Packers-Cowboys Game Blog

3:30 PM:  Well, I guess you can’t complain with holding them to three. They marched right down the field. If Rodgers was playing that would be a victory for the defense.

3:52 PM:  This has the look of the Thanksgiving Day fiasco. Hard to believe the Packers could look this bad after we finally got a win last week.

4:05 PM:  Worst defense in the NFL and the Packers can’t get a first down. Without Rodgers McCarthy can’t coach.

4:18 PM:  Packers’ offense is looking horrible against the league’s worst defense. This is by far the Packers’ worst performance since Rodgers got hurt, factoring in they won last week. Looks like another rout is on.

4:43 PM:  Need one yard and don’t run Lacy? McCarthy should be left in Dallas. Worst coaching decision in the history of ever.

4:47 PM:  This gets funnier and funnier with every play. If anybody on this coaching staff keeps his job this offseason it will be a travesty. This is the worst Packers’ team I’ve seen since the 70s. They have completely given up. Thompson should fire McCarthy tonight.

5:45 PM:  At least we are showing signs of not quitting. Defense needs to show up.

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