Full 7 Round Mock Draft With Trades

Round 1

1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garret, EDGE, Texas A&M
Not the biggest need but the biggest talent. Let’s call it what it is.

2. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama
Edge rusher is a serious need but I’m not a fan of spending a #2 on one of them. Besides, interior is a need as well.

3. Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
I said in my last mock they need to avoid this pick.  I also said they are a team on the rise and, without a quarterback, they don’t have much higher they can go. Glennon will never win you a Super Bowl. Swing away.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
Thanks to some free agent acquisitions, the Jags have a pretty solid defense they can rely on. They could use a pass rusher but their offense is so horrific something has to be done.  With a tough defense let’s go the ground and pound route with a giant bruising back.

5. Tennessee Titans from LA Rams: Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama
The Titans are close. They have a pretty good team and are climbing the ranks fast. One of the areas that could use improvement is at the ILB position. Foster has off the field issues but is he really going to slide that far cause he was overhydrated and got frustrated while waiting in line?

I guess the question is, do the Titans want a Super Bowl ring or not?

6. TRADE: Carolina Panthers from Jets: Ryan Ramczyk, OL, Wisconsin
The Jets need a lot of things, the biggest being quarterback. Because QB’s drop and the Jets need more picks, they accept a trade from the Panthers.

The Panthers jump the Chargers because they really need a tackle. The Chargers do to. It makes sense.

Panthers get Jets 1st round pick (6) and 3rd round compensatory pick (107)
Jets get Panthers 1st round pick (8) and 2nd round pick (64)

7. LA Chargers: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State
The Chargers are understandably furious about the Panthers trade. Ryan Ramczyk was so close they could smell him and just like that, stolen. Although O-line is still the biggest need by far the talent level at DB is too good to pass up at this point in the draft

8. New York Jets from Carolina Panthers: O.J. Howard,  TE, Alabama
The Jets desperately need a QB but word on the street is that the Jets aren’t looking to reach. Taking one here is a reach. They were able to acquire additional picks with the trade and now have the ability to upgrade their tight end position. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins simply won’t do.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida St.
A seemingly strange pick, the Bengals do need to do better running the ball. Word is, the Bengals are interested in Fournette if he were to fall. He didn’t but Cook is there and I can’t see what the objection would be.

10. Buffalo Bills: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
Micah Hyde was a big acquisition and is no doubt expected to start day 1. Still, the adding of Adams should put the Bills in a good position in terms of DB, especially if they grab a corner later on. They also are probably grabbing the best player available.

11. New Orleans Saints: Solomon Thomas, EDGE, Stanford
The Saints seem determined to find an edge rusher. Although I can’t really see why they want that over a corner, I’m anticipating they grab the best edge rusher available. I believe that man is Solomon Thomas

12. Cleveland Browns from Philadelphia Eagles: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
By taking the top talent available, the Browns now have two instant impact players on the defense. Lattimore will get paired with Jamar Taylor to create a pretty solid corner duo.

13. Arizona Cardinals: David Njoku, TE, Miami
The Cardinals still have a good team. The wheels haven’t come off just yet. If they can get a few more pieces they will be right back in the playoffs in 2017.

Of the holes that need filling, none are more serious than tight end. They effectively don’t have one. David Njoku provides a massive upgrade to an already scary offense.

14. Philadelphia Eagles from Minnesota Vikings: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama
The Eagles are in a really bad way in the corner position. The pick seems too easy.

15. Indianapolis Colts: Forrest Lamp, OL, Western Kentucky
The Colts offensive line has been the punch line to a lot of jokes but they’ve actually improved a good amount. Adding Lamp gives them at least 4 good lineman. Left tackle would be the last question mark.

16. Baltimore Ravens: Taco Charlton, EDGE, Michigan
All due respect to Terrell Suggs, the man is going to be 35 this year. You can’t have a 35 year old guy as your only true edge presence.

17. Washington Redskins: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State
Josh Norman was a good grab. Unfortunately you need more than 1 corner. The Redskins don’t have more than that.

18. Tennessee Titans: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
Fortunately for the Titans, receivers aren’t expected to go very quickly in 2017. By adding Williams the Titans add some talent opposite Rishard Matthews and fill one of their few pressing needs.  Williams seems to have the Titans eye which is why I chose him over one of the other guys.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee
The Buccs need to get Ayers a little help because he’s it. If Barnett can perform, the Buccs should have a stout front.

20. Denver: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
It seems insane not to go offensive line but there are some factors. First, they really need a running back and McCaffrey is not only the best available but the Broncos really like him. Second, there are a few other rounds. Third, they seem to have their sights set on Julie’n Davenport in the later rounds.

21. TRADE: Seattle Seahawks from Detroit Lions: Cam Robinson, OL, Alabama
The Seahawks are beyond desperate for an offensive lineman and rumor has it they have their eye on Robinson. The Lions needs don’t really fit anything here so the trade makes sense.

Seahawks get Lions 1st round (21)
Lions get Seahawks 1st (26), 3rd round comp (106), 6th (210)

22. Miami Dolphins: Zach Cunningham, ILB, Vanderbilt
The Dolphins really like him. He’s available. The value isn’t fantastic but it’s not horrible, and he fills a huge need.

23. New York Giants: Deshone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
Eli is getting older and he isn’t getting any better. The Giants have a young group of talented receivers and need to find the quarterback of the future before it’s too late.

24. Oakland Raiders: Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan St.
Cam Robinson would have been my pick here if not for the Seahawks trade. The Raiders are 1 tackle away from a dominant offensive line. That said, they boys need help on defense. Specifically, they need interior lineman or linebackers. Linebackers aren’t really a value here but there is this guy named Malik. He’s an absolute force up the middle and will give quarterbacks fits.

25. Houston Texans: Patrick Mahomes II, QB, Texas Tech
Tom Savage simply will not do. Unless they plan to make a trade of some kind they need to find a quarterback or the season is over already.

26. Detroit Lions from Seattle Seahawks: Caleb Brantley, DL, Florida
Caleb Brantley got himself in a bit of trouble. As the details become more clear, Brantley could drop and drop far. As of right now I have the Lions filling a huge need with a great player but don’t be surprised if he falls to the middle rounds or later.

