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7:30 PM:  Here we go!

7:31 PM:  I’m on Twitter @packernet too.

7:43 PM:  Packers waste a beautiful drive. Terrible third-down play and then a stupid decision to kick a 54-yard field goal. Good start, bad start.

7:50 PM:  Wow what a pick by Sam Shields! Must feel the heat of Al Harris (hehe). Now if the damn offense could score we would be in great shape.

7:59 PM:  Need seven this time. Cannot give them life by only getting three.

8:04 PM:  Points off turnovers – that is the name of the game. And I love the dump-off to Jackson, it’s unstoppable, once he is in space he can make guys miss. Wish he could do it more on running plays.

8:08 PM:  Punt her away gentleman! A Matthews sack and a Matthews tipped pass and it’s 3-and-out!

8:14 PM:  Passing blocking is horrible thus far but Rodgers is either running from it or getting it off at the last minute. Packers have to shore up protection though big time.

8:16 PM:  Dallas might win the challenge, leaving the Packers in their worst possible down-and-distance scenario. If only we had Eric Torkelson to take it over the top for the score.

8:24 PM:  Cowboys might be about to quit. Matthews with a huge play – downside though is Ryan Pickett is down, we cannot afford to lose him for the stretch run. Sometimes those big guys just need a little extra time getting up, knock on wood.

8:31 PM:  John Kuhn the new hero! Can’t stop him running or passing. This is bananas!

8:34 PM:  Rodgers is on fire tonight! Get it in the zone here though, field goal is meaningless.

8:37 PM:  Touchdown Jennings! I feel pretty good right now. Just don’t let them get a cheapy before the half.

8:43 PM:  Packers get a gift touchdown thanks to one of the worst fumble call in NFL history. Can you believe how bad officiating is in the NFL this year? I’ll take the seven points but that was not a touchdown in any stretch of the imagination. I know replay is part of the game and you have to think about challenges when using timeouts, but I think I like college better, where every play is reviewable by the booth.

8:47 PM:  Cowboys don’t give up and are knocking on the door after the Packers defense laid down. Now the Cowboys have life. That was absolutely the worst thing that could have happened to the Packers. The defense quit!

8:51 PM:  28-7 Packers at the half. I like it but because of that last drive by the Cowboys I am worried. I can’t believe the defense did that. This game I think is going to come down to the offense, they will have to score every drive in the second half. I feel a Cowboys explosion coming. The Packers’ defense has a big head.

9:09 PM:  Just what I thought, a 3-and-out. Defense better step it’s game up!

9:14 PM:  Alright defense! Great stop, now let’s see another TD by the offense so us fans can relax a little.

9:24 PM:  Can we call this an offensive breakout? 325 to 92 yards and 20-4 in first downs. Not too shabby. If the Packers can get to 6-3 at the bye week with 10 guys on injured reserve, it will be one hell of an accomplishment. I like our chances now.

9:30 PM:  Nick Collins will not be available for play next week after delivering a late, head-to-head shot to Roy Williams. What an idiot! The bozo that hit Austin Collie in the Philly-Indy game will be suspended too, I don’t get it. Why can’t you just tackle the guy, why do you have to drill the guy?

9:37 PM:  Turn out the lights, no, not just yet. Can’t jinx them. Too much time left. I want one more score, TD, FG, safety, whatever.

9:53 PM:  I am going to go ahead and project Green Bay as the winner in this contest.  Exit polls show strong support with 75% of the polls reporting. Packers are 6-3 with three three-point losses, two in overtime, and five starters on injured reserve. The old gunslinger is next in two weeks. Vikings and Bears set the stage in Chicago next week.

9:55 PM:  On Twitter the rest of the night (@packernet). What a great win for the Packers! Is there any question who the cream of the NFC North is? The Bears barely beat an 0-7 team and the Vikings looked horrible for 55 minutes against a horrible team. The question is, can the Packers handle success like the 1996 Packers did. That is the question.

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  • mac4811

    Even at 60% healthy, the Packers are still one of the best teams in the NFL. Much of that can be attributed to Rodgers who will go down as one of the greatest QB’s ever, if not the greatest.

    • AATP

      Can’t give all the credit to Rodgers though – Matthews is a beast and is huge reason games have been the way they have… Teams are having to account for him every snap and by doubling him it’s opening holes for others to make plays… I like CMIII, Woodson, Rodgers, Kuhn, Jackson, Green and even Hawk… Great overall effort…

  • Luke

    Rodges with the longes run play of the game- not the first time this year thats happened

  • Do you think the D will be fresh in the 4th qtr?

  • Luke

    Really not sure how this Cowboys offense is going to score a point

  • mac4811

    Most feared guy in the NFL…Matthews!!

  • Luke

    Matthews now the first Packer to ever post double digit sacks in his first two seasons

  • good challenge, I don’t think he got over……!

    • Oops, LT the dumbbell……didn’t see the ball on his chest the last view.

  • Man, did CM shoot that gap, or what!

