Bears rock Packers’ nation to the core

You know things are bad when I’m the one telling Packer Nation to CALM DOWN! I also must clear up a common misconception. The Super Bowl was not played yesterday, in fact I don’t think it has ever been played in September. The Packers lost to the Bears on the last play of the game while playing one of their poorest games of the Mike McCarthy era.

The game-winning field goal was set up by one the worst interference calls I’ve ever seen, but the Packers have only themselves to blame for that. When you have 16 penalties accepted against you already, if you even blow on a receiver you are getting called. In this case it was clearly offensive pass interference as Morgan Burnett actually broke on the ball first. If that was the first drive of the game it is a no-call for sure. But late in the game after 16 penalties the refs are thinking just kick the field goal and let’s get the hell out of here.

It is also time to squelch the talk about the Packers letting the Bears score. Last I checked the Bears have coaches too and they were well aware of the clock situation. If you think they were trying to score a TD when they got that penalty you need to go back to tape. They could have scored easily on the first play but the running back basically took a knee after going through a huge hole. Another pseudo running play followed and then they kicked the game winner. Under no circumstances were they going to give Rodgers another crack at it.

The Packers are 2-1, they have the Lions next week and I expect a thoroughly pissed off team to take the field. Lambeau will be rocking! Like a golfer who always assumes his opponent will make his putt, I assume the Bears will be beat the Giants, but it is in New York and the Giants are coming off a performance just as hideous as the Packers’ was. We could be back in first as soon as next week.

The Bears and their fans can celebrate but they know in the back of their minds that all things equal, the Packers have the better team, so the odds of them winning in Lambeau in December if the Packers have anything to play for are remote. I think the Packers will everything locked up by then, so it will be interesting to see if the Bears are playing for the playoffs and need a win, do the Packers still rest their starters?

The thing that worries me most is the return of the evil special teams unit. A punt return for a TD, a blocked field goal, penalties galore, it was a comedy of errors all over again. I know McCarthy won’t fire Shawn Slocum during the season, trying to install a new scheme would probably make it even worse than it is, but hiring his replacement better be first and foremost the day the season ends. All I ask is that I be the one to tell him he’s fired.

The fact is the Packers won’t be going to any Super Bowls playing special teams like that. McCarthy’s career is on the line now, Ted Thompson has given him a team with the talent to win it all, if he can’t do it somebody else will get a crack at it. If the Packers tank this season that could happen in January, but unless it really gets bad it is more than likely McCarthy will have one more year.

McCarthy was as pissed as I have ever seen on the sideline. I thought he was more hard-nosed in training camp than previously and more impatient with mistakes, so he must be boiling after watching the film of his team play like a bunch of pee-wees grabbing face-masks, false starting and committing personal fouls on back-to-back plays. I believe the message will be sent loud and clear. A loss next week and, well, I can’t even go there.

Serenity now!

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  • jonnyfootballhero

    Al, that was a pretty awesome post.

  • Pete H

    well put Al. I agree on all fronts, except that I think Slocum should go now

  • Good post Al but you forgot the other glaring problem we have to deal with. Jackson as the #1 RB. He simply doesn’t look like he can be more than a backup.

  • Doug r

    Mm said in his presser that part of problem with st was that injury fill ins didn’t get reps during week…WTF? How could this happen? Is this the first time injuries have forced back ups onto st for a week? It would be one thing if the st and penalty problem were a one game deal but they were the most penalized last year and we all know the st issues since he became coach. The capper for me was the wasted timeout/challenge at end which killed any shot at comeback. It’s true the bears could have taken knee but why not just say that – instead, mm actually said he thought they would miss the fg! He might be a good offensive coor but I don’t think he is head coach material.

  • Cody

    I agree completely, we have the better team, and McCarthy will make sure we are ready on Sunday. And sorry again about my angry ranting reply to your game blog, I sincerely apologize.

  • Doug r

    MM: “We were challenged last week with all of the different players in and out on the depth chart. Every team goes through it. Special teams is the first group that is always hit. Hopefully we can do a better job of getting players repped at the positions they are going to be playing in games. That’s one thing that looking back on the week’s work that we discussed as a staff this week that I didn’t think we hit the mark on.”

    Really, he figures this out now?! Cmon man

  • packer_bob

    You’re worrying about whether the Packers rest their starters in January against the Bears, Al?

    That’s funny, I’m more worried about the same weaknesses I saw last year. Yes, it’s early. Yes, I think we have a better team than the Bears.

    But we can’t run the ball, at least currently. We look undisciplined, yet again. We are thin on the D line, are already counting on rookies in the secondary and at least for one night last night we looked sick on ST’s again!

    I’m worried about a lot of the O-line penalties as well. Do we dismiss them as “undisciplined” or does it mean they were overwhelmed? If it’s the latter, we’re going to have similar problems against every good pass rushing team we face.

    We have the Lions this week, that’s the good news. But is anyone else glad we weren’t playing against Vick from the start in week one? I’m more worried about just how good we really are at this point then about what we do with our starters Jan. 2 after we’ve clinched the division in fantasy land.

