Packers raise ticket prices again

As you are probably aware, the waiting list for Packers season tickets is a long one. The Packers’ website describes it as “legendary”. At last count it was 81,000 and growing. Now, on top of the wait, those who will be offered tickets by the new Lambeau Field expansion will have to pay more thanks another ticket price increase. Not a huge increase (roughly $2-5), but it is an increase nonetheless.

The Packers have made the playoffs four consecutive years, and this will be the fourth consecutive year that prices have been increased, so this is not hugely surprising. The official rational being used by the team is that they are trying to stay in line with the league average in order to be fair to visiting teams in terms of shared revenue.

Frankly, Packers’ fans are probably willing to pay more than the minimum $74 face value being charged. For those of you who are willing to do so, but are not willing to wait in the “legendary” waiting list line, check out Once Packers’ tickets become available, SeatCrunch will sell them at a premium, but will not be charging service fees like some other sites.

The Packers will be Super Bowl contenders again this year. Don’t miss out!

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