie on Monday night, because neither side (favre/TT) deserves to win.

  • AATP

    I meant to say our TE’s aren’t being used like they were in the pre-season. I would like them really get back to the West Coast Offense and use the passing game like the running game again… with 8 in the box those slants could go to the house every now and then… You know MN is going to tee off on stopping the run, cause that’s what they’re good at – the slants could move those LBs back just far enough for the run to start working – getting 4 to 5 yards a carry is nothing to sneeze at…

  • iccyfan

    Matt Hayton Says: “So after giving this much thought, I am hoping for a tie on Monday night, because neither side (favre/TT) deserves to win.”

    The saddest part of this is, coming from you, I don’t think it’s sarcasm…

  • Pete H

    Amen to that AATP….Even if its just some 5 yd flat passes…just get them involved. I know they have had to block too much but there has to be a way to utilize them a little. Seems like we have resorted to outs and bombs away passing plays

  • Matt Hayton

    The more I stew on all of this the more angry I get at BOTH sides. Both of them are assholes. and if anyone of you think the debacle and division of a fan-base is only due to Favre acting like a baby then you are really looking at the situation narrow-minded. TT was a willing aggressor in the situation because he wanted to win with his guys.

    2-3 years ago I used to read this blog and all of us were just pissed at favre when he threw an INT, not at HIM. Or we were pissed at TT when he didn’t make a move we thought he should, not at HIM.

    I think they are both selfish SOBs and it really pisses me off that we are all so divided over this. Myself chief of sinners! Damnit I just want to go back to being galvanized fanbase, loving the green and gold. I hope TT is forced out of Green Bay after this year and hope Favre and the Queens miss the playoffs and he shown the door as well, that is what both of them deserve in my book for making a debacle of Curly and Vince’s franchise.

    I’m not a fan of the TT Packers or the Favre-Queens. I am fan of the Green Bay Packers. But Ted and BF have ruined that for the time being in my book, because both of them made their egos more important the team as a whole.

    TT proved that he is living up to his end of the bargain the last few weeks, by keeping his drafted O-lineman instead of doing what was best for the team and going in and bringing in a FA or making a trade to improve that OL.

  • Matt Hayton

    Pete H and AATP-

    totally agree, where have the slants and screens gone? If we do have shot at being Minne it will be becasue we sustain drives via the short passing game. Jennings needs to touch the bacll more than 2x this week!

  • Pete H

    As much as we have argued in the past Matt, I completely agree with your post. It would be nice to just talk Packer football. Yes, Jennings had better see some action this week. The Pack also gotta know that they are going to get some shots at INTs with Brett. He is going to be slinging the ball whenever he drops back…could be real good for us, could be real bad.

  • justawake

    You’re not alone, Matt Hayton.

    I’m actually hoping that Favre suffers a career ending injury in pre-game warmups, and is forced to retire for good. The Queens finish 3-13 (dream scenario).

    I also don’t think the Packers will be successful as long as TT/MM are running the show.

    I believe TT is an average GM, and MM is a little below average, and we will be a mediocre team much like the Starr-coached teams of the past as long as they’re in place. Starr kept his job far too long, because of who he was and what he meant to this organization. Pack Fans should have no attachment to these two boobs, and they have outstayed their welcome.

    The result of this Monday night game, however, should not have an impact on anyone’s opinion regarding the TT/BF debacle. I know this board will go crazy again regardless of the outcome. It’s one game decided by more players than just Favre/Rodgers. That being said Pack 21, Viqueens 20.
    Favre throws 3 picks. We know how he gets when he’s trying too hard.

    Favre’s legacy is secure in GB, and when he goes into the HOF, I think Pack Fans will be able to focus on how lucky we were to have him on our team for 16 years. Will TT be remembered as fondly at that time? I don’t think so.

    You better copy this post Rocky (brutus) (hypocrite) (troll), so you can throw it in my face after the Pack wins the next 5 superbowls.

    Peace out. GO PACK!

  • Mark Troy

    Larry sure is down on the Packers. What a negative nancy.

  • packer_bob

    Can’t agree that this game has anything to do with whose right or wrong. Sometimes interests just diverge. The Vikes are going to play their game, let’s play ours!

    As happens most of the time, the game will be decided in the trenches. Let’s hope we get a whole lot of nasty from the workers on both sides of the line! Time to represent the Green and Gold the way it deserves to be done!

    As usual, the media misses the point and if you, the contributors to our beloved blog, get distracted and make this about Favre vs. TT, I feel for you all. This is about whipping the Vikes, getting a share of first place, getting the MO-JO going, and proving that we are a serious threat to get that number 4 SB trophy!

