Can I be Atari Bigby’s agent?

Are you kidding me? Atari Bigby holds out for a new contract even though he isn’t physically able to play? Is a first grade education all you need to be a NFL player agent? It can’t be much more than that because whoever told Bigby to stay away from Green Bay this offseason is dumber than a box of rocks.

I mean, come on, Bigby “holds out” all offseason only to report with an ankle injury leaving him on the PUP list. What an idiot! Injured cornerback Al Harris moves to Green Bay the last two months and under the care of the Packers’ medical and strength conditioning team might make the most amazing comeback from injury in NFL history.

I think Bigby might be the all-time dumbest player in NFL history. The first dumb-dumb to come to mind in comparison from a Packers’ standpoint would be punter Paul McJulian. One good play and they think they are superstars. I am willing to bet that Bigby is such an afterthought in the Packers’ 2010 plans that they could care less whether he passes his physical or not. Justin Harrell has a much better chance of making the team than Bigby does.

So long Atari, if you need representation in the future, let me know. I can negotiate the league minimum like nobody can!

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  • Mel e Mel

    He should sue Rosenhaus. Rosenhaus charges the lowest commission, you get what you pay for.

  • Mark Troy

    Yes, He makes Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber look like Stanford graduates.

  • Isn’t it ironic, PackerPete, that if an Underwood, Lee, or Bell comes thru and Harris comes back that a position of weakness becomes a position of strength. Ah, thats NFL football, the unexpected.
    Bigby? Rosenhaus-say no more!

  • Steve Cheez

    I met a guy from Dallas today. I told him how lucky he is to get the chance to see the Packers play in his stadium next February.

  • iccyfan

    On another site, insider notes say Sam Shields had a great Saturday (including a pick six off Flynn), and while not as good on Sunday, was still solid. Might we have a wealth of riches in our young cornerback corps?

    With Derrick Martin acknowledged by coaches as the leader of the special teams, it sounds like fan-favorite Jarrett Bush will be hard-pressed to make this team…

    I predict two rookie UDFA’s make the roster this year, with Frank Zombo being the second…

  • Its a shame you guys blasted Bush so much. I heard the Ravens really wanted to trade for him, but they read all your comments here and backed off. Yeah, really!

  • Rick

    @LT 🙂 You a very funny man

  • Steve Cheez

    I haven’t heard anything in a while from those guys who had been clamoring for us to open up the vault to get Haynesworth.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Or Canty???

  • Mel e Mel

    This will sound crazy but we actually need Favre to come back. Without him the division is a cakewalk. Case in point look at Indy last year basically went wire to wire unchallanged, I believed it hurt them vs the saints. Also we need to see if the Pack can actually handle a competent NFL QB something the Pack didnt do last year.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      I agree, but for my own cruel curiosity. We’ve learned alot about him since he left the Pack. Him having his own personal dressing area, calling the Lions to give them info about the Pack, quitting the Pack, quitting the Jets, joining the enemy, etc. I’m curious to see if my hunch would be correct. That’d require the Pack or someone else to pummel the shit out of him and maybe crack a rib or something that’ll keep him out a few games. I’m dying to know if he’d retire to keep his streak intact and to a greater extent, would he unretire and return for yet another year or more????? And there’s only one way we could ever know……. it’d have to happen.

  • jonnyfootballhero

    Is Bigby really hurt, or is he just pissed ‘cuz he didn’t get the contract extension that he wanted? I really wonder if this is just some sort of ridiculous protest.

  • jimmyus333333

    Did that Aussie boom some punts today at practice or what?

  • Maybe the Saints “retired” their second HOF QB with the late hits and cheap shots. Don’t think they wont try that with #12 if we meet them in the playoffs. Hope it’s in Green Bay if that does happen.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      He was saying the same thing about his arm at this time a year ago, too. But who knows, I could see how having a grand baby around the house could easily affect his motivation………

  • roy jamison

    Can anyone explain to me why and which scout thought it was a great idea to draft this guy?
    Green Bay — Defensive end Justin Harrell made it just halfway through the fourth practice of Green Bay Packers training camp Monday afternoon before leaving for unspecified reasons.

    One of the Packers’ defensive players said Harrell told him on the field that he was suffering from fatigue and heat-related symptoms. However, the player didn’t see Harrell afterward and admitted he wasn’t certain why he left.

  • Mel e Mel

    I think he is afraid of Julius Peppers. Vikes couldnt block him last year and now he would need to face him twice:-) But seriously now the Pack needs some maturing before anyone should get too excited. Case in Point Big games in the MM era: 2007 vs Dallas. Pack gives up big lead on turnovers, Favre knocked out of game Rodgers performs well but early hole to big. Same season vs Seattle in playoffs Seattle jump out to 14-0 lead but ‘hawks are pitiful team and are destroyed. NFC Championship vs Giants Ugly game but Pack had ample opportunity to win (thank you ruvell martin)
    2009 2 games vs Vikes that decided division title Packers never really are in either game blown coverages, terrible pass protection, turnovers. Playoffs vs AZ another horrible start should have doomed the Pack but Rodgers,Finley and Jennings force OT until Colledge screws up and loses the game.
    Under MM the Pack never seems to seize the opportunity in big games they always seem to be on the defensive rather that taking the initiative.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Me thinks…………… Butt’s coming back. I think he just wanted to have a little fun and wind up the media, team and fans a bit. He’s probably having a good laugh!!!

  • roy jamison

    Atari is like the game his name represents…outdated and exstinct.
    As for Johnny Jolly…may I add a note to this story…
    “Jolly will not be able to consume drugs or alcohol, and must stay away from establishments that serve alcohol. He must report monthly to Harris County probation officials and submit to random drug and alcohol testing.”

    Johnny have your brain removed and then we’ll talk.

  • jimmyus333333

    I think this retirement is real because he’s not trying to screw TT this time. This is the ONLY reason why he did what he did anyway.

  • Darryl

    I wonder if Atari is really injured or not. If he isn’t injured, then he is the dummest player in the Packer locker room. He is not good enough to be a diva. He could get cut if Morgan continues to play well.

  • Mike from Arizona

    Atari will be cut. No one in Packer Management will put up with this B.S. Atari knew in the off-season his ankle was not 100% and that is why he played the contract game. In four season, he had one good full year. Lets find someone else with more integrity.