  • Doug r

    Packer bob, amen

  • Doug r

    The only positive take away for me was that despite 18 penalties, turnovers, wasted timeouts, insanely bad st, etc they still had a chance to win! – eliminate even 10 percent of those mistakes and they dominate that game – this is a talented team – hopefully this game was a wake up call

  • Jack in Columbus

    Relax, Packers fans. It’s one game. We played very poorly, turned the ball over and committed a record number of mostly stupid penalties. And still, on national TV before a hyped up home crowd, the undefeated Bears edged the Pack by a mere three points in the closing seconds of regulation.

    I, for one, am glad that the Packers did not let the Bears score so that could have one more crack at tying it up and sending the game into OT. That same tactic has left a 12-year bitter taste in my mouth when we tried it in Super Bowl XXXII … and it failed. We played like men (albeit really stupid men at too many times) for 58 minutes and we went down as men in the final two minutes, fighting to keep the Bears from scoring at all. Like manning a deck gun when your ship is sinking.

    God, I love this team. God, they played like crap. And, by God, they still barely lost. Lions –you are going to be abused next Sunday. I guarantee it.

  • packer_bob

    I understand the sentiment as far as letting them score: it runs counter to everything we are condtioned to think as football players and fans. (Come to think of it, so does MCarthy’s use of the challenge flag. Could he designate a challenge specialist please?)

    But I would argue we should have let them score. They almost always do 1 of 2 things in that situation: score the touchdown with next to no time left on the clock or line up for the 99% game winning field goal with next to no time on the clock. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’d take my chances with us having the ball and some time over the last kick off return play we ran last night. Granted, neither are excellent choices.

    I actually liked the call in the Denver SB for the same reason. That game ended with us at least having a chance. Reasonable people are entitled to their own opinions in any case, and there are so many things to bemoan about the Packers in last night’s game that this decision is pretty far down my list.

  • mel e mel

    2 Offensive Coordinators were fired last year after the season started. 1 more this year. Slocum is in over his head. Not firing him sends the message that mediocrity is tolerable.

  • Jay

    It has been awhile since I have posted here and I always love to read the posts at Packernet. You guys are true Packer fans and you understand the game of football. Sites like the Packer Report forums and others are laughable to read.

    A few things about the Monday night disaster in Chicago.

    1. RECORD SETTING NIGHT FOR PENALTIES – the Packers had more penalties, 18, than points, 17. That is pretty ugly and shows a lack of discipline. However, can anyone please explain to me how the Bears wound up with only 3 penalties for the entire game? But there is one positive – we had 15 more penalties than the Bears and we still only lost by 3 on a last second FG! The Bears didn’t beat the Packers, the Packers beat themselves. We have the better team and the Bears STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!

    2. CLIFTON & TAUSCHER – they looked real bad at times – old and slow against Peppers and the Bears D line. However, I do not believe you can do much about that now. They will just have to improve and get better as the season goes on, if they can.

    3. WE NEED A RUNNING BACK NOW! – wow, the Packers running game is pathetic. If this does not improve, then most defenses will just tee off on every play and Rogers will be running for his life. You see, the woes of the running game and the poor play of Clifton and Tauscher will have an effect on Rogers and the passing game and I just do not want to see our QB get killed. The problem – what RB do you go after and who is available? I continue to hear the name Marshawn Lynch but I do not know if the Bills will part with him. I also do not believe that Ahman Green is the answer, but he would probably be better than what we currently have with Jackson and Kuhn. The Packers running game is a mess.

    4. JAMES JONE FUMBLE – if James Jones would have just done the fundamental thing with the football, the fumble never happens. Jones had the football in his left hand when Urlacher strips it from him. If Jones would have had the football in his right hand as he was heading towards the right sideline (as you are taught to do early on in football) the fumble never happens.

    5. CHALLENGE AND END OF GAME – bad decision by McCarthy on the challenge of the fumble because time and timeouts are too valuable in a game like that. But (and this will in a way contradict what I just said about McCarthy and timeouts) my opinion on the debate of letting the Bears score a TD in that situation is that you do not let them score a TD, you just play the game. And even though there is only a 2% to 4% chance of Gould missing that FG, in the game of football, you never know what can happen. Now I am all in favor of giving Rogers a chance to go down the field and score a tying touchdown, but I would think that the chances of that happening are slimmer than Gould missing a 25 yard FG.

    6. SUNDAY VS. DETROIT – we better see a team fired up and ready play the Lions on Sunday, and I believe we will. Hopefully the Bears game will be much like the Buccaneers game last year – a wake call that this is the NFL, which stands for “Not For Long” if they play like they did Monday night.

  • Monty

    AL have you been smoking Rope a Dope again? Have everything wrapped up by December? Were you watching the same game I was? Shawn Slocum needs to be fired, the punter needs to learn to turn when he puts. Why did he not put to DeShawn Jackson but he puts a line drive to Hester? Brandon Jackson still have no Action. Ted needs to pull the trigger on Lynch now…..oh why do I even bother……never mind…let Mike and Ted just keep doing what they are doing….see Larry this is what Im talking about, Ted gets stubborn and has to be shown in a game like this that he doesnt know it all. We sign a back, Nance, and he’s no active….sorry to say it they have been good for a decade but Clifton and Taush looked OLD….time to let the young guys play….but something has to be done about ST and Jones’s fumbles when he plays the Bears, this is the second time Ulacher has punched the ball out to win the game……McCarthy I dont know any more five years and 18 penalties its like wtf goes on during the week? AL pass me some of that Rope a Dope, I wanna see Green and Gold too!!

