Packers-Bucs Game Blog

Minutes away from kickoff. I’m sorry for being worried about these guys. They have their backs against the wall and nothing to lose. If the Packers lose it could be the start of three straight losses with trips to Detroit and New York following. Big game. If we take them seriously. Should be OK.

12:07 PM: Well, we got a stop after giving up one first done. Good start. Let’s see if the offense did their homework. Clay Mathews is currently out with an injury.

12:12 PM: Packers’ offense looks out of sync, thought it was going to be a cake walk. Holding on Sitton the main culprit. Not even two Bucs penalties could stop a three and out.

12:16 PM: Might be Aaron Rodgers’ first bad game coming. Or, maybe not…

12:20 PM: Getting a TD here after they had us three and out and blocked a punt. That would hurt.

12:28 PM: Rodgers takes a helmet-to-helmet hit but seems OK. B.J. Raji scores from a yard out. 7-0 Packers.

12:36 PM: Mathews back in, and a three and out for the defense. Good field position for the Packers, let’s get another TD and make it really cold for the Bucs!

12:47 PM: 14-0 Packers! Not going to say I was wrong yet, but it is starting to look that way. Would love to the defense keep the clamps on.

12:52 PM: Defense gives it right back! Unbelievably poor tackling. We got ourselves a ball game folks.

12:59 PM: Drop by Finely ends a ugly series of plays by the Packers. Momentum on the Tampa side big time.

1:04 PM: Stupid play Tramon Williams and now another third and long given up, the Bucs are getting stronger by the minute. Defense’ good performance of last week a distant memory.

1:10 PM: Packers playing mediocre at best but have a great opportunity with the ball and four minutes to halftime, then the opening kick of the second half. Need to get it done.

1:30 PM: The only team that can stop the Bucs today is the Bucs. We need them to make enough mistakes to give Rodgers opportunities.

1:34 PM: So instead of taking a knee with 32 seconds left you get two star players hurt. Stupid mistakes like that get you beat. Packers need a TD on that first drive of the second half. Can’t give them the ball right away the way the defense is playing.

1:54 PM: Packers’ offensive line is getting worse by the week. I don’t understand it. This game will be won or lost by the defense.

2:00 PM: Enough with the blitzing already! Freeman is eating it alive. I was afraid last week was due more to the Vikings than it was to the Packers.

2:09 PM: I wouldn’t be so worried about the crappy defenses if the offense was doing its part. Tampa has the 31rst ranked defense and yet they have stymied the Packers with a pass rush the Packers can’t stop. I called it.

2:18 PM: Offense can’t overcome it’s offensive line problems. Pressure on the defense again. Rodgers rattle for the first time this year. Rodgers can’t beat Tampa just like Mike Vick can’t beat Chicago. We’ll be an angry bunch come Thursday, though.

2:29 PM: Should be a tie game but the Bucs dropped the two-point conversion. The only way the Packers can win this one is if the Bucs give it to them. Offense can’t move the ball and the defense can’t stop them. 13:07 left to the Packers winning streak.

2:41 PM: Huge drive for the Packers and the lead is back to nine. Can they finish it? I must say I am not that overly confident. Might need 35 to win this one.

2:54 PM: Rodgers interception and the Bucs are knocking on the doorstep. Worst play call of the year by McCarthy. We are not winning this game. Mark my words.

2:57 PM: Bucs take advantage and score the TD. Had to happen eventually, hopefully it’s a wakeup call.

3:33 PM: OK, we won. But the ugliest of the year so far. At least they can promote Thanksgiving as the “10-0 Green Bay Packers” versus the Detroit Lions. 1962 all over again. Can the Packers flip the script this time and go to 11-0? Can’t wait!

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  • dd

    I hope we win this game

  • dd

    Can we PLEASE get a TD

  • dd


  • I’ll limit this comment to the first half; but even tho the D looks more fired up, there is what appears to a lack of concentration by the O. I’d be willing to bet they’re getting a toungue lashing in that locker room about now…………..they should!

  • Disgusting; every single break in this game at home and they cannot put these inferior guys away………….!

  • DEGBFan

    Not sure if I’m glad I can’t see this game or what. Seems like GB can’t do anything against this awesoem TB team.

