Pack can’t take Rams lightly

I always get worried when the Packers are two touchdown favorites. Maybe this team is different. The Packers should destroy the Rams today but this is the NFL and there are no free rides.

All the Packers have to do is approach this game like any other. stay focused, get a lead, and don’t let the Rams hang around like the Falcons did the Packers last week. The Packers should be able to run the ball a little better this week and get some time consuming drives.

I look for the Packers to do just that. The Packers won’t try for the team record 57 points, they will just methodically take care of business I think and win 35-10.

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  • I Luv Brats

    Packers 42 Rams 16. With a few ints… pick six

  • Jeff

    Please , the packers can blow this game off , start Matt Flynn and Alex Green and still win 40-0 , today they will win 50-0

  • AATP

    Not looking like the blow-out everyone was hoping for at this moment… Offense needs to strap it on and start playing like we know they can instead of playing down to the Rams level – man… starting really slow one more time… Are we gonna be known for notoriously being slow starters?

    • AATP

      OK, now it’s looking more like it should…LOL

      • Jeff

        Patience , lol.
        However , if we needed 50 today we would have gotten it.

    • So true, bodes the lack of a killer instinct ala a couple years ago. It’ll bite you in the but I it becomes a habit again.

  • Rick

    NOT Packers related….

    RIP Dan Wheldon

    What a horrible horrible wreck.

    • 4205

      Agreed – watching the replay was disturbing to say the least. The NASCAR guys at least have some steel around them.

      • Steve Cheez

        Just goes to show how far racing and the safety issues around it have progressed. Back in the day, you’d almost expect at least one fatality every week, maybe including spectators. Now, it’s a huge deal.
        Not to minimize the tragedy, though. It really does put the game in perspective.

        • Rick

          Sad things is next year’s cars will have a bumper bar to limit or eliminate the cars from going airborne in rear end collisions. Irony is that Wheldon was the developmental test driver for that new car this year.

  • iccyfan

    I didn’t get to watch the game but it sounds like they “took care of business” with a minimum amount of damage (Shields possible concussion). I did watch about half of that Vikings / Bears debacle. At the risk of irritating Jeff, I hope they take this week’s “trap game” seriously, escape with the W in Minneapolis, and utlilze a well-deserved bye week to get healthy. We’re seeing something special develop….

    • Rick

      They second half was a Packers scrimmage. Basic vanilla offense and defense calls. I almost expected to see Flynn and more back ups in but with Shields out and Bush in we already were in the secondary. We didn’t score but we also were not trying to embarrass anybody either. Just stay healthy, take our 3 TD lead and get out of dodge. The Vikings are going to come hard next week. It will be all about Packers run defense against AP. Stop him and no turnovers we should stay undeafeated into the bye week.

      The Bears looked good at home against a hapeless Vikings team. The kick to Hester was just stupid though.

  • Larry

    I’m seeing a really tough game at Minny. Jared Allen has given young tackles fits. AP has done well when given opportunities and the Vikes are out of contention for the playoff’s so this game is their best chance at redemption.

    Unless GB jumps out early to take the crowd out of the game the noise could be a factor with the young OL jumping early.

    Clearly GB is the better team, beating them twice last year but this is just the “buzzsaw” that might surprise a confident team looking to get to the bye.

    After bye schedule has some good games sans KC that will help prep this team for playoff football. Not a believer in 16-0 given the schedule but the first real test since N.O. comes this Sunday. GO PACK!

    • iccyfan

      Amen, Brother! There aren’t many “gimmes” in the NFL and we just had one with the Lambs at home. The Vikings are a cornered rat, not much to be concerned with at face value but entirely capable of inflicting some damage. Rivalry games are always to be taken seriously and doubly so when one team has nothing to lose. Logic tells me the Packers will prevail but my gut tells me it’ll be a war….

    • I look at it as tho the pre-season is over – time to start making ’em count in a run to the playoffs!

    • dave76

      Christian Ponder might give them new life if he starts instead of McNabb. Agreed the D-line can cause problems, Rodgers may have to do some quick slants at times. I love the screens to both Starks and Grant if nothing is open downfield. YAC last game were huge.
      I see a possible battle for a win, all divisional road games are tough battles. Go Pack!

  • Rick

    Weekend Football Rant————
    Wow. Just watched the footage but from the back side of the Lions 49ers game. Harbaugh is jumping, pulls out his shirt, hi 5s a 49er player, sees Schwartz-head coach of Lions, heads over and gives a hard shake and slap on the back, Scwartz looks a hair startled and off balance , right away Harbaugh hangs a right and yells out a YAH!! Schwartz spins around and as clear as day says “#uck you(!!)” at Harbaugh’s back and then Schwartz takes of after Harbaugh. Harbaugh say “Get out of my face” to Schwartz and then their backs are turned to the camera view I was watching and the melee ensues to keep them apart.

    I think the NHL has it right. After the game everyone meets at mid field and shakes hands then the winners can go nuts. It is a classy way of showing respect and what happens on the field stays on the field.

    Also to AJ Hawk, you dork what were you thinking?? 🙂

    I know it is a running gag but not on the field on a game day. Top Gun’s “Keeping up International Relations” middle finger joke strikes again.

  • Reid

    I would never say someone “deserves” a concussion, but Shields did bring that on himself. Take a freaking knee, buddy. Hard way to learn a lesson for that young man. Hope he’s back and healthy soon.

    • Rick

      Do we need “Take a Knee” posters in the end zones for him?

    • It isn’t just Shields. I remember Sharper doing the same thing when he was with us and also getting hurt.

    • Another odd thing in the game. Nelson, Driver and Jennings dropped catchable passes while the guys you would expect to do that, Jones and Finley didn’t.

    • 4205

      Stupid play by Shields, but I wonder if the guy who made the hit will get fined.

      He clearly launched himself at the head of Shields. If a defensive player a fine would be automatic. Probably should apply in this case too?

  • Larry

    Not the first boneheaded interception jaunt for him..he needs quality time with Woodson.

  • Pierre

    Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the Vikings win at home next week…it will take the pressure off having to keep up a perfect season…and… it will help MN stay out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes!

    • Rick

      Scary thing is the Colts are in the lead for Luck (pun intended).

    • Steve Cheez

      The better thing would be to see the ‘Queens get the #1 pick, then blow it.

  • Mel e Mel

    The Vikes are hot trash. Jared Allen is only good when he has no run defense duties. This is a team that didnt lay a glove on Jay Cutler. The vikes have only completed 2 passes to a WR more than 20 yds downfield. The Only QB on the roster that scares me is Webb. As for the Undefeated I believe the only team that will truly test them this year is Tampa. Their secondary just held Drew Brees to 20 Pts. If we are 15-0 by the last Bear game I say Start Matt Flynn and see what happens.
    Detroit is smoke and mirrors. 2 weeks in a row they have given up a 100 yd Rusher. Romo gift wrapped one game to them. If Alex Smith can figure out their Defense I know Rodgers will.

    • Just a reminder Mel. Last year we edged the Lions by 2 points at home and lost at their place. Two other tough away games have to be the Chargers and Giants.