  • packer_bob

    Good post Jay.

    With regards to our aging tackles, the question is whether old and slow but experienced is better then young and only semi-competent. Specifically, I’m thinking of the shuffling at tackle in the first half of last year prior to Tauscher’s return, and that didn’t work so well either. I’m afraid we have to hope what we have improves to a more acceptable level.

    Regarding a running back, even though I am on record as saying we only need a complementary running game, I’m already eating crow on that statement. A better (if not great) running game would help with the pass pressure. Also, it’s hard to set up play action if the defense has no respect for the run, which at this point I can’t see why they would have any. We’re also going to have problems with the pure passing offense later in the season as we don’t play in a dome like the Saints. You’re right that the question is who if anybody is out there. (BTW, I found MM’s comments about the effectiveness of our RBs Monday night LAUGHABLE. Read his post game transcript to see what I mean.)

    Jones’ fumble is simply inexcusable, especially given his history. At that point I was convinced we would hold the ball and find a way to win the game and he sure messed that up in a hurry.

    McCarthy’s challenge was clearly bad, and situationally with TO’s so important at that point I don’t know how you through that flag unless you are CERTAIN. Frankly, the replays I saw offered no hope at all that we could win that. If you think the odds of us getting a TO or Gould missing the FG are only 2 to 4% (and I think 2% is probably closer) that is why I’d take the odds of giving Rodgers and our offense the ball back. After you let them score, they can either squib it and give us good field position or kick away and risk the return. Even if we start at the 20 I’d think we’d have more than a 4% chance at a TD, although both propositions are low probability for us.

    Again, far from the most important thing in that game, I’m just trying to explain my reasoning.

  • packer_bob

    Is anyone else concerned that we had to put an O-lineman on D in the goal line D? Jesus, what happens if anyone else gets hurt? How can we be that thin in the 3rd game?

    Oh yeah, I forgot we lost Justin Harell, the Mr. Reliability we were counting on.

  • Monty

    Yes I do know how to spell punt, puts haha, sorry guys long day.

  • Monty

    Its the rope a dope 🙂

  • Scot

    Okay, so TT goes and picks up Nance. What exactly did he do to help us against the Bears, Ted? Go get someone who can help us NOW, not just eventually help us. We can’t afford to have no run game RIGHT NOW. Do you really want to take a chance agains the Lions? Really? Or do you think no one in GB’s front office whill question your decsion not to? Inaction can be just as devastating as any action to a team. Nance is not the guy we need RIGHT NOW. Lynch or someone of his quality is. Rodgers said he would take Lynch in a heartbeat, and I believe he would meld right into that offense with no problems. JUST DO IT ALREADY. Drop your pride for just once.

  • Monty

    Scot…MM says our run game is OK, our backs are OK, are aging tackles OK, we didnt win the ST battle this week, they had a meeting about all them penalties, they have a process in place for all them penalties, why are you so against MM and TT according to them everything is OK. According to MM, we didnt lose the game to the Bears, it was an illusion because everything good and OK in Packer land. Here Scot, have some rope a dope, everything will turn Green and Gold instantly and you will think everything is OK in Packer Land.

    (Of course Scot and the rest of the Packer Nation really can see what MM and TT cant, the run game stinks and is hurting the passing game, the tackles are old, the running backs are average, and the Special Teams Coach SUCKS as does his ST team, and Ted is too stubborn to listen to anyone.)

  • mel e mel

    Seattle picked up Breno so there is room on the practice squad, Its week 4 they must be counting on Starks. John Kuhn is a short yardage back at best. They have sent the message that they dont trust Jackson they didnt even let him get the full load vs Buffalo.
    Tauscher is done end of story. Yank him now. When Lang and Newhouse are inactive every week I cant help but think WTF?

  • jimmyus333333

    Amen Scot. But the time to pick up quality FAs to make up for TT’s draft-day whiffs was during the offseason in an uncapped year. Not in mid-year panic mode with prices too high, or an ephemeral unsigned aftermarket.

    I’ve been reading posts all summer from that identified all these issues, but still see fans believed we were going to the SB in spite of it.

    It just never added up to me.

  • Reid

    It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you’ve got to have is faith and discipline when you are not yet a winner. Vince Lombardi

  • sammy

    Many of you scoffed at me when I stated in preseason how important special teams are..especially Rockhead 70. I said I would count the games lost, in large part by, poor special teams play. 3 last year….1 this year already. Not solely, but a large component to Monday’s loss. I didn’t sleep a wink after that game…shit!

  • CheesyD

    The special teams played fairly decent in games one and two. Horrible in game three.

    The running game concerns me most. I thought Jackson would seize the opportunity but he has failed miserably. Then I see Coach McCarthy say he plans no changes and is happy with the running game. Unbelievable. I’m a big McCarthy supporter but this is just being stupid. Do what it takes to get Marshawn Lynch in here now if we want to have a realistic shot at winning the division. Teams are just going to fire off on Rodgers if they we have no running game. Wake up McCarthy!

  • jimmyus333333

    There certainly were a lot of posts that ignored or scorned your warnings. But it could have been from the same 3-4 guys that post a lot. Don’t think you are out on a limb or the only one.

    My question, from the very first post I made in this forum just after draft day, is if there is a collective will to fire TT if we go 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the offseason.