27. Kansas City Chiefs: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
Jeremy Maclin was a good attempt at fixing a problem but it fell short. They need more help in that department. Corey Davis should do just fine.

28. Dallas Cowboys: Charles Harris, EDGE, Missouri
The Cowboys are in a great position right now with an incredible amount of young talent. The one area they could use some help is edge rusher. Harris should help.

29. Green Bay Packers: Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
It’s hard to get around it. The Packers need a corner probably more than any other team. There are a lot of them so there’s no excuse not to make improvements. Tabor is seen has a low floor but a high ceiling.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Watt, EDGE, Wisconsin
Similar to the Ravens, the Steelers have 1 edge rush threat and he’s 900 years old. They need to make a move.

31. Atlanta Falcons: Adoree Jackson, CB, USC
Corner isn’t a huge need but the Falcons really like Jackson. Considering he may be the best talent available it’s a relatively easy pick.

32. New Orleans Saints from New England Patriots: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
The Saints love Watson and need to look for a successor to Brees at some point. Drafting him in the beginning of the first is a stretch but snagging him before the start of the second makes a lot of sense.

Round 2

1 (33). Cleveland Browns: John Ross, WR, Washington
The Browns have added the top edge rusher, the top corner, and now they add the new 40 yard dash record holder. All three are positions of need as well as best available players. Not a bad start.

2 (34). San Francisco 49ers: Takkarist McKinnley, EDGE, UCLA
The 49ers got a huge boost in the middle of the defense with Allen but desperately need someone to put pressure on the QB. Takkarist is arguable the best available option.

3 (35). Jacksonville Jaguars: Haason Reddick, EDGE, Temple
The Jaguars got a big boost on offense with Fournette but need a pass rusher. Reddick is probably the only other rusher considered a potential 1st round pick. It’s now or never.

4 (36). Chicago Bears: Sydney Jones, CB, Washington
The Bears GM mentioned a desire to upgrade their corners. They currently have three that grade out as average so it isn’t a dire need. With that they grab a guy that is considered one of the best corners in the draft that fell due to an injury that will hold him out year one. Starting in 2018 the Bears have a top corner.

5 (37). Los Angeles Rams: Dan Feeney, OL, Indiana
The Rams really want an offensive lineman. Feeney is a fantastic guard that should be an instant starter. Hopefully it will help get Gurley going.

6 (38). Los Angeles Chargers: Garett Bolles, OL, Utah
Mahomes was certainly the plan at 38 but if you can’t replace him, why not try to protect him. The Chargers line is an issue every year. It’s time to fix it.

7 (39). New York Jets: Carl Lawson, EDGE, Auburn
The pick largely has to do with value. Lawson is a first round talent that fits the mold of a Jets 3-4 outside linebacker.

8 (40). Carolina Panthers: Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee
Panthers GM David Gettleman made it clear the Panthers will be looking to add a running back in the draft. Kamara is a fantastic addition.

9 (41). Cincinnati Bengals: Dawuane Smoot, EDGE, Illinois
Offensive line is a huge need but it will have to wait. The Bengals need help on the edge and Smoot is a monster.

10 (42). New Orleans Saints: Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan
The Saints continue to build up the defense this time grabbing a players whos name has very quietly snuck up the draft boards.

11 (43). Philadelphia Eagles: Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
The Eagles really like Melifonwu and he’s a great value here. It may seem odd with 2 solid safeties but Malcolm Jenkins will be 30 this year.ad

12 (44). Buffalo Bills: Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
The Bills added Micah Hyde in the offseason, Jamal Adams in the first, and now Quincy Wilson in the 2nd. If the Bills don’t have the best seconday in the NFL in 2017 it will be a disappointment.

13 (45). Arizona Cardinals: Jarrad Davis, ILB, Florida
Davis is a monster in the middle of the field. The Cardinals have two linebackers that are serviceable but they need help.

14 (46). Indianapolis Colts: Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan
The Colts need a safety and one of the most electrifying players, one who happens to be a safety, is quietly waiting to hear his name called. Fortunately for the Colts, his “dilute” drug test caused him to fall a little.

If he doesn’t pan out, he can help with their thin linebacker group. They could also make him a receiver… or running back… or coach.

15 (47). Baltimore Ravens: Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
The Ravens have quite a few aging corners but a few young guys to be optimistic about. If they hit on White here they might be good at the position for a long time.

16 (48). Minnesota Vikings: Pat Elflein, OL, Ohio State
The Vikings offense needs help. Specifically they need to be able to run the ball. By adding Elflein as a center, Berger and Boon can play guard and help solidify the center of the line. Still short a couple tackles, it’s a good start.

17 (49). Washington Redskins: Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
Reed is a freak but he plays 30 seconds per year. Vernon Davis is 400 years old. Hyperbole aside, Engram is a solid tight end.

18 (50). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
The Buccaneers are expected to go heavy offense in rounds 1 and 2. In 1 I have them taking a stud pass rusher. In 2 they grab possibly the best back in the country.

He has issues off the field but so did Jameis. The Buccs feel confident they can bank on rolling the dice once again.

19 (51). Denver Broncos: Larry Ogunjobi, DL, Charlotte
The need for defensive line is almost as pressing as their need for offensive line. Ogunjobi is the better value.

20 (52). Cleveland Browns from Tennessee Titans: Tim Williams, EDGE, Alabama
The Browns are having an impressive draft. Williams slipped pretty far down the board and right into the lap of the Browns who would love to have his services.

21 (53). Detroit Lions: Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
There are quite a few talented corners that are available. The Lions are the first to strike in the second round providing needed depth behind Slay and Lawson.

22 (54). Miami Dolphins: Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson
The rush is on now. Similar to the Lions, there are several needs but corner talent is too good to pass up. Tankersley will bring some needed depth.

23 (55). New York Giants: Desmond King, DB, Iowa
The Giants secondary was fantastic last year but they need depth and they need youth. Desmond King is another fantastic corner/safety in the 2017 draft class.

24 (56). Oakland Raiders:  Raekwon McMillan, ILB, Ohio State
The Raiders desperately needed help on the defensive line and at linebacker. They got two great picks in rounds 1 and 2.