  • AATP

    Packers offense is sputtering – we knew we’d see this at some point this year… just didn’t think it would be at home… When Rodgers is this far off, the defense gets tired. When the D is tired we can’t win – I saw this trap game coming for some reason…

    • AATP

      Hopefully Rodgers pulls it together – a win here would get them powered to win the tough stretch coming.. Maybe Starks can bail Rodgers out today…

  • AATP

    The running game is bailing out a off Rodgers – few nice passes but really the running game saved us this time around… Now all the defense has to do is start to tighten up a tad.

  • AATP

    Rodgers needs to just be handing the ball off today – he’s not on his game at all… This is NOT the way you close out the game by turning the ball over. Scary little game we got going on here…

  • AATP

    Holy crap guys – this is NOT looking good…

  • AATP

    Uh Oh – that’s a bad omen right there… BONG!!! Never a good sign…

  • DEGBFan

    Geez, wtf, shouldn’t have been this close.

  • #12 played good but I think it was his worst game of the year. This is the same D we’ve seen all year and I don’t see us getting better without Neal or someone stepping up. We really need Starks to have an advantage over the Lions and that’s starting to look like an even tougher game than it seemed before today’s kickoff.

  • Servius

    Worst game of the year by Rodgers and he throws for 300 yards and 3 TD.

    Defense does need to play better if we’re going to win the Super Bowl.

    • AATP

      Well, if he can be off and we still win it says a lot about this team… they never trailed but made it much closer than it probably should have been…

    • I Luv Brats

      Unfortunately he only threw for 299 yards. That last pass to Kuhn was for a 1 yard loss.

      299 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT. It is Rodgers’ worst game of the year. LMAO I remember those days that if Favre had numbers like that, I would think that was F’n awesome

  • iccyfan

    In the postgame show, Terry Bradshaw addressed the “inevitable stinker game” and said a championship team needs games like this to keep their heads straight. Illustrated his point with recollection of a game where a 13-0 Steeler team held off a horrid Bears team 3-0 in Pittsburgh. Everybody needs to calm down and enjoy this special stretch of football we’re being allowed to witness…

  • iccyfan

    Anybody hear anything about the Starks injury?

    • dave76

      Sprained knee says MM. More testing on Monday to evaluate full injury.

  • Packer’s Advocate

    Somewhere in the 3rd quarter, they showed the rushing totals. Now, I’m not a big stat guy cause they don’t show how, where, when, why, and how………. but the average yards the starting O-line (&RB’s) had by then, could be replicated by the 3rd string offensive line (of any NFL, college, or high school team) if they simply were able to charge ahead the length of their body by virtue of knowing the snap count, and the RB simply ran up and fell on their back w/the ball!!!! Yeah, about a yard and a half….. wow. Keep thinking the Pack needs to find a RB that doesn’t fall down on the first touch. And back to last year, if that’s what they’re gonna have, at least let it be a guy who is screaming fast and can take it all the way if someone doesn’t touch him.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      And……. not sure what injuries Sitton has, but he looks like D. Colledge from last year. Seems we can count on him for 2 or 3 whiffs and/or penalties a game. I’d have to say he’s grading out in 5th place on the O-line after that new contract.

      • Packer’s Advocate

        And furthermore, w/the Packer’s passing game, I think they could line up their short yardage team of “the Freezer” and “Kuuuuuuuuuuhn” and beat the FB/RB average they’ve been putting up. I know there will be off games but it felt like all the calls kinda went the Packer’s way even though when you look at it, the WR/TE’s seemed to have their inside arm hooked up by the DB most of the game….. Then again, guess they shouldn’t be sticking them back to shield if they want to have them to catch the ball….

  • I Luv Brats

    Yeah it was an ugly win but a win is a win. An ugly win with O-line struggles and the Packers STILL scored 35???

  • 4205

    Turkey day came early – dropped passes, penalties, missed tackles, and it still shows up in the W column. Probably won’t be able to make the same mistakes and get by on Thursday. No time to savor this one. Looking forward to a relaxing day and another win!!!

  • I Luv Brats

    Maybe this is an excuse for the sloppiness on defense against the Bucs, but my gut tells me(and lately my gut feeling has been 100% correct in a football pool I’m in) that the Dom Capers is saving up something special for Detroit on Thanksgiving.

    So what if the offense had an off day. They STILL scored 35 points.

    • AATP

      ILB, I was thinking the same thing – why throw his bag of tricks out there to beat a team that will not likely have any play-off implications. Why not save it for the big stage against a good opponent like Detriot. 35 points on an off day is something a lot of team WISH they had.

