Packers-Colts Game Blog

7:28 PM: I’m late to the party but better late than never. Touchdown Finley! or is it?

7:31:PM: Still a little worried about the running game. With Aaron Rodgers though, will it even matter? Grant could still be gone.

7:34 PM: The Colts can’t even complete a pass with this guy at quarterback and Reggie Wayne is complaining about starting Kerry Collins?

7:51 PM: Wish we could have gotten the TD there. Oh well, this game isn’t much of a test, they lay down in the preseason.

7:55 PM: Bad call on Desmond Bishop for a hit to the head. NFL said they were not going to call that weak shit this year. They lied.

7:58 PM: Ha, ha, ha! Missed a chippy. Still 10-0.

8:02 PM: Sad to see the end of Donald Driver. All of a sudden he can’t catch. Killed that drive. Also, the Packers have no answer for Dwight Freeney.

8:17 PM: Packers offensive line is a sieve. Wow! Four sacks in one half of play. This ain’t Chicago!

8:21 PM: Now Crosby misses a chippy. Ugly game tonight.

8:28 PM: Offense, defense, special teams, they all suck for the Packers tonight.

9:57 PM: Packers did not look good tonight. Nothing to be alarmed about. Hopefully they are just preparing for New Orleans. That’s all that matters at this point.

10:15 PM: Wow! Packers win! Great plays down the stretch by Graham Harrell.

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  • Pierre

    Packers should have beat the Colts 38-0 without Manning at QB. The Colts running game outgained the Packers by a 3-1 ratio. Why bother running the ball…they all looked pitiful. Just keep all the TEs and only 3 running backs…those who can pick up the blitz the best and catch the ball out of the backfield. Just scrap the run as the game is going that way anyways…the Packers can be on the cutting edge of this new offense through the air with Rodgers leading the way. Just out offense everybody with the passing game and keep all the receivers you can.

  • I disagree Pierre. I’m disappointed in the run game as well as pass protection but we just have to keep trying to improve. It’s a long season and as we know a lot changes from week to week. I thought we looked worse this year than last year at this point in the preseason. And, we won’t see much next week so the NO game is going to be interesting because they’re going to come in with everything they’ve got. BTW I loved MM’s onside kick call to win the game.

  • I Luv Brats

    One bright spot in tonight’s game were those players competing for a linebacker spot.

  • I Luv Brats

    I forgot to add something…..

    NO HUDDLE is the way to go! Every possible chance they get!

  • TRIP

    MVP is Mike McCarthy for saying aggressive at the end.

  • Rick

    Wow. Just Wow. Vaughn for the Colts gives Green Bay 25 yrds in back to back penalties and moves our offense to the 20 yrd line instead of the 45 with only a minute left. What an idiot.

  • iccyfan

    I was only able to watch the first half. I know Dwight Freeney is a great DL but Clifton looked like Allen Barbre out there; couldn’t handle speed or power rushes. Caldwell said at halftime the Colts were just playing “vanilla defense” yet they were getting to Rodgers. Sitton had difficulties with Tommie Harris. I guess it’s a bad game when your two best OL get manhandled in this fashion.

  • Rick

    One of my Bear fan buddies just walked by with his elbows at his sides shaking his arms and said, “Damn Roy Williams, he’s got those little arms like a frickin T-Rex!”

    I am sorry but I nearly died laughing 🙂

  • Mel e Mel

    What has James Campen done to deserve his Job? This Colts effort is what the Pack is going to see going forward trying to defend. Dwight Freeny is one of the best ever though.

  • Jeff

    Are you people nuts ! I remember everyone thought it was the end of the word when the Packer offensive line had a bad pre season game in 1996 , the Packers went onto win it all. You people thought the defense was going to be bad last year. The defense did not suck tonight , the 2 big plays saw Jarrett Bush at corner , he will never be playing corner when it counts.
    The offense did not suck , they moved the ball at will.
    So you people are willing to say Clifton is done because of one bad pre season game.
    I told you that there would be football this season when you said there might not be , now I am going to tell you how the season is going to go,,,
    Packers will average 30 points per game and they will allow only 13 points per game , we will finish 13-3 with the #1 seed.
    Havent you people learned by now that pre season means nothing?