25 (57). Houston Texans: Dion Dawkins, OL, Temple
The Texans are another team in need of some O-line help. The guards in particular are lacking in the skill department. Dion Dawkins should provide an instant boost.

26 (58). Seattle Seahawks: Taylor Moton, OL, Western Michigan
Seahawks go back to back offensive line. Moton is a tackle that is thought to be a better guard in the NFL. Fortunately it doesn’t matter for the Seahawks because they need both.

27 (59). Kansas City Chiefs: Chris Wormley, DL, Michigan
If the Chiefs expect to get their defenses back on top they had better plan to add some bodies to the defensive line. Wormley is a good start. Might need another though.

28 (60). Dallas Cowboys: Kevin King, CB, Washington
The Dallas offense is a terrifying thing. So far in the draft the Cowboys are looking to make their defense equally as terrifying adding much needed depth.

29 (61). TRADE: San Francisco 49ers from Green Bay Packers: Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA
Moreau is considered by some to be a first round talent. If a team agrees it makes sense to grab him as he falls to the end of the second.

The 49ers need help all over and corner is no exception.

49ers get Packers 2nd round (61)
Packers get 49ers 3rd round (66) and 5th (146)

30 (62). Pittsburgh Steelers: Gerald Everett, TE, Ashland
The Steelers need a tight end. A good thing since Everett is possibly the top player available.

31 (63). Atlanta Falcons: Adam Shaheen, TE, South Alabama
It’s more of a value pick than a need pick but Austin Hooper isn’t exactly Gronk. If Shaheen is even half as good in the pros as he was in college he will somehow make the best offense in the NFL even better.

32 (64). New York Jets from Carolina Panthers: Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
The Jets could use the depth at corner and reportedly really like Witherspoon. He could possibly fall to them in the third but if the Jets think he’s a good value at 64 they won’t risk it.

Round 3

1 (65). Cleveland Browns: Budda Baker, S, Washington
This is the Browns 5th pick and the 3rd round just started. So far they’ve added two amazing pass rushers, the top corner, the new 40 time record holder at WR, and now a top safety. I know it’s the Browns but wow… if you were ever going to be optimistic about their season it would be 2017.

2 (66). Green Bay Packers from San Francisco 49ers: Tyus Bowser, EDGE, Alabama
The Packers added a pick and probably didn’t lose their target. Anderson will make a great addition to the Packers thin OLB group.

3 (67). Chicago Bears: JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
When a team drafts a quarterback of the future they always want to go out and get him a shiny new WR. The Bears waited a whole 2 rounds to find Trubisky his toy.

JuJu may not be the best available but there also seems to be a trend with getting new quarterbacks big physical receivers. JuJu certainly is that type of player.

4 (68.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Dorian Johnson, OL, Pittsburgh
The Jaguars build a strong defense in the offseason. The offense, however, is a mess. They added a RB which should help but they need an offensive line or it will all be for not. Dorian will help fortify the guard position.

5 (69). Los Angeles Rams: Curtis Samuel, WR, Ohio State
The Rams are expected to look to WR in round 2. Samuel is a great value and also doubles as a RB which has to be a little tempting to the Rams considering their struggles in that phase of their game.

6 (70). TRADE: Arizona Cardinals from New York Jets: Davis Webb, QB, California
The Cardinals have met with a slew of quarterbacks and seem hell bent on finding the next signal caller in Arizona. The last player left to draft that they met with (twice, once was a private meeting in AZ) is Davis Webb. With the Chargers up next it’s now or never.

Cardinals get Jets 3rd (70)
Jets get Chargers 3rd (77), 5th (157), and 6th (197)
7 (71). Los Angeles Chargers: Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington
For the second time in three rounds a team trades up for the sole purpose of stealing from the Chargers. If they can’t replace Rivers, they’ll at least try to make his last year his best year.

8 (72). New England Patriots from Carolina Panthers: Demarcus Walker, EDGE,
The Patriots make their first pick in the 2017 NFL draft and they immediately attack one of their few weak points. Although players like Tyus Bowser are more well known, Walker fits the prototypical Patriots DE mold.

9 (73). Cincinnati Bengals: Tarell Basham, EDGE, Ohio
The Bengals have Carlos Dunlap but nothing else on the edge. Going back to back isn’t a shock. The Bengals love Basham, he’s available, let’s do it!

10 (74). Baltimore Ravens from Philidelphia Eagles: Ethan Pocic, OL, LSU
The Ravens need line help and the top guy fell quite a bit because he’s a center (or so I presume). The Ravens need help at the position and actually met with Pocic at the Senior Bowl. It’s a good match.

11 (75). Buffalo Bills: Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
The Bills have focused on defense and will still need work but there are quite a few good options at WR available. Considering their only real WR threat wasn’t much of a threat last year, they need to get Taylor some help.

12 (76). New Orleans Saints: Kareem Hunt, RB, Toledo
The Saints had a meeting with Hunt at his pro day. They need help in a lot of areas but RB makes sense here.

13 (77). New York Jets: Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State
One of the perks of needing help everywhere is the ability to draft for value and need at with every pick. Godwin is largely seen as a 2nd round pick so he’s a great value at 77. He also has a shot at being the top receiver for the Jets… By default mostly but still.

14 (78). Baltimore Ravens: Josh Jones, S, NC State
The Ravens met with Jones and he fell right in their lap in the third round. They already have a solid duo but Weddle is 32 years old.

15 (79). Minnesota Vikings: Antonio Garcia, OL, Troy
The Vikings have only made 2 picks so far and both are offensive line. Garcia will fill 1 of the two tackle spots but they still have work to do.

16 (80). Indianapolis Colts: Jordan Willis, EDGE, Kansas State
Willis will be the true test of Pro Football Focus. They have Willis as the number 5 edge rusher and number 19 overall. If he plays like a 1st round pick, they deserve a lot of credit and the Colts will have the steal of the draft. If not they may need to tweak their formula.

17 (81). Washington Redskins: ArDarius Stewart, WR, Alabama
The Redskins lost some talent at WR and will need to reload.