  • Oddball

    Matthews is it –

    Thanks for the PF Demarcus!

    • Anybody think MM is outcoaching Phillips, and how about that strip by B-U-S-H? How sweet it is.

      • Mwr

        The only person he could out coach is his double.

  • Oddball

    Always happy for the gift TD, but I’m with Al. I like the NCAA replay system better.

  • Mel e Mel

    Where is woodson. Why risk the blitz??? no need to risk single man coverage at this point.

  • Has anybody noticed that DAL has 5yds net rushing. I wonder what the record is when a team is passing on every down?

  • CheesyD

    Any win over the Cowboys is a great win. A drubbing like this one is especially sweet. I lived in Dallas for 12 years while the Cowboys were on top and took a lot of crap from the “fans” down there. Sweet, sweet win.

    ARod was great, as was the defense… again. Clay III… wow.

    The depth on this team… hats off to Ted Thompson. Gotta give credit where its due.

  • Scot

    I don’t get why Ted is releasing Al Harris. You can’t have enough good corners. I would rather get rid of Nance or one of the other linebackers we just picked up than cut an experienced veteran. Unless, this is based on the fact that he just simply isn’t at 100 percent anymore, even though some of the coaches said he was just as fast as he was before he was injured. So, if he is cut, who picks him up? Dallas has to be frustrated by Mike Jenkins. Thanks for the memories, Al. I would’ve kept you.

    As for the game, talk about mostly stress free. That was nice for once! I know everyone keeps saying the Giants are the best team in the NFC. Well, I think Green Bay is every bit as good. And, as I stated earlier in the post, Aaron Rodgers was bound to break out of his funk at some point. Nice to see James Jones come up big again.

  • Deek

    Scot, I have to agree with you on the Al Harris possible release. All you have to remember is last years play-off game in AZ.

    Put Pat Lee on IR and release Dom Nance. Reinstate AH and bring up R Starks.

  • iccyfan

    Quote: Asked two weeks ago about Harris’ progress, cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt told Packer Report: “He’s looked good. He’s looked real good. You can’t tell he’s had an injury. He’s playing as fast as he did before he got hurt last year. I’m very, very pleased with where he’s at.” End Quote.

    I’m saddened by the news of Al’s departure but he’s a 36 y/o coming off a devastating injury attempting to play a young man’s position in a young man’s game. This outcome doesn’t really surprise me…

    I am angry though! I pay $90 / Year to Packer Report for a crummy quarterly magazine and what I expect to be TIMELY INSIDER ACCURATE INFORMATION. What is the point of lying about Al Harris’ recovery – do they really think the Jets & Cowboys were going to gameplan around Al Harris? C’mon, tell the truth once in awhile…

    Back to the team that’s actually been taking the field. They did what they needed to do and now they have a bye week to rest, recover and plan the second half of the season. It should be a great ride…

    • jimmyus333333

      wow, $90. Save the money.

  • jimmyus333333

    WC Offense Coordinators are a dime-a-dozen. We need to dump or demote MM ASAP, and make Dom HC before we lose him.

    • CheesyD

      They’re 6-3, leading the division, and two of the losses were in OT. This despite all the injuries. Nobody is going to fire McCarthy nor should they.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        j33333333’s………… Are you Jon????? Did you come back????

      • jimmyus333333

        I have no idea who jon is.

        • Packer’s Advocate

          That’s just the kind of statement he’d make. Considering we’re in the lead of our division and heading into the bye w/momentum even w/the massive amount of injuries, your statement of firing MM seems a bit strange. Guess you’ll have to look in the archieves to learn more about jon.

          • Steve Cheez

            Packernet has archives?

    • oddball

      Dom has been an outstanding DC – no doubt about that, but his track record at HC is spotty. We should be a playoff-caliber team for the forseeable future, and I’m hoping Capers would rather be a DC on a winner than try the Head Coach thing again.

  • roy jamison

    I don’t like to admit I was wrong, but when there’s egg on your face it’s tough to call it custard. I never would have imagined the Cowboys stinking it up like they did. I didn’t think the pride of that organization would let their shoddy play continue especially on a national stage like Sunday nite football. But apparently the Cowboys have no pride. If I were JJ I wouldn’t issue checks anymore. I’d be inclined to clean up the stink in that locker room and it might start with kicking out some players before the coaches.

  • Harris’ style of play led to his release. He has always been a “knock them off their route and disrupt timing” guy. When that has not worked I’ve seen him beat too many times. Hence, Woodson assigned to the ops “best receiver” lately. Here again, you can’t command that hefty a paycheck if you’re not the starter. Says a lot for Williams at 10 yrs his junior and coming on strong. Shields obviously showing a lot of potential w/ what appears to be awesome speed. Harris has never had “catch up speed” and at 36 finally got him. Don’t worry about him this year; he’ll latch on to a contender for the rest of this season.

  • Rick

    I would imagine the 49ers would be interested in the creaky kneed veteran CB. They have been burned in the secondary and Singletary is not in a give up mood this year. If Harris has anything left in the tank the 49ers will gain alot.