    I can’t tell based upon all I’ve read the last 4-5 months. There are sure a fair amount of TT apologists in this forum to make fear that they don’t believe TT is the responsible party.

    • sammy

      Jimmy, I agree…same 3-4 guys. Time will tell regarding TT and the apologists.

    • I don’t think firing TT is or was any answer. He’s a good to average GM and we could do a lot worse(look at the Browns). Like the rest of the team he’s got to do a better job. In his case he needs to be more active in bringing in useful vets like Wolf used to do. I thought Benson was a bust in Chicago but turned out to be a good NFL RB. TT needs some luck like that and and an open mind.

  • Over the years on this post those who continue with their Cynicism and pure Sarcasm really prove their lack of intellect. I guess thats why the older guys tend to fade away and the younger crowd takes over with their snap the finger approach to curing all ills.
    As I read the above I come to the following conclusion. (This will be a runon sentence.)
    We will win the Div and/or SB if we: Fire TT, MM, Slo-come, Campen, and the guys upstairs manning the tubes; replace our aging OTs and insert new legs immediatey; bring in a Lynch type RB who can go inside, outside, return kicks, make the Lambeau Leap, and pay anything required regardless of the future impact in future drafts; get rid of a FB, get rid of a TE and someone also mentioned get rid of one of our (4) WRs; ignore the injuries to the DL (don’t worry about the one to Jenkins, ’cause the league is going to take the club away from him anyway) and play Neal – man up, man; oh, if this were just three short years ago and we had Canty, Haynesworth, and Faneca available we wouldn’t be in this mess. Oh, bring in that veteran backup QB too, ’cause no way can Arod finish the season on his feet.
    [email protected]:22 and [email protected]:24 you’ve got it! Good God, and only the third game in.

  • Jay

    Below are the latest reports (or better, rumors) concerning a possible trade between the Packers and Bills for Marshawn Lynch.

    Report: Marshawn Lynch back on trade block?
    Sept. 28, 2010 – 12:10 PM ET

    Citing an NFL source, ESPN Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde reports that the Bills “have put out word that they will at least start listening to offers for Marshawn Lynch.”

    The Bills have been trying to drum up interest by giving Lynch the bulk of the workload for two straight weeks, and overall he’s looked pretty good. The Packers are desperate for an upgrade at running back with Brandon Jackson struggling to fill in for the injured Ryan Grant. Of course, Green Bay GM Ted Thompson is not typically wont to part with draft picks, which is what the rebuilding Bills covet. Thompson will have to decide whether the Packers need Lynch to make a Super Bowl run.

    Report: Bills Taking Offers for Running Back Marshawn Lynch
    by Nick Coman on Sep 28, 2010 1:27:07 PM

    It’s been quite the season for Marshawn Lynch. First, he lost his starting job to rookie C.J. Spiller, and rumors of him being shopped were prevalent both in the preseason and prior to Week 2.

    Then, he got 30 carries over Weeks 2 and 3, making him the most-used runner in the Bills’ crowded backfield — but were they just putting Lynch in the shop window?

    According to ESPN 540, the Bills have said that they will be listening to offers for Lynch. The trade deadline is Oct. 19, but a handful of clubs are already showing interest.

    The Green Bay Packers have already inquired about Lynch in light of Ryan Grant’s injury and due to their inability to run the ball with replacement Brandon Jackson, they could be front-runners in the sweepstakes. The Broncos, Buccaneers and Redskins may also be interested.

    Report: Bill of sale – Lynch up for grabs
    By BILL LANKHOF, September 28 2010

    The Buffalo Bills have put the “Garage Sale” sign back up. Marshawn Lynch is available again. The Bills have been showcasing Lynch recently and there may be some interested takers after Lynch ran for 79 yards on 13 carries last weekend against the Patriots.

    The Packers were interested earlier and that can only intensify after Monday night when the ground game behind Brandon Jackson struggle in the absence of injured Ryan Grant.

    The Bills, who look like they’ve got the real deal in C.J. Spiller, and will make do with Fred Jackson aren’t going anywhere by keeping Lynch. They might as well get something for him and the Packers are starting to run out of options. The Bills want draft picks and Packers’ GM Ted Thompson may finally have to give one up, even though he’s always left the impression he’d rather part with a semi-essential body part.

  • Jay

    Here is one more article (rumor) for you – this one talks about Lynch and also mentions Steve Slaton of the Houston Texans as a possiblity for the Packers.

    NFL Rumors – Green Bay Targeting Lynch, Slaton In Trade
    by Tim Furious, posted Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 12:27 EST

    Green Bay’s recent loss to the Chicago Bears is spurring NFL rumors that the team is actively pursuing a running back like Marshawn Lynch through a trade. While losing at Soldier Field to the better-than-we-thought Bears isn’t a reason to panic, the fact that Green Bay’s rushing game has fallen to 22nd overall in the league is definitely a reason to worry. Expect general manager Ted Thompson to be busy on the phone this week as the NFL trade deadline approaches.

    It’s not as easy as you would think, however. Every NFC team is scared of the Green Bay Packers. Think of it like a fantasy football trade: If you’re desperate for depth on your roster and you can afford to give up a stud running back, you don’t want to trade him to one of the best teams in your fantasy football league. It may give you a boost on the roster, but it also makes the guy you’re trading with a juggernaut right?