18 (82). Denver Broncos: Julie’n Davenport, OL, Bucknell
Davenport is a boom or bust player. Some teams see him as a great tackle in the NFL, others don’t think he’ll be able to play at all at an NFL level. The Broncos aparently really like him.

19 (83). Tennessee Titans: Marcus Williams, S, Utah
As I mentioned, the Titans are on a pretty solid footing. There might be picks that would better fit a need but why reach? It’s what failing teams do. You’re team is pretty good now. Time to start acting like it. Williams is the top guy. Take him.

20 (84). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina
It feels weird to say this but DeSean Jackson is 30 years old. I’m sure he’ll infuse some life into the offense but this is a team built for the future. Behind Jackson is Adam Humphries. They need a guy like Zay.

21 (85). Detroit Lions: Montravius Adams, DL, Auburn
The Lions already grabbed a stud in Caleb Brantley but even if he’s a great tackle, he’s the only one. Adams makes a pair.

22 (86). Minnesota Vikings from Miami Dolphins: Marcus Maye, S, Florida
Sendejo had his best year last year but that really isn’t a huge compliment. He’s okay but they can do better.

23 (87). New York Giants: Jaleel Johnson, DL, Iowa
Damon Harrison is 29 and is all the Giants really have to brag about along the defensive line.

24 (88). Oakland Raiders: D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
Foreman blew people away with his 40 time, despite being over 230 pounds. Still, Foreman slipped to the third which works out great for the Raiders who lost Latavius Murray.

25 (89). Houston Texans: Isaac Asiata, OL, Utah
Back to back guards seems strange on the surface but there is method to the madness. First, the Texans have to have the worst guard duo in the NFL so both need a replacement. They just drafted a quarterback so protecting him is paramount, and two guards will certainly help in the run game, which struggled far more than it should have.

26 (90). Seattle Seahawks: Dalvin Tomlinson, DL, Alabama
Jarran Reed wasn’t a very good selection. So let’s try again with an Alabama defensive lineman. 

27 (91). Kansas City Chiefs: Elijah Qualls, DL, Washington
The Chiefs added Wormley at defensive end but need an upgrade at the nose tackle position. Qualls is a big enough man to handle it.

28 (92). Dallas Cowboys: Jake Butt, TE, Michigan
Yes Witten got an extension but he’s 34 and is a shell of his former self. Butt is a good enough talent to play week 1.

29 (93). Green Bay Packers: Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida
Anzolone is a gifted player but has some injury issues that caused him to fall. The Packers need to be better at linebacker and Anzolone’s upside is too good to pass up.

30 (94). Pittsburgh Steelers: Malachi Dupri, WR, LSU
Antonio Brown is the man. Nobody is doubting that. What they don’t have is a solid number two. There are a few different options available at pick 94 but Dupri is a big body receiver at 6’3. Sort of a ying to Brown’s 5’10 yang.

31 (95). Atlanta Falcons: Ryan Anderson, EDGE, Villanova
The Falcons have done a lot to improve their front. They’ve made strides but aren’t quite there yet. 

32 (96). New England Patriots: Cam Sutton, CB, Tennessee
Malcolm Butler is solid, Rowe and Gilmore are par at best. Cam Sutton is a great pick at the end of the third.

33 (97.) Miami Dolphins (compensatory): Carlos Watkins, DL, Clemson
Ndamukong is paying off but Jordan Phillips is no help whatsoever. They need a big man next to Suh.

34 (98). Carolina Panthers (Compensatory): Chad Hensen, WR, California
The Panthers haven’t really done a great job with wide receivers in the draft. Benjamin and Funchess were exciting prospects but neither really every became elite targets. They need to find a guy.

35 (99). Philadelphia Eagles from Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory): Jeremy McNichols, RB, Boise State
The Mathews/Sproles duo simply isn’t cutting it. McNichols is a versatile back that plays all over the offense. He’s an elusive weapon that played along side Jay Ajayi.

36 (100). Tennessee Titans from LA Rams (Compensatory): Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech
Delanie Walker is a solid tight end but he’s 32 years old. Hodges is a big athletic target that can be paired with Mariota for a long time.

37 (101). Denver Broncos (Compensatory): Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M
Unfortunately for the Broncos, most of their needs to meet any available value. That is with the exception of quarterback. Still, the Broncos just drafted Lynch and claim they love Siemian… Value pick it is.

38 (102). Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory): Rasul Douglas, CB, West Virginia
The Legion of Boom is still a lethal entity but behind Sherman there is a noticeable drop off. There is also a lot of talk of a trade and by the time this is published he may not even be with the team. They need to reload.

39 (103). New Orleans Saints from Patriots from Browns (Compensatory): Kendell Beckwith, LB, LSU
Making their 5th selection in 3 rounds, the Saints are still in need of a lot of talent. Maybe their biggest need is slightly alleviated with the selection of Beckwith to linebacker.

40 (104). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory): Carlos Henderson, WR, LA Tech
The Chiefs already added a wide receiver but they started with no real exceptional players at the position. Drafting 2 isn’t really the worst idea.

41 (105). Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory): Duke Riley, LB, LSU
Shazier is their best linebacker and although he had his first not horrible year, he still isn’t what you would call spectacular. The Steelers need help.

42 (106). TRADE: LA Chargers from Detroit Lions from Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory): Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
Enough is enough. After being robbed twice in the draft, the Chargers decide to make a move to ensure they get their quarterback. Kaaya has fallen far enough.

Chargers get Lions 3rd (106)
Lions get Chargers 4th (113), 6th (190)

43 (107). Carolina Panthers from New York Jets (Compensatory): Eddie Vanderdoes, DL, UCLA
Star Latulelei was a force in the middle at one point in his career but the last couple years he’s nothing short of a liability. Vanderdoes should be an instant starter.

Round 4

1 (108). Cleveland Browns: Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh
To add to the greatest draft of all time, the Browns now have a quarterback. Peterman is up in the air in terms of talent but if his play at Pitt is a better indication of his talent than his play at Tennessee, he’s going to be a steal in the 4th.

2 (109). San Francisco 49ers: Roderick Johnson, OL, Florida State
The 49ers have exactly two lineman that aren’t terrible. Last I checked they need to trot out 5 of them. If they don’t start adding talent by round 4 they are in trouble.

