Packers’ offense gaining weapons

While I have serious doubts about the actual playing of the 2011 NFL season, I would like to see it played for no other reason than to see if the Packers’ second-round draft pick, Randall Cobb, can become the return man the Packers so desperately need. The guy has amazing skills that could give the Packers a Devin Hester-Percy Harvin-type playmaker. Can you say “unstoppable”?

I don’t mind the Packers going offensive even though they need depth on defense probably more so than they do on offense. The one mistake I always though former general manager Ron Wolf made was not giving Brett Favre enough weapons. We had a lot of great players during Favre’s career here, but he never had the multiple options that Ted Thompson has provided the Packers now.

The Packers were loaded on offense before the draft and if they are able to sign the players they took this week they are the perfect example of the rich getting richer. It is what Ted Thompson does. Take the best player on the board no matter what and let the coaches decide who plays. It makes for more competition in practice and that helps both sides of the ball.

If there is indeed a football season this year, the Packers will clearly be the Super Bowl favorite. Regardless of what Rex Ryan has to say. If it somehow becomes possible to lose points in an NFL game then the Jets might have a chance. Goose-eggs don’t usually result in wins.

Hopefully everything gets worked out because even as hard as I tried I couldn’t completely tune out the draft. And because of my weakness I am now right back to being fired up for football. But of course now the lockout is back in effect. I couldn’t win for losing.

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  • Rick

    A Repost from last thread.

    Day 3 so far……

    Davon House CB- Good press corner, equals out to what Pat Lee projected to and we get him in the 4th. Good solid pick and he was ranked a little higher than our pick on my big board so nice value.

    DJ Williams- 5th round pick TE. His story of abuse as a child came out pre draft. Quality young man. May have a tough time making team but has heart and is a very good pick for this late in the draft. A little shorter then GB likes normally but catches and blocks well. If Quarless does not show improvement in catching in the end zone this kid could take his job.

    Caleb Schlauderaff- 6th round. A Ute Guard prospect, depth pick like TT did with Newhouse last year. Solid pick and pretty much dead on to where he was on the big board. Good depth pick. My gut says practice squad this year but he will get a chance if there is Training Camp.

    DJ Smith- 6th round. Must have wrote down wrong player this is pick #186 and I have this guy in the 350s on my big board. Must have dirty pictures of TT
    Undersized Applachian State OLB. The only thing I can think of is the see something of a SS position change (think Palamaluish) for him because he is very iffy in coverage but hits and tackles well.

    Ricky Elmore- 6th round from Arizona. looks like a 4-3 DE at 6’5″ and 255. He is like a 3″ taller AJ Hawk. Always played DE in college, I don’t see an OLB position change. A little confused but he was a value pick as well at #197 and I had him at #192.

    7th round coming up….

  • Normally there is great competition to sign undrafted college players with some real talent left over. What’s the rule this year with the lockout?

    • jonnyfootballhero

      As far as I know, the teams are not allowed to negotiate(sp?) with any free agents, including undrafted college players.

  • dave76

    With the top 3 picks of Sherrod, Cobb and Green, Aaron Rodgers has got to all smiles. More protection and a couple more weapons to work with, plus he will have Grant and Finley back also. I would like to see Starks take some of the workload and eliminate some of the pounding on Grant. Also with Finley back, Quarless may have a very productive year. MM has got to be thrilled with the boatload of talent on this O, an opposing D’s nightmare for sure. It’s great to be a Packer fan now! Now if we can have a season.

  • Packer_Bob

    I’ve had my problems with TT over the years, but most of it has had to do with things other than drafting. This appears to be another year of excellent drafting by the current World Champion Green Bay Packers!

    I don’t claim to be an expert, but taking more beef on the OL with the first round pick makes sense to me. As with many positions, you can never have enough serviceable lineman and Cliffy, despite a pretty good year last season, is not getting any younger. You just can’t have enough good young lineman on either side of the ball, and we just got another one.