    That is why NFL rumors that Green Bay would be able to pry a guy like Tashard Choice from Dallas make zero sense. Jerry Jones is anything if not vindictive, and he’d rather see Green Bay squirm than give them a boost at a position they’re trying to shore up.

    The Green Bay Packers are still leading the NFC Championship betting odds at +300, followed closely by New Orleans (+400) and the Atlanta Falcons (+600). The chances of that happening will be threatened if Green Bay continues to run the ball as poorly as they did Monday night against the Bears.

    If you take away the 45-yards rushing Ryan Grant piled up in Week 1 against Philadelphia, the Packers have managed just 186 yards between Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn on a combined 53 carries. That may be a decent 3.5 yards per carry averaged out, but the Green Bay rushing attack is no longer the threat it was with Grant in the lineup.

    So if nobody in the NFC is willing to give Green Bay what they need, the Packers will have to look to the AFC which may be more difficult than one might think. The Bills, for example, have been standing pat on the idea of trading Lynch even though the idea of having three tailbacks makes no sense for them. The easiest NFL rumor to substantiate would be the idea of Marshawn Lynch packing his bags to join his fellow California alum, Aaron Rodgers.

    The other NFL rumor gaining steam is the Packers targeting Steve Slaton of the Houston Texans. Since Arian Foster is the leading man for the Texans, Slaton has been relegated to third-down duty. He has just 12 attempts for 57 yards this season but behind the burly line of Green Bay, the former third-round pick in 2008 could offer that breakaway bang the Packers need so badly.

    If the Packers choose not to deal away future considerations for a tailback this season, they will be in deep trouble, because either way you cut it, the Packers are a team that relies on being balanced. They’ve threatened the standings because of a top-ranked rushing game complimented by a great passing attack and a stalwart defense. They know that Kuhn and Jackson can’t fill Grant’s shoes, so don’t be surprised for the NFL rumors of Lynch or Slaton arriving in Green Bay to become a reality very soon.

  • Skyler

    I agree we have a better team based on more experience with our core personnel. But… Players are faster and bigger and injurys are increasing. That said… we need all 53 players on the team. As the season goes, it will be the small things that make the difference.

    Example is rookie, Quarless or Clueless. I will take a Spencer Havner over Quarless anyday. He would have make that catch in the endzone. He would have help improve the special teams play with his heart and motor. Look at the tape on Clueless and you will see.

    How many more Clueless players are on this team?

    TT is make MM and Capers job alot harder.

  • sammy

    Why not give up a draft pick for someone that is proven and can contribute relatively quickly than to draft someone that may or may not be a bust or average (i.e. A.J. Hawk)? I worry about his off field behavior but many players have come to Green Bay, been shown by example and expectation to be a good man on and off the field resulting in success.

    The question is, What draft pick would Lynch be worth? Would love to see the comments on that.

    • Excellent question, Sammy, there is the rub. Off field does matter more in GB than other places; its part of our culture (no need to name names here of those who have been run out of town). On the other side of the coin is the fact of availability to get into that kind of trouble in GB. Do you need to carry in downtown GB?
      I wanted to save our #1 for a RB but if that is what it takes (a 25-32?) to get Lynch it should be worth it; ie, proven, etc. I’ll tell you this, I like it a hell of a lot better than $90M for Peppers (32Guar) and the impact 4-5 years from now.
      You see, the financial viability of the franchise is more important than a SB. Just step back for one moment and look at the financial exposure that MIN and CHI are headed for. Say what you will about DET but for my money they have been a lot smarter in rebuild than either of our top two antagonists.
      My answer, Sammy, is give them a #1 (and a #3 too, if thats what it takes). Surprised? We have at least a 5-10 year window of championship football with our core so the need for draft is less – BUT, above all else, protect that bottom line, Baby!

  • Jay

    This will be the last of the rumors about Marshawn Lynch that I post. There are 2 articles below, with the first article having some quotes from our OC Joe Philbin, and the second article, written this morning, talking about the New England Patriots now interested in Lynch.

    Bills Listening to Trade Offers for Marshawn Lynch
    By David Sabia, Football News Now Staff Writer, September 28, 2010, 4:37 pm EDT

    The Bills are officially listening to trade offers for RB Marshawn Lynch. Although Marshawn Lynch has emerged as the Bills’ leading back for the time being, they have apparently made it known around the league that they are officially willing to listen to offers for their 24-year-old back.

    A NFL source told ESPN Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde that the Bills, who had rebuffed not only the Packers’ advances but any team’s inquiries about the availability of the 2007 first-round draft pick, have put out word that they will at least start considering a possible trade for Lynch. Whether the Packers will try trade for Lynch before the Oct. 19 trade deadline remains to be seen.

    In recent weeks, multiple reports have said that the Packers inquired about acquiring Lynch after Ryan Grant was knocked out for the season with a torn ankle ligament. The same source confirmed that the team had indeed contacted the Bills about Lynch, even before he ran 17 times for 64 yards against the Packers last week.

    The Packers’ running game, which has struggled since losing Grant, continued to go nowhere in their 20-17 loss vs. Chicago Monday night. While they finished with 15 carries for 63 yards (4.2 yard average) against a top-ranked Bears unit that came in allowing 1.3 yards per rush, nearly half of that total came on two plays: fullback John Kuhn’s 18 yard run and quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ 17 yard scramble.