    And Iccy, just always remember, don’t hate the player, hate the game! I was sick for a week after losing that second SB to the Broncos in the 90’s (it hurt to even type that, my hands were getting arthritis Fred G. Sanford style) but it doesn’t mean I didn’t respect Tyrell Davis or John Elway. (Gabe Wilkins, though, can talk to the upraised middle finger.)

  • Matt Hayton

    Pete H-

    I actually think BF will be content to hand the ball off to AP all night, and given our run D this year, why wouldn’t you? I would think the Queens are hoping they don’t need to put the game in Favre’s hands, but your scenariO of BF slingin’ the ball around means that there run game hasn’t been able to get it going…and that definitely gives us the best shot at winning the game!

  • Matt Hayton


    It’s just sad, dude! It’s like a civil war, just pisses me!

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    Pete H. Your shit is soooooooooooo pathetic, it’s the only reason I wasted the time to type. Otherwise, I’ve been reading all this time. If William Henderson and Leroy Butler aren’t worthy to share their thoughts, who is?????????????????? Why the answer to that is PETE H. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve gotten full of yourself. Your pathetic!!!

  • Jeff

    I am sorry ,but if you think the Packers do not have a prayer, then you are a complete idiot.
    In fact , the Vikings have to force some turnovers if they want to win.

  • AATP

    Devil’s Advocate – you need to chill, whatever the reason for your hatin’, you need to chill… you keep stirring the pot for no reason what-so-ever… you climb back into a conversation long after the conversation has been dropped. How bout some real football conversation? An opinion about the game at hand? Your conversation is old news bud… It looks more like your just trying to pick a fight at this point.

  • AATP

    Matt and Pete H – I think you’re right, I think the Viqueens will be testing our run defense to start the series off. If we win that battle and shut ol’ AP down you can bet the ball will be put in BF’s hands to make the plays and that will put the advantage in our court as long as our secondary stays committed to what they have been taught and not try to freelance too much on BF. If that happens he’ll pick us apart and that will open up the run game… two sided sword here. Shut down one and test the other – realistically? We need to get back to the West Coast offense that eats up time on the clock, keeps the plays within 15 to 20 yards and keeps the opposing teams offense off the field. We really need to keep the Viqueens offense off the field. If we can do that, we should be able to blow them out… if not, we’re in for a long night of back and forth. I don’t really like a close game against the one guy that thrives on winning in the final minutes of a game.

  • Pete H

    I didn’t mean that I thought they were gonna put the ball in his hands, I just meant that on the plays that he is passing, he is certainly not going to be looking for 5 yd flat passes. He is going to try and stick it in somewhere.

    DA, never said they werent worthy to share their thoughts. I just said that, unlike you, I am capable of deciding for myself how right or big of a Packer fan I am. I don’t need them to reassure me that I’m okay and people like me. Go back in your hole

  • iccyfan

    Mark Troy & Jeff – Larry is the President Emeritus of Packer Positive Posters – his entry that you’re taking exception to is a satirical response to the constant negativism of Matt Hayton, RayL, etc. His second post is in homage to the style of Packer-Bob, namely point out how bad the team is but cover your bases by stating you hope the team has a winning record anyway.

    Given his absence (along with many other long-term forces for good), I believe he’s tired of the drivel that dominates this site these days. Can’t really blame him…

  • iccy, you answered them better than I could have. Thanks!!!

  • packer_bob


    Thanks for posting about Larry’s entry. It made me track back up the thread and find it. Way to go Larry! That was pretty funny! A little extreme, but I guess that was the point.


    Long term forces for good? Seriously? Guess that makes me a long term force for evil then?

    I’m sittling here polishing my horns, sharpening my pitchfork and stroking my diabolically handsome goatee right now. And doing my sinister laugh thing, “Mwoo–Ha! Ha! Ha!”
    I stick pins in my TT voodoo doll all the time. Good thing I ran across that lock of his hair.

    Seriously, Iccy, we all want the same thing. I think I’ve taken a very consistent position and don’t think it’s unreasonable. Despite my disagreements with some of TT’s decisions, he can be the GM in my book for the next decade if he’s successful. We were in the title game 2 years ago, an overtime and a really bad pass away from a SB. Even if we chalk last year up to injuries, distractions, whatever excuse you want, what would be the excuse this year? Is it unreasonable to expect a 9-7 or 10-6 or hopefully even better year? I don’t think so, and that’s all I’ve ever called for.

