Another cakewalk

The Green Bay Packers are now 6-0 after squeaking one out against the Rams yesterday. At least that is what it felt like after the Packers took a 21-point lead at halftime then went into a shell in the second half. Good thing it was only the Rams.

I don’t know what to think about that second half struggles by the offense. I’d like to think they could have flipped the switch and got it rolling again had the Rams scored a TD or two, but who knows? It’s not always that easy.

I have to say that it was a very windy day yesterday and the Packers may have trimmed their play book a little or added more running plays. How Rodgers hit Jones on that long one is beyond me. Both teams threw for a lot of yards but there weren’t a lot of deep routes.

The Packers’ defense gave up a ton of yards again but only three points. Still, one has to be mildly concerned with their inability to get off the field. Kind of like 2009 all over again.

To nitpick a little more I am not too impressed with the Packers’ running game thus far. There has been no consistency to it at all. When the Packers could have used it yesterday to kill some clock in the second half it was nowhere to be found.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to throw three touchdowns every week, the Packers are going to need the running game this year as the weather turns for the worse. Maybe it will come around if the offensive line is able to settle down for a few weeks.

I’m a little worried about the prospect of facing rookie quarterback Christian Ponder this week. The Packers seem to have trouble with guys they haven’t seen before. We did come out on top in Carolina against Cam Newton but it was a battle as Newton threw for 432 yards. Hopefully the Packers can confuse Ponder like they did Newton to the tune of four picks.

The Packers seem to have big offensive games when playing indoors these days, so I think Minnesota is a good place for the offense to bounce back from the measly 399 yards they managed yesterday.

Plus, the Vikings are just a mess right now. The whole stadium debacle seems to have cast a pall over the team. It’s just a matter of time until they leave Minnesota and nobody seems to care. Kind of sad really. I’ll miss kicking their butt twice a year.

Would love to be 7-0 at the bye, just to have two more weeks at the top would be awesome. I can look ahead, I hope the Packers don’t. Probably a good thing it is the Vikings this week. You can never overlook a division rival.

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  • I Luv Brats

    McCarthy won’t let the Packers overlook the Vikings…..not a chance.

  • Deek

    I have an issue with the type of running play that the Packers have been going back to, lately. It’s called the “Delayed Trap.” The running back sets up 7 yards back of the line of scrimage, the QB gets the ball from under center and holds the ball up, runs 7 yards back to the running back. The running back then runs 7 yard up the the line and runs into 20 players, waiting for him. The OL, IMO, is not good enough to hold their blocks for the 2 or 3 seconds it takes to complete this play.

    I think the Pack does better with the “Quick Openner.” It’s more of a Power Blocking Scheme rather than a ZBS.

    While I’m on a Rant, I think the next game in Minny looks to be our Trap game, similar to Detroit, last year.

    Go Pack Go

  • I Luv Brats

    I never ever understand that type of running play, especially on short yardage situations. Maybe that’s why I’m not a football coach. LOL
    If my opinion means anything, I don’t believe in trap games. There’s NO WAY McCarthy is going to let the team let their guard down. If Green Bay loses to Minnesota, it’s because Peterson’s going to run all over them.

  • 4205

    I’m concerned about the trap game concept as well – players looking ahead to the bye and getting a week of rest for nagging injuries. Thus, I don’t see blow out. My guess is a close game decided by a field goal late. Whoever makes the last mistake loses. Fortunately, I can’t see a game where the Viqueens don’t make more mistakes.

  • Cody

    A “measly” 399 yards Al? Really? Come on now, it may not be as much as they normally put up, and it was against a terrible defense, but 400 yards of offense is a lot, regardless of the circumstances. But just to please you, I hope they gain a good 600 next week. 450 through the air, and 150 on the ground.

  • Rick

    I am frustrated in watching the plays used to grind down the clock in the 3rd quarter of a majority of these games.

    • Amen, brother. A mistake here and there or a lucky shot by the Rams and we have to start up all over again. Like a couple of years ago. didn’t?

      • Rick

        I really think MM is missing an opportunity to try a formation that I think Green Bay would be a beast at and create an interesting match up problem when we sit on a lead.

  • iccyfan

    I was just reading a story about the Raiders’ acquisition of Carson Palmer; seems like a king’s ransom to pay for an almost 32 y/o QB! Anyway, the article included a twitter from Jason Wilde asking if the Palmer trade would make the Raiders GM job seem less desireable to Reggie McKenzie. Have I just had my head in the sand and this was common knowledge? Are the Raiders courting Reggie McKenzie to be their GM? Seriously Reggie – Just Say No! They probably won’t have a first-round pick until 2014 and they don’t have any picks in 2012 until the 5th Round! You can’t implement Ted’s plan if you don’t have draft picks…

    • Rick

      The Raiders have not officially contacted Reggie yet but Ron Wolf is helping them set up the new GM and football operation positions. That said, Reggie is considered the lead man for the job.

    • 4205

      Wow – memories of John Hadl. I hadn’t seen terms yet. I know they are thinking they have the pieces to compete with San Diego and KC / Den being down….but a couple first rounders sounds like a lot to give up….the 2013 must be subject to some conditions?

      • Rick

        Yes depending on starts and snaps.

        • Steve Cheez

          I heard 2013 was a 1st if the Raiders make the playoffs this year, otherwise it is a 2nd

          • I Luv Brats

            I heard on ESPN Radio today that the Raiders would also have to win one playoff game for that pick to be a first

          • Rick

            I luve Brats is correct. I thought it was a player performance but Shefter reported that it is a playoff win to get it as a 1st round other wise 2013 is a 2nd round.

    • The Palmer trade seems like a good deal for the league. I just wish the Lions had traded Barry Sanders while he still had something left.

  • JeffN

    Well I hope the Pack can step things up and manage a measly 500 yards of offense this week (Sarcasm). Also looking for a blowout against the Micky Mouse franchise this upcoming week (No Doubt). Here is to good memories of the crowd chanting (FIRE CHILLY!!!) the last time we were at the Metrodome (Joyful Laughter)

  • @dev_eq

    Undefeated.. Bitches!

    • Rick