Cowboys won’t lay down

Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that the Packers would be 8 1/2 point favorites to beat the Dallas Cowboys tonight? Even if Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was playing the line would be pretty much the same. Last week the Packers were 7-point dogs in New York. The question is, can the Packers do what the Jets couldn’t and avoid the upset at home?

The Packers do catch a break with John Kitna replacing the injured Romo at quarterback, Kitna has lost many a game in Lambeau during his time in league. He can throw the ball but his heartbreaking interceptions make Brett Favre look like Joe Montana, if the Packers can shut down the Cowboys running game like they did the Jets, Kitna will give the secondary some big plays.

Is this the week the offense gets rolling? Well if not this week, then it may be never. The Cowboys are horrible against the pass and even without Donald Driver, the Packers should be able to pass at will. Wide receivers James Jones and Jordy Nelson should get plenty of opportunities to prove they are the one to to replace Driver fulltime, which may be next year.

I hope the Packers don’t completely abandon the run game though, thinking they can do what they want through the air. Things run so much smoother when you can run the ball first. Head coach Mike McCarthy has been a little more willing to try and establish the run in recent games and he has committed to Brandon Jackson for the most part, so hopefully he gives him some opportunities early and Jackson takes advantage. If the Packers can coming out running with success it will be game over early.

In the end I think the Packers are going to have a much harder game than oddsmakers are saying, but a win is a win. I’ll say the Packers take a come-from-behind 24-20 win on a late Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass. Nothing has been easy so far this year, so why should today be any different?

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  • I’m going back to optimistic on this one. I feel we all agree that we are a hell of a lot better than 29th in run D even with the revised rotation. While their OL is finally together, they are showing their age and they need to infuse new talent there. Meanwhile, our OL is starting to really blend, hence, Bjax sometimes getting a good one. There have been some masive holes openned up lately. Contain Ware and you’ve got them beat because, even w/o DD their DBs are no match for us. However, can MM avoid the temptation to go deep all the time?
    Our CBs are either a match or better than their WRs with Williams playing close to All-Pro. Bigby should help in this one and was a better choice than Harris to activate even if Harris is as healthy. Like I said earlier, Bigby will be playing for his job the rest of the year. I’m betting he’ll still hit like a LB. AR has a good day coming and this is it…..!

  • packer_bob

    I can completely understand what Al is saying. His point is that we haven’t blown by anybody, with the exception of the Bills in the 2nd half of I believe week 2. This is a fact and therefore irrefutabale.

    But since it’s Al, I’m going to refute it anyway. Dallas is a heartless, undisciplined team that can’t stop cutting their own throats. Our past this season is not predictive of our future. I bet trends, and our trend is way up and Dallas’ couldn’t be lower.

    Packers win by 14 or more.

  • Ratpack

    This is the NFL, anything can happen hell even the lions almost beat the jets today. All we can hope for is that the Packers come out mentally prepared and physically dominate week in and week out. GO Pack!!!!

    Pack 27 Cows 10

  • Mark Troy

    I hate the Cowboys!
    I can’t forgive them for beating the Pack in the 90’s.
    Please let the Packers blow them out 56-0.

    • Mark Troy

      Hey! I was pretty close. YAY!!

  • monty

    Sorry Larry and guys, but I see this game as a Dallas victory unless the Cowboy players have just quit for Wade Phillps. The Cowboys are due and the Packers have been playing over their heads. AL you mention Jones and Nelson stepping up, so far this season neither one has really developed and taken the 3rd receiver spot. They both have been to inconsistant. What bothers me about Jones, is he still carries the ball in the wrong hand when running making it easier to fumble. Im predicting that the Packers lose and Vikings beat the Bears next week during our bye. That puts the Packers and Bears at 5-4 and the Vikings at 4-5 with a must win the following week against the Packers. You all know the rest of the season is not going to be easy as its never easy to win in Minnesota. From looking at the schedule, I predict the Packers end up 7-9 with loses to Minnesota, the Giants, Atlanta and New England. I think the Lions can beat the Packers in Detriot if the Packers arent careful. The Pack should beat San Francisco at home and the Bears game well is the Bears game so its a toss up. I throw that 7-9 record out there so I can be proven wrong. But thats how much lack of confidence I have in Ted and Mike and the lack of a decent running game. We dont have a running game, Action Jackson just falls down 12 times a game to make it look like we have a running game. Neither Jackson or Kuhl are quality NFL running backs and should not be running the ball, but then it doesnt matter, we all know Fat Mike likes to throw it 50 times a game. Im ready for some football and ready to be proven wrong, but thats how I see the 2010 season ending for the Green Bay Packers.

    • Scot

      They need to try out Nance tonight. We need to know what we have in him. I don’t think we’ll end up 7-9. No way. I think tonight Rodgers and the offense will start to get hot.

  • monty

    See what happens when I dont believe?? Ok the question is, are the Packers that good or are the Cowboys that bad?? I thought they were better, not that I like the Cowboys…someone had their head on backward when they chose them as Super Bowl contenders. Not sure who will play in the Super Bowl this year, but it wont be the home team. Heads need to roll there, the only person playing on that team is Des Byrant.

    Ok so we end up 8-8 lol.