    I know myself and maybe some others sound like broken records sometimes but facts are facts. I’m Ok with 2-1, but so far this year we are dead last in the league in giving up sacks, we have been gouged by the run in two successive games, and have a problem establishing the run ourselves. The way I learned football, it’s pretty hard to be successful with that kind of pattern.

    Maybe we get it turned around. Maybe this is all just a learning curve, or growing pains, or whatever you want to call it. The rest of the season is unwritten–we can start tomorrow night! But I don’t know any other way to look at it than to call it the way I see it. You keep using this “cover my bases” expression, and frankly I don’t understand it. Simply put, I want the team to win. Perfection is unattainable but it is the goal and I expect the pursuit of it and some progress to made, a HC in the 60’s thought the same way and had pretty good success with his approach. All I’m asking for is 9-7 or better. Perhaps I’m wayyyyy out there, but to me this does not seem extreme.

    Reality is reality, and if recognizing it for what it is at this point makes me a negative nancy or a “nattering nabob of negativism” to use one of my favorite quotes, then so be it. I talk about the positives too. Our D is creating TO’s at an incredible pace, Woodson proves time and time again how great he is, I love our receiving corps and the prospects are bright moving forward despite some of the drops, and couldn’t ask for a better young Qb to have leading the charge. Go back and read what I wrote after the St. Louis game, and compare with Al in full fledged panic mode while the game was in progress. Is he a “doom and gloomer” too?

    I haven’t said we’re terrible, I haven’t called for anybody to be fired. We are 2-1, and play for the division lead tomorrow night. I’m not in panic mode, I’m in stay the course mode and hopefully this team comes together and does the sort thing I think they’re capable of. I just think it’s equally unreasonable to overstate where we’re at right now or try to paper over some of the serious deficiencies that are obvious to anyone that watches without the rose colored glasses.

    But please, let’s not make this about taking sides, or good vs. evil, etc. There’s only one side: We’re all in favor of the Packers winning and we wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case. GO PACK GO!

  • Well said, p_b, I might not like what you said, but there is so much truth in it. Unlike the 13-3 or the 6-10 this is going to be a pivotal year. 8-8 or worse will bring out more than those who post here, calling for mgmt change. 9-7 will put them at bay.

    Many on the field have to really prove themselves. My support for (as distinguished from “love”) TT is in the fact that he is a diciple(?) of Wolf and believes in the Wolf way. The opportunities (ie REGGIE) have not been there. One may argue that Moss vs the Fab5 or Faneca(?) vs quantity might have been a better way, but who knows for certain?

    Meanwhile we’re cap safe at the moment with CBA coming. But, granted this is going to be an up and down year with a lot of heartbreak and exuberance. We need a whole lot of luck – the Div has greatly improved, along with us. We just have to go along anyway; bumpy ride, but we can win it and in the end thats what we all want.

  • Pete H

    well put. Teddy’s biggest flaw to this point, IMO, has been the offensive line, not Favre, or Moss….although I was one of those clamouring. He has put together great players at the skilled positions, but has really struggled in the trenches…I guess on both sides of the ball, and those are really the key to sustained success. Tomorrow is a monster test for both lines. The Vikes have those huge offensive and defensive lines. Well, for today…go Lions

  • packer_bob

    On a different note, I’d like to share a realization that smacked me upside my melon this weekend. I’m a gabby SOB, and this may get long winded, so those of you that already don’t like my style or posts may serve yourself well to skip it.

    I absolutely love Brett Favre. I grew up in Northern Illinois but my dad is from WI, so I was raised a Pack fan but flat out we were never any good until BF showed up. Living where I do, even though he played for the Bears, Walter Payton was THE thing around here growing up and when the Bears won the SB in the 80’s, I was rooting for them. WP finally got his, that defense straight up destroyed people and they were such a collection of characters that I found that I could not root against them. To this day, I still say WP was the most complete back I personally have ever seen.

    In Barry Sander’s hey day, of course I always wanted the Packers to win (that playoff game where we held him to -1 yard rushing was incredible) but when that SOB would pull off some of those runs for which he was known, I had to admit it was a thing of beauty. I would watch Lions games just for the chance to see one of those jaw droppers that he would pull off from time to time. Anybody tuning into Lions games these days? I know I’m not, and they have been so irrelevant for so long that I barely even think of them as a division opponent. To this day, I still say that BS was the best open field runner I ever personally saw, and the most exciting RB. It pissed me off that he retired because it was so clear to me that he was destined to be the league’s all time leading rusher and I considered him a worth successor to WP, in a way that I never considered Emmitt Smith to be. No disrespect to him, he was great player, but if you talk top 10 RB’s of all time I’m not sure he makes my list. What would WP have done if he had had the luxury to run behind that line all those years?

