Packernet Mock Draft

As a Packers guy, I try to stay in my lane. I won’t pretend to have watched all 32 teams play every week or have inside sources telling me what a teams needs are. That said, if I don’t do at least one mock draft am I even trying to do my job?

1. Cleveland Browns Select Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

There have been some rumblings that the Browns might look to take a quarterback number 1 overall. That said, there are always little rumbles in the draft. Myles Garrett is as sure a pick for number 1 overall as you’ll find.

2. San Francisco 49ers Select Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama

This pick is completely up in the air in my opinion. The 49ers are in shambles and need a lot of help in a lot of areas. As everyone knows, your team is nothing without a quarterback and if quarterback was all they needed, I would have them reaching on a quarterback at number two.

Here’s the issue… when your team is in rebuild mode, you need to take advantage of your high draft picks and get the animals that most teams will never dream of drafting. Allen is that animal.

3. Chicago Bears Select Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

I’m not a fan of where the Bears are drafting here. I’m not going to forecast a trade but if I were in the driver’s seat for the Bears, I would strongly consider trading back.

Despite the talk of the Bears taking Trubisky, I think that pick would be a mistake. Not only is a third overall pick a horrible value, the Bears just paid starting quarterback money to Glennon. Is he the long term answer? No. That’s why you draft a developmental guy later, not number three overall.

What does warrant a number 3 pick is a pass rusher, however, and Solomon Thomas is a good one. The Bears have a good foundation going and smart solid picks are what is going to bring the Bears to the top of the division. A solid pass rusher will definitely help.

Let’s hope they grab Trubisky.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars Select Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

The Jaguars have quite a few holes but they are tipping their hand quite a bit with all the money they are spending. They need a safety so they signed Barry Church, they needed a corner and they bought A.J. Bouye, they needed help with the defensive front and they paid out for Calais Campbell.

Another glaring need for the Jags is a running back. Despite the abundance of options in free agency, the Jags haven’t dished out any money to rectify the position. Is it possibly because they have their sights set on taking one in the draft?

5. Tennessee Titans Select Jamal Adams, S, LSU

The Titans are ascending. They found a good quarterback in Marcus Mariota, they hit a home run when they signed DeMarco Murray, and they have one of the top defensive units against the run.

Unfortunately, they were one of the worst teams against the pass.  A wide receiver would certainly help but with the number five pick there is a much better value at defensive back early in the draft.

The Titans did sign a safety in John Cyprien but that certainly isn’t a fix all. They also signed Logan Ryan at corner so by adding Jamal Adams as a strong safety the Titans will have completely revamped their secondary.

The depth at corner would also make it possible to grab a first round talent corner at pick 18 or even in the second round.

6. New York Jets Select Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

The Jets are another team in need of a lot of stuff. They are multiple positions away from even sniffing a playoff game. Unlike the 49ers, however, quarterback is starting to make a little more sense at pick 6.

Although it still isn’t a value pick, the best way to turn around a franchise is with a solid quarterback. We’ve all seen it time after time. If the Jets feel Trubisky has “savior” potential there is no reason not to take a swing, especially since nobody expects him to slide to 6.

Besides, doesn’t it just feel like a Jets thing to do?

7. Los Angeles Chargers Select Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

The Chargers are another team in a position I don’t care for.  Ideally they are drafting a lineman but unfortunately for the Chargers, there aren’t many good options at 7.

Safety isn’t a total loss for the Chargers since they were able to resign Jahleel Addae but they still need a replacement for Eric Weddle. By signing a guy like Malik Hooker they are grabbing one of the better safeties to hit the draft in a while.

8. Carolina Panthers Select Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

The Panthers seem to be doing alright. They’re largely still the team that went 15-1 a couple years back and were able to retain many of their free agents. They also added some talent in free agency to help shore up a few holes and add depth, like the signing of Julius Peppers.

The glaring issues, however, seem to be wide receiver and corner. Although I think Mike Williams is an option here, Marshon Lattimore seems to be the better value. They did sign Munnerlyn but he’s seen as primarily a slot corner. At the very least, signing Lattimore should help stop the bleeding after allowing Norman to walk.

See my take on Marshon Lattimore here.

9. Cincinnati Bengals Select Derek Barnett, DE, Tenessee

Geno Atkins is a force in the middle of that defense but the guy needs some help. Atkins managed 9 sacks but the next highest sack total behind him was 4 by Will Clarke. They need to get better and they can do worse than a guy that broke Reggie White’s sack record.

 10. Buffalo Bills Select Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama

The value here is fantastic for a guy that’s been considered a top 5 pick. Still, the pick is contingent on the fact that Zach Brown doesn’t return.

It also makes for a cool story reuniting the two Alabama LB’s,  as well as a lethal combination at the position.

Although it seems unlikely considering Buffalo is transitioning to a 4-3 scheme, Foster would instantly become the most athletic LB on the team and would fill the OLB position perfectly.