    Brandon Jackson managed just 12 yards on seven carries, even though offensive coordinator Joe Philbin said he felt their were a considerable amount of running holes in the first half. “We only had eight yards rushing. I’m going to sound stupid saying this, but we thought we had some good looks to run the ball in the first half, to be honest with you,” Philbin said. “Now, our execution obviously wasn’t there, but from a schematic standpoint, we felt good about the way we were attempting to attack these guys. But to their credit, they’re a good run defense. We would have hoped to have done better than 1.0 or whatever the heck we were in the first half.”

    Lynch, meanwhile, led Buffalo in carries and rushing yards for the second straight week in a 38-30 loss to New England in Week 3. He finished the game with 13 carries for 78 yards. However, rookie C.J. Spiller has started to find his feet, returning a kickoff 95 yards and averaging 7.3 yards-per-rush on Sunday, making Lynch suddenly more expendable. If Buffalo were to part with Lynch in coming weeks, it would make the second surprising move they’ve made recently. On Monday they cut Trent Edwards just a week after he had been their clear-cut starter at quarterback.

    AFC East Rumors: Buffalo Shopping Lynch – New England Now Interested
    By Tony Santorsa on September 29, 2010, 8:14 am EDT

    According to multiple sources the Buffalo Bills are currently interested in trading running back Marshawn Lynch. These reports originated from ESPN 540 in Milwaukee which stated that the Bills are willing to listen to trade offers for Lynch. With the trade deadline on October 19th, there have been quite a few clubs, especially the Green Bay Packers, showing interest in acquiring Lynch.

    Now, add the New England Patriots in that list of clubs interested in Marshawn Lynch. With New England’s below average running game, along with the loss of Kevin Faulk, the Patriots would be a nice fit for the former Cal Golden Bear. Lynch would add more balance to New England’s offense and could be the back of the future due to being only 24 years old.

    Lynch’s most impressive season was his first back in 2007. Lynch rushed for 1115 yards and scored seven touch downs. Post his rookie campaign, his numbers have steadily decreased. It’s not that Lynch is losing talent, but his character and work ethic are declining, which would definitely change in New England.

    Lynch is also averaging 4.7 yards per carry this season, and would be a perfect fit in New England’s offense. It is un-clear in what the Bills would like in return, but I would assume a fourth round pick might do the trick.

  • Jay

    Sammy & LarryTex – do you think the Packers could get Marshawn Lynch for a 4th round draft pick? In the article “Buffalo Shopping Lynch -New England Now Interested” that I posted above, the writer makes the followings comment:

    “It is un-clear in what the Bills would like in return, but I would assume a fourth round pick might do the trick.”

    I would say pull the trigger on the deal if a 4th round draft pick would bring Lynch to Green Bay. What do you guys think?

    • I think a 4th is a pipe dream for a 24 yr old w/ his “potential”. Say what you will about our lack of RB production in this – pass first- offense, but our OL is much better than what he has run behind before and I do think he could explode. We are better up front than we look.

      • Sammy

        I would give two round 4’s for Lynch but I think it will take more than that, and I think TT is not going to pull the trigger. It has to be done now or an aggressive team like NE will get him.

  • Jay


    Thanks for your response to my post earlier and I also noticed, like you, the o-lineman on the goal line D. Depth on the D line seems to be a real issue right now – do we need to make a move for a D lineman?

    Also, what is your take on all of the Marshawn Lynch / Steve Slaton trade rumors? Do you think either one of those guys would be a fit for the Packers?

    • Reid

      Why do we need a move for a D-lineman for goal line and short yardage situations. I think we’ve pretty much stuffed every attempt this year. The Bears didn’t score either time, the Eagels failed on 4th and 1. Plus, Neal will be back soon if not now. Why waste a trade on that? Seems a 1st and 2nd down running back is greater need.

  • roy jamison

    Next time we go to Chicago I hope McCarthy reads this quote from the Untouchables….
    Malone: You wanna know how to get Capone(read Bears)? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way! And that’s how you get Capone(read Bears). Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? I’m offering you a deal. Do you want this deal?

  • jimmyus333333

    I’ll throw it back at you. What is satisfactory for you? Are you ok that we don’t go to the SB, as long as we are not worst then the Browns?
    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got, and you’ll always feel what you always felt.”

    • jimmy, you’re angry because we barely lost to an improved Bears team who have always been good at stripping the ball and ST’s. Add in an inordinate number of penalties. Take a minute to realize we are in a better position than the Bears to win the division. They scored one TD off a deep return and escaped humiliation with a number of int’s that could easily have been made. Al’s right, it’s far too early to overeat. I’d be satisfied with winning the division, period.

      • Reid

        It’s never too early to overeat, maybe too early to over-react, but never too early to overeat.

  • packer_bob


    I don’t know the deal with Lynch, as I don’t follow the AFC that much. I know he seemed to be pretty good his first year or so, and has had off-field issues.

    With that as the caveat, I am in favor of anything we think could help our running game this season for a 4th round pick. Again, I’m not sure what his “character issues” are per se, but there are replete examples around the league of guys that grow up and take advantage of opportunities offered them, Brett Favre being an example in our own proverbial back yard. If I recall, Randy Moss also had issues and I haven’t heard much about those lately.