    To me there are good players, great players and then in that extra elite category, legendary players. Brett Favre is that sort of player. I loved it of course over the years when he did what he does, but that was easy cuz he was doing it as a Packer. But if he had played for the Raiders (really probably anybody but the flipping Cowboys, then I would have been rooting for him to break his neck) I think I still would have been a fan of his as a player. I was rooting against the Vikes last week, but when he got a second chance to pull the rabbit out of the hat, I smelled something coming, told people about it at the bar, and then watched it happen. And I had to tip my cap to the guy. Anybody that thinks BF isn’t a ball player didn’t see that play where he zinged a pass then ran 30 or 40 yards down field to throw a block on a serious linebacker. Ill advised? Yes. Do the coaches want him to do that? Probably not. Impassioned? Playing the game the right way? Absolutely.

    So I have a seriously hard time rooting for him to fail. When he threw that 6 TD game on the Cardinals last year, I was like “Yeah, you show em old man, you”re all washed up.” Like I give a shit about the Jets. But by the same token,it was a little sad to see him out there noodle armed as they went on that tailspin at the end of the year, I know some of you probably loved it.

    But here is my discovery, and the reason for this post. I HATE THE FRIGGIN VIKINGS! Hate is a strong word, but I hate those SOB’s worse than the Bears. Can’t even explain why, just do, like I hate the Cowboys. On any given week, the Cowboys can’t lose big enough in my book. Something’s kicked in. How beautiful would it be if we charged into the Metrodome and just whipped em six ways from Sunday? AP gets like 10 yards and fumbles twice, BF gets desperate and throws a few picks, we get Grant going and AR and the receiving corps just embarasses their secondary? Can you imagine?

    Remember the Monday night game a few years back where the Titans came into Lambeau and just kicked the ever lovin stuffing out of us? Fans streaming out at the beginning of the fourth quarter in abject disgust? Imagine us doing that tomorrow night! Dejected fans leave the Metrodome, nothing but Cheeseheads left celebrating the last 10 minutes of the game! I can hear the wailing and nashing of teeth already! If that happens, a mortician couldn’t take the smile off my face! The space shuttle could see my shine from outer space!

    This probably isn’t the way it’s going to happen, it should be a close game. But if BF is going to have one of those lay an egg games, let’s hope it’s tomorrow night! Screw the QB, this is Vikes-Pack, and they can’t lose big enough for me. I’m starting to foam at the mouth just thinking about it! Screw the dumbshit, the soap opera crap, this is one football game in their house for a share of the division lead, and I hope it’s a massacre that evokes comparisons to warfare. A victory like that could be the fuel that propels this rocket to a great season! Here’s hoping the team shows us what they’re about and on to glory!

    Am I ready for some football? Oh, HELL YEAH!

  • packer_bob


    Sorry for being such an argumentative ass the other day. We have different views sometimes, but you are one of the guys I respect on here for being able to recognize differing views without being insulting about it or acting like there’s only one way to look at it.

    I fear I was barking at your heels like a little rat terrier, and ran you off. All apologies! Sometimes I get a little carried away.

  • Matt Hayton


    As much as I said I am rooting for a tie, the reality is I am right there with you! Even though I don’t want TT to have a feather in his cap, I can’t separate the two-hope we stomp on them early big and often! Hope we beat them down like let red-headed step children! 42-6 Pack would be awesome!

  • Matt Hayton

    Also on the TT topic, I care much more about winning than I do about who the GM is. So if we can go 9-7 or better and make the playoffs, than sobeit, I’ll eat crow and love me some January football! If on the other hand we go 8-8 or worse…I just don’t get why these guys would get more time…


    I have forgotten about your question on the previous script. I’ll get back to you on that.

  • AATP

    p_b!!! Well put, great post above… I share in your sentiments, the only difference is that I hope the Viqueens start their tailspin Monday night and it doesn’t end till the end of the season – regardless of ol’ BF… And I share your hatred of the Cowboys but I think it’s cause I’m positioned directly in the middle of Cowboy-land. Even went to Jerry Land the first home game of this season – nice stadium, what a waste (in the stadium and never saw the field, if you heard the hubbub about the party passes I was one of those dejected with a party pass in hand) and what a great ending to the game – they lose the home opener in their own dome to their hated rival, the New York Giants… I’m hoping for a similar game come this Monday night in the Dome…

    I always find myself cheering on anyone that is playing the Cowboys but that goes double for the Viqueens…

  • Nah, I wouldn’t take it personal anyway p_b, I know where you’re coming from.
    Liberal-easy, conservative-hard. It took less than 10 minutes to criticize and sometimes an hour to gather thoughts to defend. All you have to do is point to A mistake on the field to criticize. But to defend you have to get into the thinking behind a move (or lack therof), All the implications of a move as to how it impacts the plan as well as current operations.

