Vikings are never easy

OK, maybe the Vikings were easy last year when the Packers won 31-3 in Minnesota, but normally the they are a thorn in the Packers’ side. It doesn’t matter how good either team is, the Vikings seem to find a way to win in the Packers’ house of horrors – the Metrodome. On paper the Packers are so much better it’s not even funny, but I still think this is going to be the end of the Packers’ 12-game winning streak.

I’ve just had a bad feeling about this one since I left Lambeau last Sunday. If the Packers play like they did against the Rams in the second half the Vikings will win easily. Plus, the whole Packers against rookie quarterbacks thing scares me. I think Christian Ponder will gash us with some long runs which will in turn ease the pass rush on him allowing him to complete some big plays on the Packers’ porous pass defense.

All week I was thinking the Packers need to establish the running game so they can slow down the Vikings pass rush, in specific, Jared Allen, who leads league in sacks. Now though, considering the Vikings are without Antoine Winfield and Chris Cook, I think the Packers should maybe max-protect and let Aaron Rodgers and Co. try and pick apart a depleted secondary.

No matter what strategy they choose the key is getting to an early lead and quieting the Metrodome crowd. If the Packers were to fall behind in this one it will be hard to come back, especially if the Adrian Peterson is running wild. Yes I know the Packers have come back twice from 13-point plus deficits, but neither of those teams have a time-killing running back like Peterson.

I also know the Vikings haven’t been good at holding leads this year, twice losing leads of 17 points or more. Just goes to show you how bad I feel about this game. I think the Vikings get a sack-fumble TD or a pick six or some other stupid play and pull out an ugly win. Vince Lombardi’s 12-game winning streak will remain tied but not broken. Vikings 26, Packers 24.


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  • Jeff

    You are insane !!!! The Packers do not have the speed on defense to slow the Packer offense, their liebackers and secondary look foolish right now.
    You are kidding when you say you are scared of Ponder right ????
    The Packers shut it down last week in the second half , why cant you understnad that??????? The Vikings are a bad football team right now, they blew big leads at home in 2 games already.
    Adrian Peterson has done nothing against the Packers in the dome the last 2 years.
    I am sorry , but only an idiot would pick the Vikings to win this game. Why dont you start acting like a fan of the best team in football !
    Packers 30 – Vikings 16

  • Jeff

    You just keep calling the Packer defense porous , I guess you are too mentally challenged to know that teams have to throw every play on the Packers because their run defense is so good and they have to try and stay in the game against an explosive Packer offense.
    You are going to look so foolish when the Packer defense is shutting everyone down when Capers starts attacking when the games get bigger.
    I guess you are too dumb to remember that the Packers have been dominant in domes and the last time they were in a dome they beat a team in Atlanta that is superior to the Vikings and the so called porus defense grounded a Falcon offense that is unstoppable at home.

  • I Luv Brats

    The House of Horrors???? Isn’t that a Favre thing??

  • No reason why this should not be a tough game there, they usually are. However, my biggest reason for the Vike tumble is the loss of Rice, even tho he has been hurt an awfully lot te last couple of years. As I see it the only way Vikes win is if they jump out early with a two TD lead on Peterson’s legs (ala Turner) and we have another of those slow starts and cannot get into gear. I don’t think MM will let the team think ahead to the bye……….!

  • I believe you are trying to make us take this game seriously. And, any NFL game should be taken that way. We had a letdown vs Carolina after the NO game and before the Bears and it almost cost us. But the coaches have done a great job keeping the players heads straight so we should win easily.

  • ScottS

    No doubt the Vikings will come out playing hard but the mis-matches we see on paper will quickly become evident on the field and will lead to the Vikings losing all hope thus allowing the Packers to cruise to an easy win. As Mark said, the Packers coaches have done a great job and this team will not allow an inferior team to get the best of them. GO PACK!!

  • IF, and I repeat IF, we are overconfident its because we are relying on the way the two teams have started this year. MIN gets an early lead and cannot keep it, and the Pack has reverted, a couple of times to the prior slow start syndrom and won comming from behind. I guess if you just get back to the roster matchups we would have to be favored everywhere. Our only weakness if we have one now would be still putting together another OL.

  • iccyfan

    Funny thread! On one side, we have Al pulling his Chicken Little act predicting a Packer loss; 180 degrees opposite General Jeff S. Patton is predicting we’ll over-run M-SP with no opposition.

    Me – I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride. I think we have the vastly superior squad and everything appears to be breaking our way (Winfield still dinged, Chris Cook is an idiot, rookie Ponder at QB), but I never taken divisional rivalry games for granted. I think the Queens will put up a good fight and keep it closer than it should be, but Rodgers should have his way with that depleted Viking secondary. Packers by 7-10 when the smoke clears…

  • 4205

    I understand Al’s concerns, but I don’t think Minny has the horses to pull the upset. My OUIJA board says GB behind by a field goal after one, but then get in going – up two tds by half, get two more in third quarter, and Flynn even leads a drive in the fourth – Final 35-3.

  • Man, how low are these 1st half scores today!

  • AATP

    I think A-Rod said it best, the only team in the NFL that can beat the Packers right now is the Packers…

  • Jeff

    The Packers are 7-5 in the Metrodome since winning there in 2000 , being 2 games over .500 in a place like that over12 games is as good as it gets against a heated rival on the road.
    The Packers toyed with a division rival on the road and still won.
    I ais it before and I will say it again , the only we we lose is if all of a sudden we lose the turnover battle by 3 or more , and depending on who the opponent is we may still be able to win.
    I told everyone the Lions would start to unravel once they lsot their first game, Lions should have also lost in Dallas and Minnesota.
    The division race is over and now we have a 2 game lead over everyone for the #1 seed, the road to the Super Bowl will go through Green Bay.
    Think about this , if people want to pick and look for small weaknesses on this team , take a look at some of the teams who are supposed to be the better teams around like Baltimore , San Francisco , Pittsburgh, and the Giants , those teams are the ones who have big flaws, Packers would carve any of those teams up right now. Ever the Saints have weaknesses , now that is the team who really has a bad defense.
    Packers have never lost in San Diego, Chargers 3 wins at home this year came agqainst teams with bad records and they really had to struggle to win those games.
    Packers are averaging 29 points on the road and they have beat 2 teams with winning records on the road.
    Packers will get at least 30 in San Diego and even if the Chargers have a great offensive game they are not getting 30 on the Packers.
    Early prediction, Packers 30 – Chargers 20.