    If Cobb can upgrade the return game at all, which doesn’t take much at this point, we just got better. I can’t really follow college ball the way I used to, but I did check out You Tube highlights on this kid after we drafted him. We may lose JJ, Driver’s clearly on the way out (I still love him though!) so this pick gives us some depth at the position and it’s not like he has to make an immediate imact as a receiver as we are loaded at that spot. If he can be an upgrade as a returner next season, and work his way in later, we will be in good shape. I also like the fact that he’s played QB, as that creates options for creativity with the offense ala Randle-El with the Steelers circa 2005. When he throws a TD pass to Rodgers, just remember you heard it here first!

    This Green kid from Hawaii looks like a big, punishing runner with some speed. If you draw comparisons with Najeh Davenport (except hopefully not in the injury department) that’s good enough for me! If he can complement a fully healthy Grant and an improving Starks, we’ve got something going on in the backfield. It’s another position where you just can’t have enough, to wit Starks helping out at RB in the postseason last year.

    In short, I’m very excited by the new additions especially if you factor in some of the guys we know will be back this year. I temper this with the realization that as with any draft, you never really know shit until they hit the field. But I’d say the first two rounds were a good haul by the Pack, and give credit to TT. Now if they could only find a way to cut up all that money………

  • CheesyD

    Another outstanding draft by Ted Thompson. This guy just keeps getting the job done and the TT haters must really be squirming in their boots this morning.

    Hopefully, the lawyers will grant us a season this year.

  • In a word. 1. Solid, 2. YAC, 3. Catches, 4. Harris, 5. H, 6. Worker, 7. Special, 8. Motorized, 9. Havner, 10. Dlineman. So TT does it again. Every pick a need (OL, ST, RB) while making it look like PBA. We will never figure him out…………….!

    • I may be off base. But I believe if TT were able to trade players this year we would have seen a lot more dynamic draft. He did well at#32 and if we get past the lockout he’ll do even better with undrafted prospects where everyone starts out even.

      • dave76

        Good point Mark!

  • iccyfan

    To each his own, but I don’t see it like that at all LT! I think TT studied History at Rice, but he operates this team with the efficiency of an industrial engineer. His assembly line is humming along with high efficiency now but he’s always looking at ways to fine-tune. He’s done cost / benefit analysis on the aging parts and determined how he might replace them after this coming season.

    Frankly, I think this draft illustrates his BPA philosophy as well as any he’s ever conducted. He didn’t rush into anything – quite the opposite actually, and waited to see what dropped to him. Future OT on the shopping list – In drops Sherrod. Future WR to play the slot when DD drops – In drops Cobb. For the coming season, we didn’t NEED a RB, CB or TE, but Alex Green, House and D.J. Williams dropped into place.

    As for rounds six & seven, somebody smarter than me suggested Ted acquired extra picks to acquire what normally would have been pursued in UDFA. Again, super smart…

    • I like your analogy, iccy, but disagree w/ your conclusion. Before the draft this blog enmasse was calling for OL, ST, and maybe RB as insurance for Grant not coming back healthy. What I see is a move consciously to address those needs. As I recall some would even have settled for just a return man from this class. Re, Cobb.
      Hey, our disagreement amounts to nothing as we both feel it was a great draft! Most of the guys below Sherrod are ST guys in my estimation.

      • iccyfan

        There’s no way to prove or disprove your “need” argument as there are only so many positions on the field. If Ted had drafted Akeem Ayers rather than Sherrod, you’d have shifted and said many were calling for an OLB. It’s a no win situation! Ted never traded up to get a player he “needed”. He entertained offers to trade down from #32 (Cinci) and did trade down from his first fourth rather than selecting a highly ranked CB (House), which is considered a “need”. With the jumbled DE situation, most people were considering that a “need”, which Ted didn’t address until the end of the 7th. OLB – first one taken in the 6th! My opinion – this draft is textbook BPA. Even so, you’re right – we’re both happy with the outcome…

      • Me thinks Capers is happy to work with Jones, Zombo, Poppinga, and Elmore (Hybrid) on the other side. Ayers at the Sherrod spot could have changed the entire board, especially if the next best OL were avail in Cobbs spot. Who cares at this point, I’m satisfied.