    As stated before its not as easy as xome seem to think. I’m patient because I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the good again with this team any many here have never seen the bad. I understand that, I wasn’t so tolerent in the ’70s as I am now. The personal attacks, however, do not belong here if we have a comon goal.

    p_b, I’ll go Jim Brown, but since we both like both that will never be settled.

    Last thoutht. Wolf did not do his fine tuning with FAs until he had the O and D leaders in place. (ie; Favre and REGGIE) He also, tried valiantly to build through the draft but it doesn’t always work. I’m sure I know what TT would be doing now if Harrell and Raji had worked – hasn’t yet!

  • AATP

    Matt; there is no eating crow, there is only a love for football – if we miss the play-offs and our record is only slightly better then last year I’m gonna guess there will be evaluations but if we make the play-offs and get a game or two in, not sure at that point it matters who the management is as long as we’re winning right? You love football but hate or dislike TT mostly because of his handling of the BF debacle but also cause he goes against what you believe is best for our team – I’m always hoping he proves you wrong only in the fact that I would rather hope the team is improving and we have a good season. Really has nothing to do with liking or hating TT for me but whether our team is improving under his watch. I’ve taken the deep breaths and done my “wooooosshhhhaaaa” exercises to release in tensions. I’m hoping that you are wrong on the TT front, but time will tell and when I mean time, I mean “this season”. Will I hate him if it doesn’t pan out? No. If he is not forced out and is still here regardless of the season then I’ll hope like hell he learns from his mistakes. Hopefully with the CBA coming up his hoarding of the CAP money will bode well for this team in a small market and will keep our heads above water until they get that worked out as well… I hear crow doesn’t taste that good anyway 🙂

  • AATP

    Ok, I may have had too much to drink last night or something – I read my post back and it looks like a 5th grader wrote it… sorry if it looks like rambling… I think I’ll take a break till the brain starts sending the correct messages to the fingers…

  • Steve Cheez

    packer_bob, thanks for bringing it back to what it is all really about, hating the ‘queens. The game and the rivalry transcend whatever individuals may be involved, and the outcome of the game is far more important than the success or failure of any player.

    If BF chucks 6 TDs and AP runs for 200 yards but we win, that is good. If we shut them both down but lose, that is bad.

  • packer_bob


    Notice I said Walter Payton was the most complete back I’ve ever personally seen. Jim Brown was before my time. I know there is a strong contingent of guys think Brown was the greatest of all time, and they may be right, I just never saw him.

    I think even Barry Sanders father would tell Barry he was pretty good, but he was no Jim Brown, if I’m not mistaken!

    Thanks to those that commented on my post—a little wordy but I had to get it out!

  • Rocky70

    Gotta love when the “Kum Ba Yah” moments around the campfire show up………. They show up about every third blog……….. Eventually, everyone resorts back to marking their territories by pissing & moaning about any comment they even slightly disagree with…………… Call me the devil’s advocate (no offense, DA) but you guys have zero chance of uniting as a fan base…………….. Won’t happen for a long time……… It’s hilarious.

    Watching a great game — Lions & Bears…… Stafford (for a rookie) looks great & Cutler is an obvious talent……. We all know AR is a talent………. If the Vikes can obtain a good young QB soon, the North Division will be loaded at QB for years.

  • packer_bob

    Bear Lions turning out to be a good game, Go Lions!

  • Well, what made Walter special was heart. Brown never juked, hardly ever caught, or had to jump over the linemen like Walter did. I’ll never argue against Payton. Brown just ran over people, no man could bring him down, and he had outside speed as well. Different times, man.

  • Matt Hayton

    For me it is all about the W’s, always has been always will be. It’s funny how you get pigeon-holed as this or that on this blog, but for me Wins, Playoffs and SB championships is all I really care about. I don’t care to wait another 29 years to win one again. I don’t think TT is gonna get us there, but if he does, I truly would love nothing more than being wrong. Much rather win a SB in the next few years than be right and wait until 2026!

  • Matt Hayton

    Larry & PB-
    As far as RB’s I think Payton had the biggest heart of any RB of all-time, Sanders had the most skill and Brown was the best with Gale Sayers being 1A and could’ve easily been the best ever if his career hadn’t been cut short. I’d go Brown, Sayers, Payton, Sanders, Horning as my Top 5 all-time, in that order.