3 (110). Jacksonville Jaguars: Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson
I’m not sure what the plan is for 2017 but if it involves tight end they’re going to need to look to the draft.

4 (111). Chicago Bears: Daeshon Hall, EDGE, Texas A&M
The Bears don’t have a bad roster but they lack in key positions. They drafted a quarterback and now they have an edge rusher. It’s not likely to make them Super Bowl contenders but if those two picks alone turn out well this will be a new team in 2017… Or whenever they wise up and bench Glennon.

5 (112). Los Angeles Rams: Derek Rivers, EDGE, Youngstown State
It’s strange to think the Rams, who are known for defense and just signed Connor Barwin, would need an edge rusher. The reality is, 2016 was a bad year for everyone on the edge for the Rams, including Barwin. Barwin was forced to switch to an unnatural position but even so, he’s never graded out as higher than average according to PFF.

6 (113). Detroit Lions from Los Angeles Chargers: Noah Brown, WR, Ohio State
The Lions really just have two receivers. Both are journeymen, both are in their late 20’s, and neither of them is over 200 pounds. Brown gives them the youth and strength to be a force on the field.

7 (114). Washington Redskins from New York Jets: Vincent Taylor, DL, Oklahoma State
The Redskins have a good player in Stacy McGee but otherwise are going to struggle with the big boys up front. Considering they need to be rotated in and out, this is a position that needs depth.  The Redskins don’t even have 3 starters. This is a crucial pick.

8 (115). Carolina Panthers: Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama
Mike Adams is aging like wine but in the end, age wins the battle. At 36 he’ll be calling it quits soon.

Kurt Coleman and Tre Boston aren’t the worst combo but they aren’t the best. Even then, Kurt will be 29 by the start of the season.

9 (116). Cincinnati Bengals: David Sharpe, OL, Florida
The Bengals waiting until the 4th round to address their biggest need. Fortunately for them, there are quite a few good options available and they also have a second pick this round… Not sayin’ I’m just sayin’

10 (117). Chicago Bears from Buffalo Bills: Will Holden, OL, Vanderbilt
As I said, quite a few options available. The Bears are doing great on the interior of their line but the tackles could use some work. 

12 (118). Philadelphia Eagles: Tyler Orlosky, OL, West Virginia
Orlosky is a center extraordinaire. He won’t replace Kelce in year 1 but Kelce and Wisniewski are both getting up in age. He’ll be a welcome addition before long.

13 (119). Green Bay Packers from Arizona Cardinals: Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma
It’s been my contention for a long time that Samaje makes a lot of sense for the Packers. He’s been the top back on the board for quite a while. It’s time to go up and get him.

Packers get Cardinals 4th (119)
Cardinals get Packers 4th (134), 5th (182)

14 (120). Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Walker Jr, LB, Northwestern
In 2015 Anthony Barr was a freak but Kendricks was pretty bad. In 2016 Kendricks was incredible but Barr decided he’d take the year off. If those two could ever sync up, they’ll be an incredible duo. Walker is here if 1 decides he doesn’t want to play.

15 (121). Indianapolis Colts: Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida
The Colts need help in a number of areas but they certainly will need to look for a RB of the future at some point. I can’t imagine Turbin is that guy.

16 (122). Baltimore Ravens: Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan
The only wide receiver with even a little talent is 30 year old journeyman Mike Wallace. Darboh is a big physical guy that should be able to have an impact.

17 (123). Washington Redskins: Nico Siragusa, OL, San Diego State
The Redskins added a quality guard when they drafted Scherff but they could definitely use another. Lauvao is going to be 30 this year and has been a pretty consistent liability.

18 (124). Tennessee Titans: Howard Wilson, CB, Houston
The Titans have talent but need depth. Two of the Titans top 3 corners are 30 years old. 

19 (125). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adam Bisnowaty, OL, Pittsburgh
The Buccs need a guard and a tackle pretty badly. Bisnowaty is the best value available of the two groups and should make for a pretty solid tackle.

20 (126). Denver Broncos: Chad Wheeler, OL, USC
The Broncos got their man with Davenport but have two of the worst tackles in the NFL. The need to keep digging.

21 (127). TRADE: NY Giants from Detroit Lions: Brian Hill, RB, Wyoming
There are two backs that have fallen further than expected. It was just a matter of time before someone jumped up and grabbed one. The Giants, in need of a reliable back, make the move.

Giants get Lions 4th (127)
Lions get Giants 4th (140), Giants 6th (207)

22 (128). Minnesota Vikings from Miami Dolphins: Taywan Taylor, WR, Western Kentucky
Diggs is quite good. Thielen had a good year after two terrible seasons. Regardless of your optimism of Thielen, a third reciever is needed and the Vikings currently have no options.

23 (129). TRADE: S.F. 49ers from Oakland Raiders: Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
Kaaya is the last promising QB prospect and has fallen about as far as a QB hungry team will allow. The 49ers hand over one of their two 6th round picks to get him.

49ers get Raiders 4th round (129)
Raiders get 4th round (143), 6th round (202)

24 (130). Houston Texans: Nazair Jones, DL, North Carolina
The Texans have some great pieces on defense but a few more could put them over the top. D.J. Reader had a pretty solid first year and with J.J. Watt back, if they can add a solid DE to the group, with Clowney and Mercilus on the edge… c’mon!

25. (131). NE Patriots from Seattle Seahawks: Danny Isidora, OL, Miami
Seemingly not the biggest need in the world, the Patriots are 1 guard away from a pretty dominant offensive line. Isidora could put them over the hump.
26 (132). Kansas City Chiefs: Trey Hendrickson, EDGE, Florida Atlantic
Obviously Hali and Houston are a great duo but they will need to pass the torch before long. Dadi Nicolas has some promise but they need to add some more young talent.

27 (133). Dallas Cowboys: J.J. Dielman, OL, Utah
The Cowboys are renowned for their offensive line but lost some key players. Now expected to roll with La’el Collins and Chaz Green, neither of which should instill a lot of confidence. Collins was considered a 1st round prospect so if you’re going to hedge against someone it’d probably be Green.