    As far as D-line depth, if I were GM I’d address it now rather than 6-8 weeks from now when the inevitable injury pops up. In this case, I’m looking for serviceable beef, not necessarily a “name.”

    • Your answer is Neal, Wynn, and Wilson, if only there is nothing out there.

  • Michael Legat

    Let it not be overlooked that Marshawn Lynch and Aaron Rodgers were teammates at Cal. Put Lynch with Rodgers and land him on a team that can get him a ring, and I’m confident that you can bury any of those off-the-field issues for a good long while.

    • Lynch seems to be a little less of a hot dog after a couple of bad years and any real player would give up a lot to go from Buffalo to a winner.

  • Larry

    The detroit game is probably the best time to test out Baluga and/or Lang…Although getting better they’re not in GB’s class. I think Lynch can be had for a 2nd round pick or a combo 2 and 3 and we get Lynch and a 4. The earlier the better so he can learn the system. I like Slaton as well in Houston…

    IMO the Packers problem is systemic…we hesitate to go outside the organization to solve a problem…any problem. O line last year…wait for Tauscher…sign Green at RB when we need a RB. Our practice squad is our own cut players (unless signed by others)…Like our offense we’re one dimentional – if we don’t have the answer we just have to make due and live with it for the rest of the year.

    Week 7 brings help from the PUP but James Starks???? This is a rookie that hasn’t played in a real game in 1.5 years (no senior season at Buffalo) Besides…do we really need 7 new players next year given the youth already? Lastly, assuming 2010 is a playoff year…look for us to draft in the mid 20’s again….not every draft is as strong as the 2009 RB class. Make the trade Ted!!!!

    • Slayton isn’t any good, he’s a liability.

  • just saying

    Thanks Al good post

    • OK, I guess its settled, we’ll take Lynch for any combination of 1-2-3-4s. Which one of you is going to take the offer to BUF. I’ll just bet they’re sitting there waiting for you with baited breath.

    • If the Pats are targeting Lynch more than likely they’ll get him. Just as they did with Moss. Then we’ll find out what his market value was. No one expects TT to actually make a trade. Just something to talk about while we wait to see how the run game goes with who we’ve got.

      • Oddball

        I’m not sure the Bills want to give Lynch to the Pats – yeah, they may have hit the wall with his off the field stuff, but he’s stil a first round talent.

  • Oddball

    Jeez, LT. I think it’s reasonable to ask what the price would be – I wouldn’t trade the farm for him, but it sure sounds like the Bills are willing to talk.

    • Hey, Oddball, I agree. I would go high for this one tho because I’ve been convinced he can be managed in the GB environment and he is 24.
      Out of the box thinking – Lynch for Flynn and a 3rd, and we get their QB. Both L and F could be starters.

  • Rick

    Bills want a conditional pick which for a possible SB team like the Packers would be a 1st rounder. We will not give a one.

    I think if we miss playoffs it is a 4th, make playoffs it is a 3, play in SB it is a 2 and TT would trade. I would add Nance into the mix so they can have a future developmental player back (6th round value) since we would have to cut him. That helps the Packers reputation when they sign future players in that we work with them.

    • I would keep Nance as a project here. Don’t really care what they do with the 2nd rounder from ’07, and would bite the #1 bullet for a proven 24 yr old RB. We can replace the OTs w/ 2nds and 3rds anytime if Bulaga and Lang can’t make it as a tandem. I’m not so sure we don’t have a plethora of DBs, at a quality level, to replace the aging corners when the time comes. The DB situation is akin to the OL injury problem of a couple years ago (6-10) with more talent there than we realize, because they haven’t played but sporadically – no continuity! The DL is in somewhat the same shape as the DB except that Pickett is likely the first to go, but not for a couple of years. I like our LB corp, with only Barnett with some age on him. Screw the STs; while they go for show, and you might lose a game now and then, you don’t lose a season because of them – nobody ever has.
      My point is that we are only one or maybe two starters away from perenial glory for the next 10 years. We could very well be the PATs of the next decade – who has a better young nucleous?
      Just, PLEASE, don’t force me to break the bank to get one of those 90M (the standard now) guys.

  • roy jamison

    The Bills won’t trade Lynch for a 4th round pick. They might not trade him for a second rounder. He’s proven he hasn’t grown up yet, but he has talent. That would be like trading Finley for a 4th rounder. That ain’t gonna happen either.

    • Well, one difference, Roy; Lynch is not their starter of choice. Besides, the biggest need in BUF is really at QB………….! Thats a real mess.

    • Rick

      Spin this other way. Bills want TE Lee. If we were rebuilding TT would do the conditional 4 – 3 -2 scenerio with for Lee as he is a proven veteran and starter.

      You are correct that the Bills don’t want to trade him but they need the picks and Lynch’s market value is peaking right now before the trade deadline. We will negiotiate somewhere around a third rounder average as I said or TT probably will play with what we have.

  • Skyler

    The Packer RB will have good yardage against poor teams like Detroit, so so yardage against the Skins and good yardage at home against Miami… TT will in turn do nothing and the trade deadline will have pasted. After the deadline, the Packers start playing better teams especially against the run. It will be interesting how it plays out. How strategic is TT?

    The problem with TT now, after 5 years on the job, is the lack of building depth and building continuity in most positions.

