Are the Packers in for a long season?

I know, I know, it is only two preseason games and way to early to pass judgement on the 2012 Green Bay Packers. In two preseason games the Packers have looked just shy of awful. Oh sure, there have been some bright spots, the first team offensive line looked fine when intact, Jordy Nelson is a beast, Jerron McMillian showed up big time against the Browns, Davon House looked great before he was hurt.

Unfortunately, right now the bad outweighs the good. You might want to check your sportsbooks reviews, the Packers’ Super Bowl odds might be coming down.

For one, the Packers can’t get out of their way it seems and guys are dropping like flies in practice. I mean, what are we talking about? We’re talking about practice. Seems like somebody gets a concussion every day now. I thought the end of two-a-days and less practice would mean less injuries. Not in the Packers’ case. Certainly that has contributed to the Packers’ poor showing the first two games.

What is more worrisome if you ask me is the struggles of the Packers’ top draft picks who were supposed to add more “juice” to the defense. So far it’s been more Milk of Magnesia than juice. Niether Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy, Mike Daniels or Casey Hayward have looked like anything special. Earlier in camp these guys were supposedly doing well, now the case can be made that none of them will even start opening day. Perry will probably start opening day by default because Eric Walden will be out on suspension that day.

It will be nice to see the offense at full strength this week. Without Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley and Marshall Newhouse, the Packers’ ones looked out of kilter in limited playing time the first two games. The failure of running back James Starks to step up has been a major factor as well. Certainly the signing of Cedric Benson changes all that. I think the Packers’ offense will change dramatically if Benson can run the ball hard between the tackles like they want. Certainly would help to give the defense a blow every now and then, without sacrificing scoring, of course.

There is plenty of time to fix the things on the field, but if the Packers can’t find a way to practice without concussing each other it could be a long season. Thankfully training camp is almost over and the Packers shift into regular season mode. Two weeks from Sunday the 49ers are coming to town with an old Packers’ killer in Randy Moss looking to stake their claim to the NFC and set the tone for the season. The Packers had better be ready.

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