  • AATP

    Rocky70 Says:

    “Call me the devil’s advocate (no offense, DA) but you guys have zero chance of uniting as a fan base”

    What is YOUR fan base then? Utilizing the “you guys” states you’re not part of this fan base…

  • AATP

    Ok, it’s official, I can’t stand that Cutler kid either…

  • Rocky70


    All I did was state what has been and what will be. …………. Your response, alone, basically confirms my opinion……… You didn’t like what I said so you trash it. …..

    E’nuff said………………. It is what it is.

  • packer_bob

    Forte just put the game out of reach for the Bears. I’d like to see Grant make some people miss like that just once.

  • AATP

    Scuse me there Rocky70? I was just asking why you used the statement “you guys” as that implies you are separated from THIS fan base… I trashed nothing… Was just wondering why you would use such a statement… Don’t believe I trashed a thing… believe I was asking a valid question… If you include yourself in this fan base you would have said something like “… but we have zero chance of uniting…” but you didn’t use that type of statement so I think my question is valid not trashing…

  • packer_bob

    MH, that’s a pretty good list of RB’s there! Gale Sayers was before my time as well. He’s one of those you kind of forget about because of his career being so short, as you mentioned, due to injury. They have some old Bears that used to play with him on sports radio around here, and those guys always say Sayers could make cuts no one else could. They say if it wasn’t for the injury there’s no telling what he might have achieved in his career.

    Earl Campbell was about as good as it got for about a 4 year run, before all that pounding finally caught up with thim. He was probably the most physical, most punishing runner I remember in my lifetime. Tyrell Davis was dominating for a few years and was the lynchpin of the Broncos back to back SB’s. Then you have guys like OJ “The Ripper” Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, I mean you can go on and on.

    See what I mean about Emmitt Smith? It would be pretty easy for me to name 10 guys I would take in their prime before Smith, and that’s just talking about during the Super Bowl era.

    Anybody still think the Bears gave up too much for Cutler?

  • packer_bob

    Good luck with that, AATP. Rocky’s like a greased hog, slick and hard to get your hands on. Anytime he’s nailed he changes the subject or ignores it, like with Thomas Meier earlier in the thread.

  • AATP

    p_b, Cutler didn’t really do much for that game… it was mostly the running game and special teams. Cutler did very little accept not turn the ball over. I think he had like 150 yards total. The defense did what it always does, it tightens up and makes a short field of things for the offense… the game got outta hand after the return for a touchdown right into the second half. I think that set the tone for the second half of that game.

    Yup, I think they gave up too much, but that’s just my opinion…

  • AATP

    I think did a very similar thing with a horrible QB in Grossman – the defense, special teams and running game kept them winning… Cutler hasn’t proved he can be much more then what they had with Grossman accept he has a stronger arm and is a bit more egotistical IMO. There’s a lot of season yet and the Packers have to play them again so we’ll see what happens this next time around… I’m hoping they figure out that OL problem so AR doesn’t end up on his back as much.

  • Rocky70

    ” Good luck with that, AATP. Rocky’s like a greased hog, slick and hard to get your hands on. Anytime he’s nailed he changes the subject or ignores it, like with Thomas Meier earlier in the thread. ”

    Like I’m responding to your post, I respond to posts that I feel of worthy of a response……… I don’t have the time or energy or desire to respond to some of the drivel that shows up on this blog……….

    It should be my choice, shouldn’t it ??

    By the way PB, have you chosen Option A or Option B yet? …. Comprendo?

  • Rocky70

    The Titans………. 13-3 in 2008.

    0-4 to start 2009………. They’re in trouble already.

    Now to see if Denver is the real deal vs the Cowboys.

  • Rocky70


    ” You didn’t like what I said so you trash it. ”

    How about this just to clarify……. ” You didn’t like what I said so you questioned the validity of my fanhood using semantics & the English language. ”

    BTW, Semantics: It is often used in ordinary language to denote a problem of understanding that comes down to word selection or connotation.

    Better ? ……………… Your response changes nothing.

  • packer_bob


    You’re right, today’s game was mainly the two big Forte runs and special teams, but I think Cutler brings him a dimension they haven’t had before. Not that it was on display today so much, but that kid is a stud. Did you see that first touchdown run he had? They have a leader at the QB position now, not a liability.

    The Bears are 3 and 1 and looking pretty good. Just wondering who thinks picking up Cutler was a good move for the Bears and who thinks they gave up too much, since there were differing opinions at the time. I’m thinking it was a bold, strong move on their part and that guy is going to be driving us nuts for the next decade.