    Quarterback – If Rodgers goes down… we are in trouble
    RB – If Grant goes down… we are in trouble ….Fact….
    Safeties – If Collins goes down… we are in trouble
    Corners – If Woodson/Williams goes down… we are in trouble (At this age, will Al be the same?)

    I will say we are starting to build both line up better but TT has had five year alright.
    He has built an excellent TE, Receiving and Fullback core. Is the core to big?

    We still have no punter compared to Ryan and no true kickoff or punt returner.

    His pattern is a bit troubling.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Skyler………. Do you have a list of “available” players w/Grant’s, Collins’, Rodger’s, Woodson’s and William’s abilities (or even close) that are also content w/sitting on the bench game after game??? Please share, if you do.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Well, I had a few beerz during the game, it may have beeen obvious. But the “new NFL” where the refs are deciding outcomes kinda disgust me. Only one penalty I really had a problem with and the first caused fumble, that wasn’t (w/the long pause before the whistle). And the penalty that gave the Bears the game was a perfect example of what I’ve been saying about the pass interference penalty rewarding bad throws and covered receivers. That play was a perfect example of both. Burnett was w/him step for step and the pass was short and to the wrong side of the reciever and according to the rules when Burnett turns around, he can’t be called for PI. PURE SHIT!!! I’m not too smart but w/todays NFL, give me the worst QB and 4 of the worst WRs available and I’m pretty sure I could devise an effective passing game using PI penalties to move the offense. Did you see Cutler half way to the ground already asking the ref for the face mask penalty? Three weeks ago the Vikings got 15 free yds. for a face mask penalty that didn’t happen. Shouldn’t the refs actually have to see the penalty??? As far as Collins’ altercation, if the NFL finds out the fan spit on him, the Bears organization should be fined a $200K. If they’re not going to do the right thing, well the Bears do come to Lambeau. Practice your loogie hocking “front row” and work on your insults about their mothers, sisters and their color……. fair’s, fair!!!!! And hey, it’s only the third game of the season everyone. It’s not enjoyable to see the game given away but the Pack had to do EVERYTHING wrong at an away game just to have an ref aided loss, really that’s many weeks to clean things up. They do things right and they can cause some damage. Really, it’s a good sign when you have to beat yourself to lose, cause that won’t happen often. Lastly, the run game blocking has to improve because no one will go anywhere if there aren’t holes but I’ll admit that Lynch back there would look good. The Pack’s run game doesn’t seem to come around til the second half of the year for some reason though. One more lastly….. I’ve been watching a little of ESPN and JJ’s NFL Network which I usually don’t do, figuring they’d have a little coverage of the 2-0 Packers. Nah, they wanted to talk about the 0-2 Cowboys and Vikings and really just about anybody else. Now all they want to talk about is that piece of shit, Vick!!! Guess I’ll go back to not watching their crap anymore!!!!

    • Sammy

      Packer’s Ad..I hope and am sure that the Packer fans take the high road and not spit on players or use racial slurs. Sinking to the level of one pile of shit from Chicago is not worth it.

  • jimmyus333333

    In your scenario, if we go 9-7 and win the division, then lose the first playoff game, is that a successful season after 5 years of TT?

    With the team we had last year, this past offseason was the time to dust off the checkbook and make a run. Instead TT choose to sit pat, and watch both the bears and the lions build their teams around us.

    If you get caught standing still in this league, you will be passed.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Someone invented a way to play Fantasy Football Leagues, so, jimmy of the many 3’s, I don’t know if they got rich or if you could, but maybe you should invent a way to have a GM Fantasy Fooball League. Could be lots of fun, drafts, salary caps etc. etc. etc. Just an idea…………….

      • Packer’s Advocate

        And I’m not being snotty. There seems to be alot of guys that would enjoy building rosters and teams, drafting and the such, but I can’t imagine it’d be easy to come up w/a system to do all this……

    • Winning the division would be a concrete achievement and guarantee a home playoff game. In a very tough and and luck driven NFL where a flash in the pan like Vick could take his team to the SB that would be plenty for me. If we don’t win our division then I would be out there yelling louder than anyone for specific changes I think would help.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Zombo got his fine for a helmet to helmet QB hit…………… did the Bear’s player get his????

    • Packer’s Advocate

      I looked, I think it was Henry Melton, DE #69. I didn’t tape the game, so I can’t look back. I can’t find anything stating he received a fine for his hit to Rodger’s head either.

    • Rick

      Zombo received a flag the Bear player did not. It is Bull excrement.

  • roy jamison

    The question should not be …Will McCarthy be fired for not getting rid of Slocum. It should be should he have his head examined?

  • Rick

    Truth be told the Punter out punted the coverage because he was under the adreniline pressure but why oh why did martin run the frickin interception out of the end zone. Stay down and get us to the 20, you are no track star.

    • True, and if Goode hadn’t whiffed, all we would be talking about is the line drive and blocked FG.

  • Skyler

    Good point Jimmyus3333333….

    I am not trying to be a Monday moring QB, But besides Woodson and Prickett it is all build by draft. This would be fine but you are going to get underachiever like Harrell, Lee, Poppinga, and Hawk (the first 3 years). He waste a pick last year with Q. Johnson and this year with Quarless. He should have pick a RB last year based on Grant being the only producer. This year he should have picked a cornerback and not another TE.

    If we was pick the best player at the time then start looking to trade a FB or TE for a RB and/or corner/returner.