28 (134). Arizona Cardinals from Green Bay Packers: Jarron Jones, DL, Notre Dame
The Cardinals defensive line is a mess. Not one person on the entire depth chart has ever been graded above average at any point in their entire collective careers. Most have been graded poorly. They need a lot of help. Jones is a start.

29 (135). Pittsburgh Steelers: John Johnson, S, Boston College
More of a value pick than a need pick but the Steelers aren’t exactly set at the position. They could improve and certainly need the depth.

30 (136). Atlanta Falcons: Jordan Morgan, OL, Kutztown
The Falcons will have a new face at right guard. Although Hugh Thornton could be just fine, all indications are that he isn’t very good. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

31 (137). Indianapolis Colts from New England Patriots: Tanzel Smart, DL, Tulane
THe Colts need a good amount of help on defense. The defensive line is underwhelming in general but the NT spot is just no good. Smart should be able to help in the middle.

32 (138). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection): Davon Godchaux, DL, LSU
Well the tackles flew off the board and didn’t leave a ton of great options available. Fortunately for the Bengals, they are struggling in more than just that one area.

Outside of 29 year old Geno Atkins, the Bengals don’t have much going for them in the middle of the defensive line. Godchaux is similar dimensionally to the soon to be 32 year old Pat Sims, making him a solid replacement prospect. 

33 (139). Philadelphia Eagles from Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection): Isaiah Ford, WR, Virginia Tech
Alshon and Jordan Matthews should make a solid tandem but to keep things in perspective, Jeffery has had two good years and a bunch of injuries. Matthews, on the other hand, has actually never graded out higher than average according to PFF. The addition of a wide receiver at some point seems like a wise decision.

34 (140). Detroit Lions from New York Giants: Connor Harris, LB, Lindenwood
The Lions Linebackers are absolutely awful. They’ve upgraded the defensive line, now it’s time to work our way back.

35 (141). Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection): Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Arkansas
The Rams really don’t have any good options at tight end. It’s the end of the 4th round but Sprinkle is still considered by some to be one of the top in the class.

36 (142). Houston Texans from Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection): Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson
I’m not sure Lamar Miller can be blamed for the lack of running game in Houston. Then again I’m not sure he can’t be either. Miller’s career has largely been underwhelming and taking Gallman, who happens to be a great value here, sort of makes sense.

37 (143). Oakland Raiders from San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection): Charles Walker, DL, Oklahoma
The Raiders added Malik McDowell but their defensive line needs a lot of help. Walker is 6’2 210 pounds of brute force.

38 (144). Indianapolis Colts (Compensatory Selection): Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M
Hilton and Moncrief are a pretty good duo but there is a sharp drop off behind them. All they really need is a number three guy. Reynolds should be able to pull that off.

Round 5

1 (145). Cleveland Browns: Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU
The conventional wisdom is that the Browns with consolidate a lot of these picks in order to trade up and get better value. They can’t keep all the players, after all. That’s flawed thinking. The draft is a crapshoot. The talent isn’t all stacked in round one, it’s scattered throughout the draft and you never know when you’ll strike gold. The way to win the draft is with numerous picks. Keep the picks. Keep the talent. Start moving this team forward.

2 (146). Green Bay Packers from San Francisco 49ers: Rayshawn Jenkins, S, Miami
It might not seem like safety is a need for the Packers but it is. The Packers play a good amount of snaps with 3 safeties and Kentrell Brice isn’t the answer. Jenkins comes from a school known for producing great DB’s and is the spitting image of Clinton-Dix.

Beyond that, the Packers will take the best available and it’s my opinion that Jenkins is the best available.

3 (147). Chicago Bears: Corn Elder, CB, Miami
Yes, another Miami DB. At this time the Bears have 5 corners that played with any regularity. 2 of them are horrible and 3 are as average as you’ll find in the NFL. They drafted Sydney Jones in round two but he most likely won’t contribute until the 2018 season. If the Bears want to upgrade their DB group this year they really can’t wait much longer.

4 (148). Jacksonville Jaguars: Zach Banner, OL, USC
There is some question as to whether the 6’8 Banner should be playing tackle or guard. For the Jaguars it really doesn’t matter. If the Jaguars are going to draft Fournette and embrace their new ground and pound offense they need road graders. As of now Linder and Parnell are the only players along the line with any run blocking ability whatsoever. Play him at RG or RT, it really doesn’t matter. Just let him blaze a trail.

5 (149). Los Angeles Rams: Collin Buchanan, OL, Miami (OH)
The Rams looked to have a winning formula in 2016. Pound Gurley in the first half and rely on your defense to keep the game close. By the second half, the opposing defense will be so worn out, the hapless Rams offense starts to actually rack up a few points and somehow win the game.

For some reason I can’t explain, the Rams got away from that as the season went on and went on to lose seemingly every game they played. The Rams need to realize that Gurley is far and away their best player. If they want to win they need to get him a line that can keep him clean, at least until the man gets to the line of scrimmage, and they need to run him over and over and over.

Buchanan will likely play guard in the NFL. With Dan Feeney and two pretty solid tackles, the Rams have a shot at not being terrible in 2017.

6 (150). New York Jets: Shaquill Griffin, CB, Central Florida
One of the perks of having so many deficits is the fact that drafting value almost always covers a need. Outside of Morris Claiborne there isn’t a ton to be excited about.

7 (151). Los Angeles Chargers:  Ryan Glasgow, DL, Michigan
Defensive tackle Corey Liuget had a couple years in which he wasn’t horrible but the wheels have clearly fallen off. It’s time to upgrade. Ryan Glasgow fits the mold and should at the very least be an upgrade.

8 (152). Carolina Panthers: James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh
The Panthers already drafted a RB but the amount of talent at the position that should be off the board by now is pretty staggering.

Beyond that, Conner isn’t just depth, he provides some serious boom to the RB room and can be a huge asset in short yardage and goal line situations. When you’re already worried about a mobile QB, a lethal TE, and big bodied WR’s, a hammer of a RB on the goal line will prove to be too much for opposing defenses.