  • packer_bob


    thomas meier Says:

    October 3rd, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    So let me get this straight, in one of the previous threads you were making post demanding people answer A or B.
    and you felt A (which was packer blow out) was the only choice a ” true packer fan” would pick.
    then on this thread you say “24-20…… 34-20 it doesnt matter as long as the pack wins”?
    so by your own definition your not a packer fan!

  • packer_bob

    I see every one of the Green Bay Press Gazette writers picked the Vikings to win this game. I’m a little surprised by that. I think the Vikes are favorites, but we have a good chance to beat them.

  • Rocky70


    It’s hard to find anyone picking the Packers…………. Makes the game even more dramatic when most think you have no chance……. I’m hoping the Vikes are also a little over-confident…………………. It’s worth a few points.

  • Steve Cheez

    Yep, PB, I also see Cutler being a thorn in our side for the foreseeable future. From what I’ve seen of Stafford so far, he could be, too, provided the Kitty Katz do anything halfway decent with the rest of their team. I think the Norris division is going to be very interesting the next few years.

  • packer_bob

    Steve Cheez,

    Yeah, 10-4 on the good QB’s in the North. Favre probably won’t be around for more than next year at the most, everybody else has a good young franchise QB. I’m putting Staffard in the good category based on this performance today, he looked pretty good until he got hurt.

    Should be some great battles over the next several years!

  • packer_bob

    “You cannot respect Al Davis and bust on Rocky at the same time as they are the same person. I have proof, something call IP addresses.”

    This is a pretty serious charge. Why don’t you offer the proof, please? Accusations like that should be disregarded if the accuser can’t prove his claim.

  • Steve Cheez

    Besides, if you don’t like it start your own site.

  • Rocky70

    I’ve never even met Al Davis (the blogger or the one in Oakland)…….. Are they the same one ? ….. No wonder the Oakland franchise is in disarray …. Oakland’s owner is running a Packer blog….. LOL.

    Believe me, Al runs a legitimate blog……. I live in a house surrounded by cornfields…. I have no desire to run a blog …… If/when I do, I’ll post the address if Al allows.

  • packer_bob

    I have no faith in this accusation and will not help propagate by even talking about it unless and until some real proof is posted.

  • iccyfan

    It’s Game Day! I’m traveling for work but will be tucked nicely into my Lake Geneva, WI hotel room by kick-off! C’mon Packers, let’s get ‘er done…

  • roadking

    if the vikes offered leroy butler 12 million,do you think he would accept. please leroy
    you players always said this is a business.
    go pack

  • Rocky70

    Steve Hutchinson (Vikes – guard) and Clifton are both still questionable for the game….. It’s very possible both teams will be without their main cog on their OL……

    AR has been sacked 12 times compared to 9 for BF in 2009.

    AR has a 7.9 yards per passing attempt while BF is at 6.0 Y/A….. BF is tied for last in the the NFL in Y/A with K. Collins….. AR is 7th just behind Brees. …..

    Neither BF or AR has lost a fumble yet in 2009…….. IMO, BF will drop a couple tonight….. BF turns 40 in a week or so …… he’ll look like he’s 60 in tonite’s game…..

  • Pack4life

    Someone of the LB crew will have to make a play. Stop Peterson the name of the game. This is a game for Matthews & Bishop. Does anyone really want to see Poppinga isolated on Peterson?
    This is all I will say for the Offense , cash in on opportunities.

  • packer_bob


    It was a little difficult for me to break down where we were failing in stopping Steven Jackson last week as I had to watch the game in the pub but the week before I felt LB’s definitely underachieved.

    This is a big test for them and I hope they bring the A game. If we miss tackles against AP tonight we are in big trouble. That guy is a beast. We need to plug gaps, make tackles and get as many hats as we can around the ball.

    Big test for the OL tonight as well, particularly Colledge and Barbre. Great time for Grant to peel off a big game, as several have noted he has had some success against the Vikes.

    This is a gut check game, time for guys to show us what they’ve got! A win would be great for sure, but losing is in no way a disaster. I’m just looking for improvement in the areas we have had trouble so far this year, and let the chips fall where they may.

  • roy jamison

    Think I’ll slip on my Wrangler jeans and watch the tv I bought from Sears so’s I can watch the Packers pop number 4.

  • Jack in Columbus

    I hate to be a pessimist, but I think the Packers will lose by 10-14 points. My prediction: MV 31, GBP 17.

    I think the Packers’ run defense meets its Waterloo, and ets run over by a truck named Peterson. I also think that Packers will struggle on offense to run and to protect ARod. Our Special Teams are not very.