  • Mel E Mel

    Last year the Pack made do because of an all world Defense and a mentally tough QB. Jennings needs “protection” because coverage is always going to rotate his way. Teams with cover corners I.E. Washington and Miami were able to slow the Pack down. Especially with the dear departed Brandon Jackson in the backfield. With Finley and Grant out of the lineup the Packers are much easier to defend. The draft should be called the INSURANCE draft. DJ Williams can still threaten the seam down field if Finley is out. One of the most painful things to watch is Grant catching the ball out of the backfield. Jackson caught the ball great and was good in pass protection but no one was afraid of him running. Starks & Grant + Green means no more hopeless attempts by John Kuhn. I believe the House pick maybe a signal that says FS Charles Woodson. Imagine in base defense SS Collins FS Woodson, RCB Shields, LCB Williams. It could be the best secondary since the 1984 49ers. (Ronnie Lott, Dwight Hicks Carlton Williamson and Eric Wright all made the pro bowl and shut down Marino in the Super Bowl)

    • One could lick their chops with that senario, MeM. If only………….!

  • Packer’s Advocate

    From the article I got this list from, we’re currently at 85 total. Includes the 10 draft picks and 13 free agents (F/A’s) status pending CBA. Sherod and Cobb will be good pickups, I think, but we didn’t need more numbers. Could have traded the whole back half of the draft for one higher up pick and I’d have been fine with it. Camp roster is 80 players and the season roster is 53. Have at’er boys……….. whose a stayin’ and whose a goin’?????

    # Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
    10 Flynn, Matt QB 6-2 225 25 4 Louisiana State
    6 Harrell, Graham QB 6-2 215 25 1 Texas Tech
    12 Rodgers, Aaron QB 6-2 225 27 7 California
    25 Grant, Ryan RB 6-1 222 28 5 Notre Dame
    Green, Alex RB 6-0 225 22 R Hawaii Draft pick
    32 Jackson, Brandon RB 5-10 216 25 5 Nebraska F/A
    30 Kuhn, John RB 6-0 250 28 6 Shippensburg F/A
    23 Nance, Dimitri RB 5-10 219 23 2 Arizona State
    44 Starks, James RB 6-2 218 25 2 Buffalo
    35 Hall, Korey FB 6-0 236 27 5 Boise State F/A
    45 Johnson, Quinn FB 6-1 263 24 3 Louisiana State
    Cobb, Randall WR 5-10 191 20 R Kentucky Draft pick
    80 Driver, Donald WR 6-0 194 36 13 Alcorn State
    85 Jennings, Greg WR 5-11 198 27 6 Western Michigan
    89 Jones, James WR 6-1 208 27 5 San Jose State F/A
    87 Nelson, Jordy WR 6-3 217 25 4 Kansas State
    17 Robinson, Antonio WR 6-1 195 25 1 Nicholls State
    16 Swain, Brett WR 6-0 200 25 3 San Diego State F/A
    11 West, Chastin WR 6-1 216 24 1 Fresno State
    83 Crabtree, Tom TE 6-4 245 25 2 Miami (Ohio)
    88 Finley, Jermichael TE 6-5 247 24 4 Texas
    41 Havner, Spencer TE 6-3 250 28 3 UCLA F/A
    81 Quarless, Andrew TE 6-4 252 22 2 Penn State
    Taylor, Ryan TE 6-3 254 23 R North Carolina Draft pick
    Williams, D.J. TE 6-2 245 22 R Arkansas Draft pick
    63 Wells, Scott C 6-2 300 30 8 Tennessee
    62 Dietrich-Smith, Evan C/G 6-2 308 24 2 Idaho State
    67 McDonald, Nick C/G 6-4 316 23 2 Grand Valley State
    72 Spitz, Jason C/G 6-3 305 28 6 Louisville
    64 Battles, Adrian G 6-3 318 24 1 Minnesota State
    73 Colledge, Daryn G 6-4 308 29 6 Boise State F/A
    Schlauderaff, Caleb G 6-4 302 23 R Utah Draft pick
    71 Sitton, Josh G 6-3 318 24 4 Central Florida
    74 Newhouse, Marshall G/T 6-4 319 22 2 Texas Christian
    75 Bulaga, Bryan T 6-5 314 22 2 Iowa
    69 Campbell, Chris T 6-5 328 24 1 Eastern Illinois
    76 Clifton, Chad T 6-5 320 34 12 Tennessee
    78 Sherrod, Derek T 6-5 321 22 R Mississippi State Draft pick
    65 Tauscher, Mark T 6-3 320 33 12 Wisconsin
    70 Lang, T.J. T/G 6-4 318 23 3 Eastern Michigan
    95 Green, Howard DE 6-2 340 32 7 Louisiana State
    Guy, Lawrence DE 6-4 304 21 R Arizona State Draft pick
    91 Harrell, Justin DE 6-4 315 27 5 Tennessee
    77 Jenkins, Cullen DE 6-2 305 30 8 Central Michigan F/A
    96 Neal, Mike DE 6-3 294 23 2 Purdue
    79 Pickett, Ryan DE 6-2 340 31 11 Ohio State
    98 Wilson, C.J. DE 6-3 290 24 2 East Carolina
    94 Wynn, Jarius DE 6-3 285 24 3 Georgia
    68 Ross, Jay DT 6-3 302 23 1 East Carolina
    90 Raji, B.J. NT 6-2 337 24 3 Boston College
    56 Barnett, Nick LB 6-2 236 29 9 Oregon State
    55 Bishop, Desmond LB 6-2 238 26 5 California
    53 Briggs, Diyral LB 6-3 248 25 3 Bowling Green
    54 Chillar, Brandon LB 6-3 237 28 8 UCLA
    Elmore, Ricky LB 6-4 256 23 R Arizona Draft pick
    49 Francois, Robert LB 6-2 255 25 2 Boston College
    50 Hawk, A.J. LB 6-1 247 27 6 Ohio State
    48 Jackson, Cardia LB 6-1 236 22 1 Louisiana-Monroe
    59 Jones, Brad LB 6-3 242 25 3 Colorado
    52 Matthews, Clay LB 6-3 255 24 3 Southern California
    51 Poppinga, Brady LB 6-3 250 31 7 Brigham Young
    Smith, D.J. LB 5-11 239 22 R Appalachian State Draft pick
    93 Walden, Erik LB 6-2 250 25 4 Middle Tennessee State
    57 Wilhelm, Matt LB 6-4 247 30 9 Ohio State F/A
    58 Zombo, Frank LB 6-3 254 24 2 Central Michigan
    60 Young, Curtis LB/DE 6-1 270 24 1 Cincinnati
    Bell, Josh CB 5-11 177 26 4 Baylor F/A
    40 Gordy, Josh CB 5-11 195 24 1 Central Michigan
    House, Davon CB 6-0 195 21 R New Mexico State Draft pick
    22 Lee, Pat CB 6-0 196 27 4 Auburn
    37 Shields, Sam CB 5-11 184 23 2 Miami (Fla.)
    28 Underwood, Brandon CB 6-1 191 24 3 Cincinnati
    38 Williams, Tramon CB 5-11 191 28 5 Louisiana Tech
    21 Woodson, Charles CB 6-1 202 34 14 Michigan
    24 Bush, Jarrett CB/S 6-0 200 26 6 Utah State
    20 Bigby, Atari S 5-11 213 29 6 Central Florida F/A
    42 Burnett, Morgan S 6-1 209 22 2 Georgia Tech
    36 Collins, Nick S 5-11 207 27 7 Bethune-Cookman
    43 Greco, Michael S 6-3 224 24 1 Central Florida
    34 Levine, Anthony S 5-11 199 24 1 Tennessee State
    26 Peprah, Charlie S 5-11 203 28 6 Alabama
    27 Smith, Anthony S 6-0 200 27 6 Syracuse F/A
    2 Crosby, Mason K 6-1 207 26 5 Colorado F/A
    61 Goode, Brett LS 6-1 255 26 4 Arkansas
    8 Masthay, Tim P 6-1 200 24 2 Kentucky

  • Rick

    WOW!! They got Bin Laden!!!