9 (153)TRADE: New York Jets from Cincinnati Bengals: Corey Clement, RB, Wisconsin
The Jets really need a running back and there are some good options available but none with as much potential to be a 3 down back as Wisconsin’s Corey Clement. After seeing Conner go the pick before, the Jets knew it was time to pull the trigger.

Jets get Bengals 5th (153)
Bengals get Jets 5th (157), 7th (224)

10 (154). Washington Redskins from New Orleans Saints: Damontae Kazee, CB, San Diego St.
The Redskins have Josh Norman and nabbed Gareon Conley in round 1. If the Redskins can hit on a third corner, the defensive back group for the Redskins could be scary. In the NFC East that isn’t the worst thing.

11 (155). Philadelphia Eagles: Jonnu Smith, TE, Florida International
Zach Ertz is a lot like Kyle Rudolph. Every year we hear about how great he is going to be and every year he pulls off a remarkably average performance. Perhaps it’s time to continue the search.

12 (156). Buffalo Bills: Elijah Lee, LB, Kansas St.
Making only their 4th pick, the Bills are probably feeling some pressure to draft at positions of need. Linebacker is a pretty big one. Even if Reggie Ragland is a force in the middle, they still need another to play along side of him.

13 (157). Cincinnati Bengals from New York Jets from Arizona Cardinals: Erik Magnuson, OL, Michigan
The Bengals tackle position was in serious trouble in 2016. It’s possible Jake Fisher and David Sharpe can hold it down but now that they have Dalvin Cook they need to be sure and solidify that line.

14 (158). Indianapolis Colts: Deatrich Wise, EDGE, Arkansas
Wise is considered an edge rusher but at 6’5 275 running a 4.92, he would be better suited as a defensive end for the Colts. As a DE he could, at the very least, provide some internal pressure in passing situations. Something very much needed in Indy.

15 (159). Baltimore Ravens: George Kittle, TE, Iowa
The Ravens no doubt have high hopes for Maxx Williams but with Dennis Pitta’s production hitting an all time low there isn’t a ton of time to wait for Williams to turn the corner.

16 (160). Minnesota Vikings: Jalen Myrick, CB, Minnesota
The evaluations of Myrick are all over the board with CBS listing him as a potential 2nd round player. Although the Vikings have had success on defense, the corner position is getting old and getting thin. Grabbing the Minnesotan should help both of those issues, as well as potentially adding a dominant player.

17 (161). San Francisco 49ers from Washington Redskins: Jermaine Eluemunor, OL, Texas A&M
It really doesn’t matter at this point who they 49ers draft, they still need everything. Guard, however, is probably their most pressing need and it has yet to be addressed. Eluemunor should at least be able to upgrade one of the two guard spots.

18 (162). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Matthew Dayes, RB, N.C. State
Yes the Buccs drafted Mixon but let’s be honest, it isn’t the worst idea in the world to have an insurance policy in case things go south.

Dayes is undersized and probably will never be a 3 down back but his shiftiness should allow him to be a good change of pace back for the Buccs.

19 (163). Buffalo Bills from New England Patriots from Denver Broncos: Lorenzo Jerome, S, St. Francis
Jerome is the second safety selection for the Bills in this draft and both of them might start as Jerome has a good chance to beat out Jordan Poyer for the second safety spot alongside Jamal Adams.

20 (164). Tennessee Titans: Kenny Golladay, WR, Northern Illinois
The Titans now have one of the most complete rosters in the NFL but a third wide receiver would definitely help. The 6’4 Golladay will provide another big body for the young quarterback.

21 (165). Detroit Lions: Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo
As much as it must hurt, it is clearly time to call it what it is. Moving up in round 1 to select Eric Ebron was a terrible move. After three years Ebron has not had a single year where he was anything but terrible. Even as a 5th round rookie, I find it hard to believe that Roberts will be worse in 2017 than Ebron will be.

22 (166). Miami Dolphins: Kyle Fuller, OL, Baylor
Mike Pouncey isn’t the worst center but he isn’t great. He is also getting older and has some injury issues. Drafter a center here won’t be a wasted pick.

23 (167). New York Giants: Eric Saubert, TE, Drake
Will Tye? Is that who the Giants are going with? Come on now…

24 (168). Oakland Raiders: Shelton Gibson, WR, West Virginia
Excuse me for my skepticism but don’t think Michael Crabtree and Cordarrelle Patterson are the answer. Amari Cooper is dominant but he can’t be the sole focus of your offense.

25 (169). Houston Texans: Travis Rudolph, WR, Florida State
Hopkins is a monster but they have to find a number 2. Ideally Fuller steps up and allows Rudolph to be number 3 but Fuller was not very fantastic in year 1.

26. Seattle Seahawks (Forfeited): Burn!

27 (170). Kansas City Chiefs: Donnel Pumphrey, RB, San Diego State
The Chiefs seem content with Ware and West but they probably shouldn’t be. Moving on from Mr. Glass, Jamaal Charles, was a smart move but they still need to find a player to add to the RB room.

I can’t think of a better player here, and a better fit, than possibly the most electrifying player in the draft, Donnel Pumphrey.

28 (171). Buffalo Bills from Dallas Cowboys: Elijah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette
The Bills have McCoy but not a lot else. McGuire is a north south runner with some pop and could be a good compliment to Shady. McGuire also fits the mold of Gillislee to a T and would be a good replacement.

29 (172). Green Bay Packers: Tanoh  Kpassagnon, EDGE, Villanova
Physically the guy is a monster and fits the mold of Julius Peppers. Dom Capers will appreciate having an edge rusher than he can use as a down lineman. Whether he can perform at a high level in the NFL remains to be seen but the upside is exciting.
30 (173). Pittsburgh Steelers: Joe Williams, RB, Utah
The Steelers have Bell but not really any depth. Williams is far too talented to be a 5th round pick but theft, fumbles, and a brief retirement from football have some teams spooked. The Steelers don’t have a  pressing need and can afford the risk.

31 (174). Atlanta Falcons: Grover Stewart, DL, Albany State
Dontari Poe has been up and down in his career, with his last year being pretty terrible. Finding a replacement that even comes close to the size of Poe isn’t easy but Stewart fits the bill pretty well.

