Major beat-down in Gotham

One is almost at a loss for words to describe the kind of beating the Packers took in New York last night. Almost, that is.

The way the Giants toyed with the Packers and the Packers’ lack of response is troublesome to say the least. Offensivley the Packers clearly knew 10 minutes into the game they couldn’t win and they simply went through the motions for the remainder of the contest. The defense should be commended for only giving up 38 points.

One thing about Aaron Rodgers is he simply has no answer when teams are able to pressure him with just four down lineman. He tries to look at every receiver because he doesn’t have the guts to rifle one into tight coverage like old gunslinger did. I will say Rodgers doesn’t get much help from his head coach, who has never heard of a short pass.

Mike McCarthy needs to understand that you don’t need to score in two minutes every time you get the ball. The problem is he too stubborn to change. Just a few weeks ago he reiterated his point when he said “Our philosophy is to score points as fast as we can. As long as I’m here that philosophy will never change.” It had better change or he won’t be around here very much longer.

The loss to the Giants was the worst in five years and we may look back at it as a turning point. The glorious Super Bowl run of 2010, the 15-1 season last year and a seven wins in ten games this year are distant memory. The Packers going forward are a team that is going to need an offseason shakeup in the coaching staff along with the aforementioned change in philosophy. This Packers team, while still holding all the cards in the NFC North – win out and win the division – could easily go the other way and miss the playoffs altogether.

I think the Packers playoff chances right now are 50-50. Unfortunately it might take an 8-8 record for the powers-that-be get the message that the status quo isn’t good enough. McCarthy wasn’t afraid to make changes on the defensive staff in the past but he has stuck with guys like James Campen on offense even though the Packers’ offensive line is horrible and the Packers haven’t been able to run the ball since day one.

We’ll see what team shows up next week against the Vikings in Lambeau. We don’t really know how this team will react to such a loss because it’s never happened to them. This game will be won or lost by the offense. The Packers’ defense should be able to keep the Vikings somewhat in check. AP is going to get his 100 yards no matter what, as long as Ponder doesn’t hurt them the Packers should hold them to 20 points or less. That used to be plenty for the offense.

Oh how things change. Confidence falls to medium.

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