Thoughts on the preseason opener

Wow is about all you can say about the poor quality of play in the Packers’ preseason opener at San Diego on national TV. Not much really to say so as Romey would say, lets fire off some bullets.

  • My heart goes out to Desmond Bishop, who had his season ruined, if not ended by an injury in the first quarter. A crushing blow to a defense that is trying to bounce back from a horrible year. Bishop was about the only guy who could actually tackle. Not good.
  • Head coach Mike McCarthy has only himself to blame for the Packers other big injury – Davon House. With 90-man rosters what on earth is your potential starting cornerback doing playing special teams late in the fourth quarter? Just another in a long line of special teams blunders under McCarthy and his teflon special teams coach Shawn Slocum.
  • While I am terribly disappointed in James Starks, why are the Packers picking Cedric Benson over Ryan Grant? Really? Why bring in somebody who doesn’t know the offense or the players and is a possible locker room cancer when you have a guy like Grant, who everybody loves and knows the offense? Not sure what happened to the real Ted Thompson, but if you see him please return him to Lambeau Field.
  • Because of the running game and the question marks at left tackle, I think the Packers will have a hard time equalling last year’s offensive output. I am also worried about Aaron Rodgers being able to start 16. Might be time to move Bryan Bulaga to left tackle and hope one of these other bozos can at least play right tackle.
  • I think the young guys on defense will indeed add some so-called juice to the that unit this year. Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy showed there are signs of life on that side of the ball. Eric Walden also looked good. Even Anthony Hargrove made some plays, too bad he won’t be around for a while.
  • I think 90-man rosters make for some bad football. After the first quarter you didn’t know the heck was out there. Training camp fodder at its best.
  • I’m not sold on Graham Harrell, but then again I was never sold on Matt Flynn in the preseason either but he turned out OK. Half of Harrell’s passes were dropped by guys that shouldn’t even be playing, so it would be nice to see him play with the starters once or twice.
  • I think I like B.J. Coleman. He reminded me of the old gunslinger circa 1992. Running all over the place and then firing a rocket ball to a covered receiver. The kid is raw but he has a cannon and I would love to see him make the team. Can’t wait to see more of him.
  • Other than the injuries and James Starks’ apparent step backwards, there isn’t much to be real concerned about after last night’s game. I expect Rodgers and the offense to look a little different next week when the Big Show and his Cleveland Browns come to Lambeau. Greg Jennings and Marshall Newhouse should be back and we can get a look at the real offense.

    Still scratching my head over bringing in Benson though.

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