  • I Luv Brats

    A lot of you are saying that Rodgers had a bad game. Yes, he did have a bad game. Don’t you remember……Brent Favre was the KING of bad games! How many of you guys would cringe every time Brent dropped back to pass the ball?? OMFG it was maddening for me.

    over 3000 yards, 31 TDs, 4 picks, over 70% completion rate, QB rating through the roof. Cut the guy some slack!

    Rodgers is way better than Brent. The ONLY thing that Rodgers doesn’t have is a long career.

    • iccyfan

      I heard enough talk about BrInt from Troy Aikman before the game; the man isn’t playing and has no impact on this Packer season. I beg for an embargo on further comparisons. If this is a “bad game” from Arod (and he’s the one saying it), we’re pretty darn lucky fans…

      • I Luv Brats

        You’re right….Brent has no bearing on what the Packers do this season but I’m just trying to make some people realize that what we have with Rodgers is something that we never had with Favre.

      • dave76

        They both won SBs for the Pack. They are both winners, enough said.

    • #12 had a good game but I think it was the worst of this year. Our problem is he has to be flawless for us to beat a good team. We simply don’t have the run game or defense to overcome even a mediocre performance by #12. Of course the same thing could be said of the Brees with the Saints and a lot of other teams. #12 is certainly playing as well as #4 ever did. However #4 was entertaining and always showed up for work. Hell, Montana and Elway were far better than #4 but I would much rather watch him play. Maybe because I was a Packer fan I just don’t know.

  • Larry

    GB needs these “off” games to sharpen their focus. Going into the toughest part of the season with the next 3 games, this game will provide motivation.

    I thought we’d see a better D against Tampa…maybe there isn’t a better D.

    • I Luv Brats

      That’s pretty much what Bradshaw said.

  • Gee, now DET w/ TWO Tight Ends and King Kong at WR. Methinks Arod/MM better dink and dunk all day and not go for the quick scores. This one will be all about TOP IMO. They are “tiny” in the secondary so we better control the clock and keep the D off the field…..!

    • dave76

      I agree Larry. Our WRs are so good ATC, short and high percentage with Aarons accuracy. Great game plan, IMO.

  • iccyfan

    This is just killing me. Biggest game of the season on Thanksgiving and the extended family on my father’s side is having the gathering at a small rural church! My sons are unhappy that we’re not staying home and watching it on the big screen; they don’t yet know they won’t get to see it at all! Anybody know of a website where I can catch a rebroadcast? I don’t own a DVR currently and know nothing about TIVO. Anybody have any recommendations, and keep it simple as in something I can plug and play after a quick purchase at Best Buy?!? Thanks in advance. 🙁

  • I Luv Brats

    WTF…….don’t click on that link….just cut and paste it.


  • Rick

    What did you guys think of the “Elephant” package with 3 TEs and Kuhn at Tailback and Raji aka The Freezer at Fullback?

  • Larry

    I’d rather they line up an extra tackle as a TE and run it off tackle versus off guard. Also, since Raji was the upback what was Kuhn’s value? over Starks?

    Long way to say I wasn’t impressed.

    • Why, so he could tenderly put his hands on Raji’s bottocks and gently push him towards the goal line. Probably his hands were warmer…….!

    • I Luv Brats

      But didn’t Raji score??

      • Of course, Kuhn’s hands are bigger.

    • Rick


  • Mel E Mel

    Iccyfan (slingbox). My problem with MM this year is the play selection. Its almost like they feel obligated to pass the ball. Why did we keep 5 TEs if we are barely going to use them. Can this team play in Bad Weather? The Pack will always have this late drama because the running game is an afterthought. Also It may sound foolish but the Pack may need to Drop a couple games to play the NFC Championship in SF. This team would lose its advantages in a cold weather game.

    • Packer’s Advocate

      Maybe they should sell more stock and stick a roof on that place??? (w/football running to the end of January nowdays)

      I wonder if they shouldn’t mix in some mis-direction running plays in there somewhere? They’re running a basic zone block running game and running the triangle routes in the passing game. Nothing actually looks like plays. Either way, w/Rodgers having an off-day, the O-line and running game couldn’t take up some of the slack for him. I know that come playoff time they may all of a sudden start running for a 150 yds. a game, but right now I’m watching teams and their RB’s running through holes half the size and running twice as far as what we’ve been doing.