11. New Orleans Saints Select Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

There isn’t much the Saints have going for them on defense but if you wanted to make a case for them you would probably start with the guys up front. The back end is indefensible. Get it?

The pick is simple. At number 11 overall the Saints get arguably the best corner in a draft filled with freakish corners. It’s an instant upgrade and one the Saints can’t really miss on.

See my take on Marlon Humphrey here.

12. Cleveland Browns Select Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

I cringe at the thought of this pick. They started so well taking a player that will instantly upgrade the team. Then comes pick 12 and really, what choice do they have? What are they going to do, take a WR?

The Browns, like so many teams, are in desperate need of a QB. Does anyone expect Deshaun Watson to be the kind of guy to turn around a franchise? No. But if they don’t hit on this position the Browns will continue to be the laughing stock of the league. Really, what do they have to lose?

They did get Brock Osweiller but they immediately were looking to use him as a bargaining chip. His poor play and bad attitude also point to him not making a great franchise quarterback.

13. Arizona Cardinals Select DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

The Cardinals were starting to look like a real force in the NFL but the one glaring issue, age, is starting to catch up to them and it appears the wheels are starting to fall off.

Although there are quite a few areas of need, if you are going to keep this machine going you need to find a replacement for Carson Palmer. Better to do it while Carson is still playing than to be like every other team without a QB drafting in desperation.

Besides, there are quality guards and wide receivers in the later rounds.

14. Philadelphia Eagles Select Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

The Eagles are in a good position having a young talented QB to build around. Giving him a young talented running back wouldn’t be the worst option. Considering the RB woes of the Eagles, it makes for a massive upgrade.

It seemed to work out well for the Cowboys, anyway.

See my take on Dalvin Cook here.

15. Indianapolis Colts Select Ryan Ramcyzk, OT, Wisconsin

Yes, I understand the Colts need help on defense. What I don’t understand is how everyone seems to have forgotten how great of a quarterback Andrew Luck is. The man has the potential to be one of the greats if the team could simply help the guy out.

Help, by the way, starts by allowing him to stay vertical for more than three seconds.

The upgrade of Ramcyzk will help shore up a porous offensive line and with the skill level of Luck, a few more seconds on his feet could be enough to add a few W’s through the season.

16. Baltimore Ravens Select Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

The Ravens for too long have relied on other team’s scraps to fill wide receiver holes. It worked out alright with Steve Smith but the guy was constantly hurt and now he’s gone. It looked like Wallace might have been a good add but he fell off a cliff and Kamar Aiken shouldn’t be a starting wide out.

At 16, with the top receiver available, the Ravens would strike gold by taking Williams. Although he doesn’t get a ton of love from scouts around the league, the 6-1 212 pound Williams plays like a 6-3 225-pound monster.

17. Washington Redskins Select Teez Tabor, CB, Florida

Another guy that I don’t think gets nearly enough love is Jalen “Teez” Tabor.  A lot of scouts see him as a slot corner which I find laughable. He allowed a 41.2 passer rating throughout his college career, which, as PFF pointed out, is only 1.5 points higher than if a quarterback throws the ball in the dirt every play.

If it wasn’t for the depth of talent at the position in 2017, Teez would have been long gone by pick 17.

By taking Teez, they have the ability to put him on the field with Josh Norman making for a pretty lethal 1-2 punch. Bashaud Breeland could possibly be moved to safety making the secondary pretty formidable.

See my take on Teez Tabor here.

18. Tennessee Titans Select John Ross, WR, Washington

As stated with their previous pick, the Titans are on some pretty solid ground. With the first pick they now have a revamped secondary to go along with their stout run defense.

On offense they have a solid QB with a dominant run game. They have receivers but none of them really strike fear in the hearts of defensive backs. Furthermore, when you look at the receiver group, they really don’t have any speed. Here are the 40 times of their top 4 receivers.

Harry Douglas: 4.51
Eric Weems: 4.52
Tajae Sharp: 4.55
Rishard Matthews 4.62

What better way to upgrade this team than to not only give Mariota a WR weapon, but do it with the guy that just broke the 40 yard dash record?

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama

An intelligent move here might be to draft Sydney Jones. He would have been gone by now if not for his injury and would be a huge upgrade for years to come for a young team that really could use a corner.

That said, looking at the moves they’ve made in free agency, I get the impression the Buccaneers feel they have a hot hand and want to shoot for the stars now.

They signed DeSean Jackson to form a lethal combo with Mike Evans. Adding a guy like Howard is just sort of unfair.

20. Denver Broncos Select Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

The Broncos are really hurting in the tackle department. They signed Menelik Watson from Oakland but lost Russel Okung to the Chargers.

The signing of Cam Robinson is a necessity for the Broncos who will more than likely take a swing at a few other linemen throughout the draft.

21. Detroit Lions Select Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

The Lions need a little help on defense but their running back situation is an absolute joke. I always liked Ameer Abdullah but a 3 down back he is not.

