The Five Best Packers For Fantasy Football Teams

Now that it is the end of July, many people are looking to successfully plan out their fantasy football draft. Since most people here are going to favor players on the Packers, it is important to understand when, is a good time to do so. The last thing you want to do is take a player on Green Bay way too early because you like them. Here is a look at the top five, and where you should draft them in relation to their position.

Aaron Rodgers

It is easy to love Aaron Rodgers, both on the field picking up wins, and racking up fantasy football points. Many have him ranked as the #1 quarterback, so taking him at that position is a legitimate option. He is in the prime of his career, and although he lost some receiving talent, he should be just fine.

Randall Cobb

Now that Greg Jennings is in Minnesota, Randall Cobb is the clear #1 target for Aaron Rodgers. That means he should have an even bigger season than he did in 2012, which saw him grab 80 passes for 954 yards and 8 touchdowns. With Rodgers throwing to him, he is a borderline top 10 talent at wide receiver. Take him in the 10-12 range if you can.

Jordy Nelson

An injured hamstring held Nelson back in 2012, and his numbers suffered. Due to that, he has emerged as somewhat of a sleeper in fantasy football drafts so far this season. In 2011, also known as the last full season he was healthy, Nelson had 1263 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns. It will be tough to ever reach those numbers again, but he is worth a gamble in the 15-20 area amongst wide receivers.

Eddie Lacy

It isn’t 100% clear yet who will get most of the carries at running back, but odds are Eddie Lacy will have the inside track starting out. The 2nd round pick would have gone higher in the draft if it was not for some injury issues. Obviously, he won’t be asked to carry an offense, but that might work in his favor as defenses focus on Rodgers. Take a flyer on him if you need a running back after the first 20-25 are taken.

James Jones

Everyone loves to focus on his poor hands, but Jones did catch 14 touchdowns last season. It is unlikely he matches that number in 2012, but he should be able to pick up more than 784 yards through the air. He’s a nice middle round receiver in the 25-30 range.

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