Nobody but ESPN buying Favre retirement talk

Wow! It’s amazing the power of a text message and the lunacy of ESPN. The Brett Favre network devoted a whole day to the retirement of Brett Favre for a third time today even though there was no contact between Favre and any Vikings front office member saying Favre was retiring. The entire fiasco was based on reports of text messages supposedly sent from Favre to Vikings teammates.

This whole thing is following the Favre offseason program to the letter. Favre is under contract so he is technically a holdout. If he can create the appearance that he retired, the Vikings won’t look so bad for not fining him like any other holdout would be. What amazes me is that ESPN falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Simon Gruber (Hans’ brother) could not have said it better.

Steve Mariucci said on NFL Network that Favre just told him he has not retired and that he just needs more time to get healthy. If Favre is lying to Mooch it would be extremely disappointing.

While I had been telling everybody this offseason that Favre would retire this year, I realize now that I am wrong. The old gunslinger will be back with the Vikings in time for their Aug. 28 preseason game and will be in Green Bay Oct. 24. Providing he makes it that long on that [sic] bad ankle.

This is so much more fun watching from the outside. And the fact that the Vikings did nothing in the event Favre did actually retire is even better. Have you ever danced with the devil in pale moonlight? The Joker lives! HIs name is not Jack Napier, it’s Brett Favre.

Thank God for Aaron Rodgers. And pray he doesn’t get hurt. It’s the Packers and Cowboys in the NFC. Winner takes all.

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  • TRIP

    Is this still the Brett Favre blog? Can we move on?

  • Story of the day, and obviously affects the Packers’ upcoming season. If I see it I have to say it.

  • Jack in Columbus

    Favre will play this year. No doubt in my mind. How good and durable he will be is another question. I personally look forward to our matchups with the Queens this year. I am hopping for multiple sacks and interceptions, and passer ratings in the low 50s.

  • Steve

    When I heard the report today I had mixed emotions. I was sad to hear that he might retire because I think that AR should have another chance to beat OLD #4. I think this time he will do it, twice. I was also glad to hear he might retire so that way he might patch things up with the Packers and his jersey can finally be retired. For all of you out there who want him to retire so we can beat the Queens easier, wouldn’t it be better to beat them with #4 playing so then the media and others can’t say we aren’t legit because we beat a Tarvaris Jackson team?

    • Steve Cheez

      It’s like in ’96. After all those years getting knocked out by the Cowgirls, it was a big disappointment to not get them in the playoffs. Of course, a SB win makes up for a whole lot of other stuff.

  • Rick

    Favre who??!

  • jimmyus333333

    How can anyone STILL believe that this isn’t all about TT…even if he considers coming back this year??? I mean, how much does BF want to SCREW THE GB FANS and TEAM? The only way anyone can conclude that this isn’t solely about TT is that he wants to try to come back and play to screw us fans & the team EVEN MORE.

    If those Favre haters have any logic left in you, you really can’t still believe this…if even for a moment.

    Going to the Vikes has 100% always been about TT, and NEVER about the fans or team.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    My guess is he sent the emails as a joke knowing the media will hound everyone at the Vikes to death. I’m sure he had some good laughs as the players and Childress had to field all those questions.
    From what I’ve made from what I read, the retirement talk first surfaced in 2002, then in 2005 TT drafted AR. According to the article, Favre basically told them that if they didn’t want to wait for his decision, they could release him. I’m sure things were never the same after that draft.

  • Mel e Mel

    Well this text message stuff going on, has anyone seen the reports of the sideline reporter for the Jets who got pics from Mr Favre that are fully frontal? Its on Pro Football Talk. Hopefully People magazine or some such rag will give all the dirt. Let it get out that Mr. Favre is showing the goods while his wife was recovering from cancer. Let him have to answer questions along the lines of Tiger Woods, he will really have another teary eyed press confernce.
    I believe TT should hire this young lady for the Packers PR staff, and by NFL rules he would have to talk her.

    • Steve Cheez

      Did the photo show the rumored third testicle?