Live Blog: Packers at Vikings 2014

Al Davis | 15:03 Packers’ offense did the job just like the Badgers yesterday. Was an ugly win but a win none the less.

Al Davis | 14:53 Can’t count on the defense, so if the offense fails, the Packers lose.

Al Davis | 14:49 Well, thanks to the Patriots the Packers are still tied for first place in the division.

Al Davis | 14:48 Defense can’t make a play. Tom Brady must be licking his chops.

Al Davis | 14:43 No matter what happens, the Packers showed their defense is not good enough to win in the playoffs.

Al Davis | 14:41 Packers’ secondary is not playing well at all. Guys are wide open all over.

Al Davis | 14:37 The offense showed some grit. Can the defense? Not yet.

Al Davis | 14:35 Can the defense finally get off the field? Nope. Can’t figure out why they can’t stop a rookie QB.

Al Davis | 14:13 Slocum continues to be the worst position coach in the NFL. And defense gives up a first down 11 yard run. Not ready to play today.

Al Davis | 14:10 Got three anyway. When will the defense make a play?

Al Davis | 14:07 Rodgers is rattled, we’ll see what he is made of today.

Al Davis | 14:00 Vikings pull within one. We’ll see if the Packers have any heart now.

Al Davis | 13:57 Packers can make two plays, but can’t make the third. Getting ugly in Minnesota.

Al Davis | 13:54 Poor job by McCarthy getting his team ready this week. Patriots are going to destroy the Packers next week. The Bears might be back in the division hunt.

Al Davis | 13:50 Punt it away losers. Packers killing themselves today. No way they win this game.

Al Davis | 13:43 Fluke sack but we’ll take it.

Al Davis | 13:42 Head coach Mike McCarthy is getting scared and apparently in one of his funks. Packers try an onside kick to start the second half that fails miserable. And the Packers’ defense doesn’t look any better. Not a good start to the second half.

Al Davis | 13:27 Better than being behind but I’m not overly confident.

Al Davis | 13:23 Packers can’t cover Charles Johnson. Really?

Al Davis | 13:17 I think if the Packers don’t hold the Vikings to three points on this drive they will lose the game.

Al Davis | 13:16 Packers defense back to being the Packers’ defense. Can’t get off the field on third down. Can’t take over the game unless they improve.

Al Davis | 13:12 Touchdown Packers! Crazy play. Funny watching Richard Rodgers just standing there waiting for the ball. Hardest pass to catch in the NFL is when you are wide open. Huge play, though, 14-7 Pack.

Al Davis | 13:10 Huge play to Quarless sets the Packers up for a go-ahead TD. Rodgers finally getting some time to pass. Let Lacy punch it now.

Al Davis | 13:06 Micah Hyde, in the midst of the worst game of his career gets a pick. Packers offense better take advantage.

Al Davis | 13:00 So much for next week’s big matchup with the Patriots. Packers’ not living up to the billing.

Al Davis | 12:58 Mike Zimmer’s defense is rattling Aaron Rodgers.

Al Davis | 12:50 Packers’ defense can’t stop them now. Amazing. They have no quarterback, no running back and no receiver and no offensive line, yet they just tied the game at 7.

Al Davis | 12:48 Terrible play by Micah Hyde. Unbelievable. Vikings about to tie it up.

Al Davis | 12:34 Huge drive there by the Packers. Backed against the wall they converted a huge third down and turned it into a touchdown three plays later. 7-0.

Al Davis | 12:29 We are experiencing technical difficulties with our live blogging service.  Follow us on Twitter to see live game updates at @packernet and @rothkj1022 in the meantime.   Thank you for your patience.

Al Davis | 12:29 12:28 PM:  Packers offense out of sync so far, but defense doing its job. Short field for the Pack now, time to get something going.

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