    I hope I am wrong about this team, but they do nto play well in domes, have struggled thus far, and are facing a relatively healthy, motivated and dangerous team at home in its dome.

    Still, I will pray that Brent 4Flavor has an emotional meltdown (like so many we have witnessed before) and tosses 3 or 4 interceptions and fumbles away a snap or two. That would be the dagger in his Packers legacy — officially, finally, mercifully over (until we Hall of Fame him a few years after he really, really, really – no kidding this time is for real – retires from professional football).

  • roy jamison

    I agree that the Vikes should be favored. But, I also won’t be surprised if the Pack has it’s own “revenge” factor for having to listen to Favre’s agonizing on again off again retiring messages for several years. My message to the defense is rush him so relentlessly, he will have wished he retired. Pack 27-24.

  • Pete H

    I think Brett is gonna take some hits no matter the score. I am more worried about AP not getting hit enough than Favre. As far as top backs, Sanders, Payton, Bo Jackson, LT, Campbell…of who I’ve personally seen. with Roger Craig and Billy Sims as special mention. –

  • packer_bob


    You’re not any more of a pessimist than the entire writing staff of the Green Bay Press Gazette. All four of them picked Minnesota to win.

    I want us to win, and a blow out would be extra special. Not predicting it but it would be sweet! I still say we have a better chance at winning than alot of people seem to. I’d say on a range, the Vikes probably win this game at home 60-70% of the time. That leaves us a 30-40% chance, which to me is OK on a road game.

    I don’t necessarily have a reason to think our run D is suddenly going to step up, but I think they can do well enough to slow him down and keep us in the game. I also think we can take advantage of their secondary, if the OL can hold the Vikes pass rush at bay. If we can continue to feast on turnovers, it will cover up many of the problems.

    Maybe I’m counting too much on the emotion level of the Packers to suddenly compensate for a couple of these problems (O-line, Run D) but for some reason I think we’re going to see improvement tonight. Let’s just hope it’s enough to win! And it we play the game close but lose, it’s not a disaster by any means. Go Pack Go!

  • Matt Hayton

    Here are the factors to the outcome of the game, IMHO:

    1. I think if we are going to win tonight we will need to dominate the line of scrimmage. To me that is where this game will be won or lost.

    2. Crowd noise will be a MAJOR factor, wouldn’t be surprised at 3-4 false start penalties which won’t help our cause. An early sustained drive is the best atectdote quiet the purple-pukes.

    3. Playcalling by MM and checks by AR. MM needs to call a WCO basic game, leveraging our WRs (screens and slants) to open up the run game. I have also noticed that when AR checks at the line, he has tendency to audible to a safe run play which usually doesn’t go anywhere. I think if we are going to win, AR is going to need to take some shots & check out of some running plays at the line and beat Minne’s pass defense for some big plays.

    That to me is the ball-game. I think unfortunately Minne has better players up front on both sides of the ball and that and the crowd noise will win this game for them.

    ON a positive note, I think we will split the season series and look for us to still go 9-7 on the year. 27-13 Queens in this one, but us getting the equalizer by winning on Nov. 1st at Lambeau 21-17…

  • JeffN

    All I gotta say is we better win this fucking game tonight!!!

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    Tackling and Officiating: Pack needs to be better tackling than their normal, half crappy selves.

    It’s impossible to beat the refs. I expect the calls to go the home team’s way and plenty of grabbing allowed in their run game.

    Some imagination by MM would help the cause.

    I think the Vikes win a close one…….. not the end of the world though.

  • packer_bob

    Ugh—Good drive to open the game negated by fumble.

  • packer_bob

    Well, not what I call a good start. 3 penalties and a TO right off the bat.

    We’re getting a heavy dose of Peterson and better figure out how to stop it. I have to give Childress credit for a well called opening drive that kept Favre from getting outside of the game plan. Our D is going to get worn down if we give up too many drives like that.

    I’d like to see us answer right away. Go Pack!

  • packer_bob

    Well, there’s the answer! Great off balance throw and great catch and run by Finley!

  • PackerPete

    DA is correct.

    I havent seen as much of a one side3d officiated game in a long long time.

    The holding by purple fags is disgusting and not one call.

  • Jack in Columbus

    The Packers are losing this one on the line of scrimmage. ARod does not have time to think, let alone throw. No pressure on Favre, even when we bring six. The Big Plays and turnovers have kept us in this game, but unless the Pack cleans up its penalty act, gives ARod some time and puts pressure on Favre, the Pack will surely lose this game by 10 or more points.