  • Larry

    Couple of points…Dom Capers coached two expansion teams. If ever a won-loss record deserves an * its DC. Look how long its taking to rebuild Detroit, Oakland, Buffalo, SF etc…try from scratch.

    Harris is/was a very good corner…and many would’ve kept him but TT is predicable and with all the injured players NOT on IR that he will get back in two weeks (Lee, Pickett, Quarless,Driver, Tauscher) he can’t hold a roster spot for a 36 yr. old CB that isn’t going to play much (unless injury) and takes time from younger developing players Shields, Lee. I’ll bet he asked Al what he wanted given the circumstances and Al made this decision, IMO.

    Lastly, if Al Harris is not signed…GB is paying his salary for the rest of the year and he can be resigned if needed by GB if an injury occurs. I think he’ll sign with a contender pretty quickly.

    Salute to AH, a true professional in every sense.

    • Very well said, Larry!

    • You left off one comment that is sure to come – TT’s ego, after all Harris was not one of TT’s own, such BS.

    • oddball

      DC also got fired by two expansion teams. I can’t speak for anybody else, but when I see a guy applying for a job who got fired by organizations a tier or two down from mine, I have to wonder.

      It’s certainly possible. People develop and grow. Capers has proven himself at DC. Maybe TT sees more in his future. I just can’t see a midseason move from our GM.

      Especially true given that things are going pretty well these days. If the team was 2-7 instead of 6-3, you’d probably hear a different song from me, but I can’t imagine yanking McCarthy now.

    • Rick

      Al received his 9 weeks salary. We now owe him nothing else of his 2.17 million this year and and 1.5 million next year contract. If he slides on waivers we can resign him to a veteran minimum contract if we want.

      I still say the 49ers will put in the claim. They need the help and if he is not able to go then he is done in the league no matter what. I hope he has the comeback in him.

      Good Luck Al!!

  • Rick

    A much as it pains me we had to let him go. If Harris is not better then Shields and the guys we have on the field we can’t lose the roster spot with the injuries we are dealing with.

  • jimmyus333333

    My money’s is that AL shows up in purple.

    • Rick

      He could add a spark to their secondary but I doubt he will make it that far on the waivers.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Will definately miss watching Al Harris playing for the Pack. Reasons he was released???? Could be a few. Lets see……..
    We have a ton of injuries. The SB is a long, long shot at best.
    Money, we’ve got Tramon Williams to sign, Jenkins, Spitz, Colledge, Hawk just to name a few of the 13. Did TT want to put another salary (how many on there right now, 10??? + the current 53 on the roster) on IR to keep them for next year?
    I’d take Harris over Lee but I don’t see the practices. Who really knows?
    Lastly, I hope Harris doesn’t end up in purple but he was released and is free to go where he wants or to where he gets picked up on waivers. Not like that dipshit #4 who quit two teams to get to his precious purple ass kissers and directly against us. I will say though, he got the best of safety #24 (Wilson?) yesterday. In man-to-man coverage, Butt timed his passes on the break before 24 got his head turned around to make a play on the ball for those two 4th quarter TD passes. He was the underneath guy covering those routes and didn’t get it done. It was the Cardinals though.

  • Larry

    TT has always kept youth and potential. Look for a changing of the “tackle” NEXT year when Clifton or Tauscher get replaced. Given their salary they may be asked to cut their pay or face a similar fate as Harris.

  • Sammy

    Tell me how TT keeps Jarod Bush over Al Harris? C’mon man. And it ain’t all about the money….

    • I suggest you look at replays of the game. Then go back and look at the Jets game too; it will answer your question better than any of us can….! I’m sure TT took the action recomended by his coaches plus the fact that he is not a ST guy.

  • packer_bob

    I didn’t think there would ever be a score big enough to beat the Cowboys by, but am I the only one that lost interest in the game after we scored in the 3rd quarter to go up 35-7? Don’t get me wrong—-I love the win, and even sort of called the blowout (I said we’d win going away by 14+)

    But that almost didn’t seem like we were playing an NFL team after awhile. Jerry Jones is an ass, so I sure don’t mind his creation looking like shit on national TV. It’s just that watching us pound a team that had quit didn’t have much interest for me after awhile. It’s like watching some tough guy beat on a cripple with a baseball bat–unfair fight with no drama!

    Still you have to like where we are at this point heading into the bye. Funny how a few weeks and a few wins will turn around your opinion of your football team when you’re winning!
    But a lot of the problems we had been having have been “cleaned up” and therefore credit to the coaching staff and players. I’m practically going to ignore last night’s win as meaning anything owing to how bad the Cowboys suck, but three in a row including a home win over Minny and a road win at the Jets are some quality wins. I wouldn’t have predicted it after losing to Miami, but it is awesome!

    I really believe we have a chance to be special after the bye!

  • Skyler

    The sweetest thing about this season will be the Packers man-handling the Cowgirls on national TV and Jerry Jones looking like he was going to lay an egg.