Packer Game Blackouts in the Twin Cities / Western Wisconsin Pt. 2

Well, before I wrote the last blog post, I sent a request to Fox 9 in the Twin Cities for an explanation of the Packer game blackouts and a broadcast schedule of this year’s Packer games, and was pleasantly surprised to have gotten a reply.  I didn’t think the local network would have time for little old me, but they followed through.

Here is  their reply:

Minneapolis/St. Paul is the Vikings home market and there are NFL rules that dictate what games FOX 9 can broadcast.

Per NFL rules, no game can be aired at the same time the home team is playing at home on another network.

So FOX 9 cannot air any game when the Vikings are playing at home and the game is airing on CBS.

On Sundays 10/18 & 12/13, FOX 9 cannot air the Packers game even though the Vikings are on CBS.

They also attached a full schedule of all the NFL games that will be broadcast this year on FOX 9.

Here is the confirmed list of Packer games that will be blacked out in the Twin Cities in 2009:

  • Week 3: Sun 9/27/2009 @ St. Louis Rams 12:00pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]
  • Week 6: Sun 10/18/2009 vs. Detroit Lions 12:00pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on CBS, but at home]
  • Week 7: Sun 10/25/2009 @ Cleveland Browns 12:00pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]
  • Week 11: Sun 11/22/2009 vs. San Francisco 49ers 12:00pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on FOX]
  • Week 14: Sun 12/13/2009 @ Chicago Bears 12:00pm on FOX [Vikings @ noon on CBS, but at home]

There are a lot fewer blackouts than I was expecting, which is great.  And FOX doesn’t hate the Packers, which is also great 🙂

Thanks again, FOX 9.

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  • Reid

    How would you feel if you lived in a city of an NFL team and that city’s team’s game is blacked-out because the game isn’t sold out? I live near St Louis, so that happens to the Rams fairly often. I’m proud to say that Packers fans will never know that feeling.

  • JT


    You are right. The term blackout applies to the home market game not being shown because of a lack of sellout by noon on the Thursday before the game.

    Other games, such as the ones in question (Packer games in the Viking market), are restricted as Fox 9 said. Beyond the league restrictions, however, the local stations do have flexibility to show various games. The more people contact a station with “votes” regarding out-of-market games, the more likely your games of choice will be shown. In the case of western Wisconsin viewers, the choice for second game is pretty obvious to Fox9 to be the PACK.

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    The “Mall of America Field” is what we’ll be playing on Monday night. The Viking’s…………. Wow, what a *** class act they are!!!!!

  • Devil’s Advocate…

    Adrian Peterson “wants to win this game for Favre”. Wow, played three whole games together…….. and already they’re like WWI buddies!!! Maybe they can charter the “love boat” to celebrate their victory, if they win. Favre and Peterson can find themselves a quiet part of the boat and see who gets the top????

  • DA, if the Vikes have any chance AP is going to have to be the guy. He wasn’t last week. And, if he wants to have some room to run #4 has got to back the defense off better than T. Jackson did last year so it’s a two way street. It would be nice if our offense would try to win this game for #12. I’d like to see someone step up besides DD.

  • Roy

    Here is where I go to find out which games will be broadcast where:

    It is the NFL TV Distribution snapshots, usually updated each week on Monday or Tuesday. These are usually national level decisions made by the networks, not local decisions.

    As far as getting to watch the Pack play, Slingbox has become an invaluable part of my life. I am presently stationed overseas with the military in Amman, Jordan. I buy the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV for my parents, and have slingbox hooked up to them so that I can watch the Pack play at 8 PM every Sunday night. Yeah, Sunday Night and monday Night football are a bith, tho.

    Go Pack Go, and Al- I love the website- it has been set as my Home Page for several years