    • Steve Cheez

      What position does he play?

      • Rick

        Davey Jones Locker boy.

    • Ding dong the S.O.B. is dead.

      • Rick

        Amen to that. Lack of sleep this weekend but we grabbed a couple of neighbors some beer and wine and celebrated the US Navy Seals good shooting.

  • Larry

    PA nailed it…whose staying and whose going…I think 5 of the draft make the 53. Look for a shift in the FB, TE’s, and I think we’ll only keep 4 WO’s with Findley being the 5th receiver in that set. O line will lose College, WO will lose Jones and D line will lose Jenkins from the starting 45. CB’s will see some change as well.

    ST won the draft. Cobb and Williams will excel. If there’s a training camp this could be interesting.

  • 4205

    It appears TT is planning to lose the free agents. He has overpaid to keep in the past, but knows that teams will offer Jenkins, Jones, and College more than he will want to pay. Crosby is the only sure fire sign (and if he drops off there is a Billy Cundiff somewhere he will sign). I would expect closer to seven of the picks to latch on – or force the Sptiz’s and Newhouse’s of the team to really shine to keep their position.

    If Cliffy hangs on another year (and I think he will) move Bulaga to LG and insert Sherrod at RT (or vice versa) and you could have a pretty good pocket.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the players and owners will come together with an agreement that makes sense for both so we will be looking at a short – if any – 2011 season.

  • Larry

    Moving Baluga to the left makes some sense…he at least gets to use the left side footwork should LT be his final stopping point. Sherrod at RT is a fit although having a few games to watch ala Baluga would be nice. Perhaps Lange shows the way. I get the impression that the LT/RT positions are up in the air post Cliffy and performance will dictate who gets what.

    The other option is to put Lange or other at LG, leave Baluga at RT and let Sherrod have the year to sub and get stronger. This team is getting so strong that to crack the lineup for a rookie is difficult.
    In reality none should start this year (except injury). Special teams will see the majority of these guys.

    • Rick

      My gut says McDonald vs. Lang for Left Guard loser backs up Sitton and LG winner. EDS backs up Wells at Center. Tauscher is done unless GB decides to P/UP him to see if he can come back and or if they need line depth due to injury during the season. With his salary I think he is cut though.

      That means Bulaga at RT and Clifton at LT with Sherrod learning and backing up both.

      • iccyfan

        What about Caleb Schlauderaff? From his name alone everybody knew Frank Zombo was going to make the team – this name is even more Packer-like! I’m ready to pencil him in at LG for the next decade. See ‘ya Darryn – wish I could say it’s been nice having you around but it wouldn’t be from the heart. I’m sure the Vikings will sign you since that’s where the majority of our cast-off’s end up – now they can benefit from your untimely penalties and whiffs…

        • Rick

          I think he got killed in the bar scene in Inglorious Bastards….

  • Reid

    TT did such a wonderful job of drafting at #32, I say we let him do it again next year.

  • Larry

    I think your right, Rick, based on comments from MM. In regards to giving TT the opportunity to draft at 32 again…in most years there would be only one way (other than a trade down) to do that, win the SB. BUT this year there is unfortunately another…a cancelled season.

    Sorry to say that both are in play!

    • Packer’s Advocate

      I’d think they’d do a lottery in that case.

      Belicheat at it again!!! I think he’s cozied up to Al Davis/Raiders, knowing the guy is half senile, so he’s got someone to screw-over in trades. Smart, not against the rules but, SLEEZY!!!!!!! One thing Belicheat is, is sleezy. Wouldn’t trust the guy not to try anything short of murder to win………

    • Steve Cheez

      Thank you Mr. Sunshine

  • Larry

    Sorry, make that Reid not Rick…we need more Larry’s! LOL