Detroit spent a good amount of money revamping the strong side of the line with Ricky Wagner from Baltimore at right tackle and our boy from Green Bay, T.J. Lang.

Unfortunately it’s all for not if they can’t find a capable back.

McCaffrey is one of the most elusive running backs I have ever seen and was a freak at the combine. With a pick like this, the Lions now have a great run game to complement their capable passing game.

22. Miami Dolphins Select Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky

The Dolphins have an okay roster when they can stay healthy. That is with the massive exception at the guard position.

With Tunsil moving to left tackle, they are left with Anthony Steen and Jermon Bushrod at the guard position. Bushrod was possibly the worst guard in the NFL last year. A change is needed.

Forrest Lamp has drawn comparisons to Zack Martin. If he is even half of what Zack Martin is, he will be a massive upgrade for the Dolphins.

See my take on Forrest Lamp here.

23. New York Giants Select David Njoku, TE, Miami

Despite the fire power on offense, the defense is what carried the team through most of the 2016 season. With the addition of Brandon Marshall they now have an elite WR trio with Beckham and Shepard on the roster.

The addition of Njoku, an absolute monster of a TE, makes the Giants offense one to be terrified of.

See my little snippet about Njoku here.

24. Oakland Raiders Select Caleb Brantley, DT, Michigan State

There is no question Oakland is rising fast, but the team is a mess on defense. Yes they have some good pieces but Khalil Mack can’t do everything.

The biggest issues for the team are linebackers and the center of the defensive line.

For my money I’m looking at Caleb Brantley as a solid pick to help shore up the defense.

25. Houston Texans Select Pat Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech

I don’t really know what to say about the Texans. They need a little bit of everything. Aside from an injured J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins with nobody to throw him the ball, the Texans need a little bit of everything.

That said, they currently have Tom Savage as their starting quarterback. Tom Savage. They need a quarterback.

26. Seattle Seahawks Select Garett Bolles, OT, Utah

The run first Seahawks added two key pieces to their ground and pound offense in Eddie Lacy and Luke Joeckel. Still, help is needed up front and the addition of Bolles could get the ground game revved up once again in Seattle behind Eddie “The Hulk” Lacy.

27. Kansas City Chiefs Select Charles Harris, OLB, Missouri

Justin Houston and Tamba Hali are fantastic outside linebackers but Tamba is 33 and Justin, also getting up in age, has some injury issues.

With that, there are still a pretty good amount of edge rushers that are a good value at the back of the first round and with very few taken, the Chiefs get their pick of the litter.

Charles Harris is not only perhaps the best of the bunch, he seems to fit the mold better than any of the others in the group at 6-3 253.

28. Dallas Cowboys Select Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

As good as the Cowboys were, and will be for quite a long time, it’s hard to even conceive of the fact that Dak Prescott’s number 1 target for the year was Cole Beasley.

Obviously the true number 1 in Dallas is Dez Bryant but with his injury history, and the fact that he’s turning 29 this year, the Cowboys really need an upgrade behind Dez.

29. Green Bay Packers Select T.J. Watt, OLB, Wisconsin

All anyone wants to talk about is how terrible the Packers were against the pass. Although it’s true, corner is one of the deepest and youngest positions the team has. They need help but expending another first round pick is getting a little desperate and Ted Thompson is not that kind of guy.

With Peppers and Datone Jones leaving, the Packers are left with three edge rushers, Nick Perry, Clay Matthews and Kyler Fackrell.

Perry is primarily a strong side run defender and Clay, at 30 years old, is arguably better suited as an ILB. Either way, depth is needed.

Watt, is a big guy and has only played on defense for two years. His jump in his second year at Wisconsin was incredible and I’m willing to bet Watt is just scratching the surface of his potential.

See what I had to say about T.J. Watt here.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers Select Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

The rush is on now.  The Steelers have Bud Dupree and James Harrison already but at some point you have to assume Harrison, 90 years old, is going to call it quits.

Takkarist is a solid edge rusher that plays well against the run and as a pass rusher.

31. Atlanta Falcons Select Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois

With the signing of Dontari Poe and the emergence of Vic Beasley, adding a solid defensive end to the mix would help round out the front 7.

Considering the Falcons offense is probably the best in the NFL now, some smart moves in the draft could make them a nearly unbeatable team.

32. New Orleans Saints Select Zach Cunningham, ILB, Vanderbilt

Thanks to a trade for Brandon Cooks, the Saints are set up to receive a second first round pick, which is essentially another shot at fixing the defense.

The inside linebacker spot is easily the biggest liability for the team. Had the Bills not taken Foster at 10 it would have been a no brainer and I wouldn’t be very surprised to see the Saints move up to get him if he slides close enough.

That said, the way this shook out is also a great 1-2. They grabbed an elite corner prospect and probably the next best ILB on the board.

That’s it folks. Feel free to take some shots in the comment section. With enough terrible feedback, I might be able to pull off a 2.0 before the draft rolls around.

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