Where The Top Free Agents Might End Up

The NFL Scouting Combine has officially wrapped up, which means the next step in the NFL offseason is the free agent period. There is a decent amount of talent out there for teams to take a look at, and a few key signings could really change the fortunes of a team heading into 2013. Here is a look at some of the best free agents out there, with predictions as far as where they end up.

Anthony Spencer

After a great season in 2012 for the Dallas Cowboys, they had to use the franchise tag on him for the second year in a row. So the price tag for a team wanting to sign him just went up – it will now included draft picks.

While just about every team in the NFL would love to have a guy like Spencer, only a few will be able to pay him what he wants. Indianapolis and Cleveland seem to be the frontrunners. If both come with similar offers, the Colts should have the edge, as Spencer will be able to play indoors for a team that is closer to Super Bowl contention right now.

Michael Bennett

In reality, the team who signs Michael Bennett might also be in the running for a two-for-one special, as brother Martellus seems interested to team up. Whatever might happen with that situation, Michael is the key free agent a lot of teams will be keeping an eye on. The defensive end was a monster for Tampa Bay last season, notching nine sacks, 14 quarterback hits and just under 50 hurries. The Buccaneers will not be using the franchise tag on Bennett, which means it is officially time for teams to prepare offers.

The most ideal fit for Bennett, as well as his tight end-playing brother, would be Atlanta. They have the money to pay him, and his brother could step in for Tony Gonzalez on offense. This setup almost seems too perfect.

Sebastian Volmer

New England will be attempting a risky move during the free agency period, as they are set to allow Volmer to hit the open market. The offensive tackle is an absolute monster at 6’8” and 320 pounds. He has the game to match his size too, which means the Patriots would love to bring him back to protect their Tom Brady investment, he could be a vital part in Brady’s success in fantasy football next season.

There will be some teams who throw money at him during the free agency period. However, Brady restructured his contract for reasons like this one. He knows the Patriots will need to pay Volmer well to keep them. They do, and he returned to New England.

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