    • Jeff

      And by the way , the bad pre season game the Packers O-line had in 1996 was in Indy.

      • Jeff

        You are right on , it was in Indy and we know how that season ended.

    • iccyfan

      Nobody said any of the things you’re taking them to task for!?! Hopefully you feel better getting that rant out of your system…

      • Jeff

        People here though that there may be no football this season and there was no way that was ever going to happen.

  • You may be right Jeff. But I see plenty of room for improvement and the pre season is exactly the time to do that. That’s why I’m so happy they stopped experimenting with the O-line. Time to get down to business. I’m more concerned now with either a DE or OLB that can rush the pass because I don’t think we have that guy on our roster right now. Lattimore, Walden, So’oto, Wynn, Neal, nobody has panned out so far. One more week to sort it out.

  • iccyfan

    Havner and Swain released already; I don’t think either is a surprise but the timing sure is. Is this a case of TT doing them a favor so they potentially have more time to catch on with another team? I’d think Swain, especially with his special teams experience, would be an upgrade to somebody’s #5 receiver slot. Same with Havner; somebody must need a #3 TE who can play multiple specials…

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Math from the game:

    CMIII + Woodson = good
    CMIII- Woodson =bad
    Woodson – CMIII = bad

    W/o one to take the doubleteam off the other, the defense suffers quite a bit.

  • Mel e Mel

    The Sack that Clifton gave up was ugly by any measure. Then I see Detroit absolutely rag dolling Tom Brady. I didnt say Clifton was done. The Motor City Kitties are sharpening their teeth and claws. This is not a one game scenario. EVERY SINGLE GAME this preseason there has been shaky pass protection. Jeff every NFL team is going to make stopping Aaron Rodgers the top priority. Freeney is great maybe its a needed wakeup call. The Pack is going to see 1A effort especially the from the Lions

    • First the line has been unsettled since Colledge left and they tried to shoehorn Sherrod in. Next Clifton has been doing minimal work in practice so he doesn’t end up on IR again. I think now that it’s settled the line will come around. Also #12 is a lot more mobile than Brady. I expected the Lions to give us a battle after we lost to them last year. But young teams have ups and downs in addition to their injuries so I don’t think this is going to be their year.

      • Jeff

        The Lions beat us last year only because Rodgers missed that game and they still would have won if Flynn did not throw that pick in the end zone when the Packers were going for a big TD.
        Rodgers is 5-0 against the Lions.

    • Jeff

      And I will say it again , does anyone really believe that a line with Clifton, Sitton , Wells , and Bulaga are going to give up sacks when it counts ?
      Every team in the playoffs last year made Rodgers the #1 priority and they could not do a thing to stop him .
      The Lions always have good pre seasons and they always do well after they are out of it , they will be better this year but they will be competing for a wildcard.

  • Rick

    Game 1 is where it counts for real. Clifton looks a little rusty and we are not wearing him out in preseason nor getting him up to full speed. The issue is if by week 4 he looks like this then Green Bay will be in trouble.

    • Jeff

      Trouble all the way to the Super Bowl. Think about it , they have been very carefull for the last 2 years how they work Clifton in practice so he is ready for the games , there is no way in the world that a guy like Clifton is going to give it all he has in games that do not count.
      Clifton did not do that great in the pre season last year but when it counted he shut down gusy like Jarred Allen and dont forget that when Clifton was in there in all 3 Bear games , Peppers never got close to Rodgers , it was when he was hurt during the NFC title game when Peppers started to get some pressure.
      I wish everyone would act like the fans of a defending super bowl champion who’s history is to go the the super bowl back to back.