Ground Pack a sight to see

The Green Bay Packers dominated a bad Minnesota team last night, scoring on seven consecutive possessions to stick a fork in the Vikings’ season. I’m not sure who this guy that calls himself Mike McCarthy is, but this new focus on the running game is awesome!

The Packers racked up another 182 yards rushing with Eddie Lacy and James Starks working in tandem and healthy together for the first time since opening day. Lacy pounded it hard all night and then Starks comes in and busts a couple long ones. The Packers haven’t a tandem like that since Brockington and Lane.

The Packers rank fourth in the NFL in rushing behind Seattle, San Francisco and Philadelphia, three teams with running quarterbacks, which essentially adds another running back to the totals. So the Packers can boast the top-ranked running game amongst traditional offenses.

Of course, none of that would mean anything without Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Rodgers is quietly having another great year and is perfectly orchestrating his new weapons to make up for the loss of his old weapons. Peyton Manning may have the ridiculous numbers right now but I bet Rodgers will be ahead of him in every stat except touchdown passes by the end of the year. Rodgers is too consistent and it doesn’t seem to matter who is out there, he will adjust his game to their strengths. I’ve never seen anything like it and it shows Rodgers’ unbelievable commitment to winning.

The Packers’ defense, with a little extra fuel added by Greg Jennings and his offseason comments pretty much shut down the Vikings and star running back Adrian Peterson. Jennings had one catch for nine yards and Peterson had a whopping 60 yards on 13 carries. With no threat at quarterback, the Vikings are toothless.

If Ted Thompson needs any justification for his draft and develop policy, he is getting it this year. The guys who have been here getting “brainwashed” have stepped right up and filled in for guys like Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jermichael Finley. Not to mention Brad Jones, Nick Perry and until yesterday, Casey Hayward.

The Packers now have a chance to run their winning streak to six with home games against Chicago and Philadelphia the next two weeks. The Packers have won their last 11 homes games, including playoffs.

It was another victory Monday and it is officially Bear Week. Go Pack!

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