32 (175). Cleveland Browns from New England Patriots: K.D. Cannon, WR, Baylor
This is the Browns 9th pick. Although there are still unaddressed needs, the Browns are able to take best available, stack the talent, sift through it before the season starts, and start 2017 locked and loaded.

33 (176). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection): Jessamen Dunker, OL, Tennessee State
The Bengals have now added 3 offensive lineman in 6 picks. Two tackles and a guard. The good news, obviously, is that the offensive line play should improve. The bad news is that even if all three are great, the existing players are not. Perhaps a few more are in order.

34 (177). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection): Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
The Broncos are playing it cool when it comes to their quarterbacks, insisting they have the utmost confidence in their young guns. Unfortunately for them, both of them were pretty awful last year. Drafting a QB in the 5th should be low key enough to hide the terror.

35 (178). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection): Conor McDermott, OL, UCLA
The Dolphins line is far too horrible to wait until the 5th round, yet, here we are. To be fair, their line is fairly average but they do really need a tackle.

36 (179). Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection): Sean Harlow, OL, Oregon State
Despite the elite play of their running back, the Cardinals line isn’t all that wonderful. At a bare minimum they need to find a guard. With Harlow they met their quota.

37 (180). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection): Caroll Phillips, EDGE, Illinois
The Chiefs have 2 players that are aging at a premium position. Phillips is a great value at 180.

38 (181). Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection): Ben Gedeon, LB, Michigan
Chris Kirksey has improved exponentially every year and has become a solid starter. The issue is a lack of any talent around him. Gedeon has a shot at playing the Mike linebacker position, their weakest spot at the position.

39 (182). Arizona Cardinals from Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection): Jeremiah Ledbetter, DL, Arkansas
The Cardinals need help along the D line. Ledbetter seems to be the best fit for the type of player the Cardinals like.

40 (183). New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection): Vince Biegel, EDGE, Wisconsin
The Patriots pick their second edge rusher in 4 picks. Although edge is a need, this is clearly more of a value pick at the end of the 5th.

41 (184). Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection): Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee
The Dolphins have a pretty decent stable of WR’s but nothing to be overly optimistic about. certainly not too good to pass up a solid prospect in the 5th.

Round 6

1 (185). Cleveland Browns: Brendan Langley, CB, Lamar
So far the Browns have only selected 1 corner in this deep corner draft. Granted, that 1 player is Marshon Lattimore but they will still need to look out for a third.

2 (186).TRADE: NY Jets from Baltimore Ravens from San Francisco 49ers: Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi
The Jets need a QB bad and have yet to grab one. With more QB needy teams than capable QB’s, it was destined to happen to someone. Still, in the 6th round the Jets jump the Jaguars who may be on the lookout as well and grab a guy with a big arm and an even bigger mouth. Perfect fit for New York.

Jets get Ravens 6th (186)
Ravens get Jets 6th (191) 2018 6th (TBD)

3 (187). Jacksonville Jaguars: Jerod Evans, QB, Virginia Tech
Not to be deterred, the Jaguars grab a quarterback anyway. To be honest, they would take a guy like Evans anyway. Evans is seen as a solid talent but someone in need of a lot of coaching. The Jaguars have built a staff centered around the concept of improving their young stud, Blake Bortles. Clearly it’s a good place for a developmental guy to land.

4 (188). Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans through Chicago Bears:  Brad Seaton, OL, Villanova
The Browns have a pretty good line but if there is an area to improve it’s at right tackle. Seaton is a talented guy but his athleticism might make him a poor fit for a left tackle spot. As a right tackle he may surprise a few people.

5 (189). Los Angeles Rams: Jon Toth, OL, Kentucky
Gurley is the best player on the team and his production is an embarrassment. The addition of two guards could really help out but an additional interior lineman, this time a guard, couldn’t hurt. If nothing else, 2017 needs to be the year Gurley tears up the league. Go 8-8 if you must, but Gurley has to be able to run the ball. 

6 (190). Detroit Lions from Los Angeles Chargers: Damien Mama, OL, USC
Although it’s hard to find someone to fill an immediate need in the 6th round, they have a shot with Mama. T.J. Lang was a great pickup and although he would most likely be better suited as a left guard, Mama is one of the better pass blockers in the guard class and might be able to handle left guard duties. If he can hold his own as a run blocker he has a shot to start in 2017.

7 (191). Baltimore Ravens from New York Jets: Sam Tevi, OL, Utah
The Ravens have two solid lineman and added a center so far in the draft. A good start but they could use a guard and a tackle. Tevi is probably the best tackle on the board at this point.

8 (192). Carolina Panthers: Dan Skipper, OL, Arkansas
In a horrific turn of events, offensive lineman have been drafted 4 picks in a row, including two tackles. Still Skipper is a solid value at the start of the 6th round and the Panthers could use another one.

9 (193). Cincinnati Bengals: Isaac Rochell, DL, Notre Dame
Davon Godchaux is a solid DT to play in Pat Sims place but they need someone to help at the DE spot.  Rochell should be a good fit for what the Bengals are looking for.

10 (194). Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Allen, CB, Utah
The Eagles need more corners and Allen is seen by some to be a 4th round talent. Obviously most don’t agree but the potential is still there.

11 (195). Buffalo Bills: Josh Carraway, EDGE, TCU
Carraway seems to fit the mold of what the Bills like on the edge. Possibly a little small but he most closely resembles Lorenzo Alexander so I doubt the Bills will mind.

12 (196). New Orleans Saints: Tedric Thompson, S, Colorado
The Saints can do worse than Bell and Vaccaro in their base formation but right now they have Banjo playing safety while in nickel. That simply isn’t going to work out.

13 (197). New York Jets from Arizona Cardinals: D.J. Jones, DL, Ole Miss
Not entirely sure what happened to Muhammad Wilkerson last year but finding a guy that fits his profile that can study under him for a while isn’t the worst idea.

14 (198). San Francisco 49ers from Baltimore Ravens: Channing Stribling, CB, Michigan
The 49ers still need a little of everything. This rebuild will require more than 1 draft. Stribling can help out.

15 (199). Minnesota Vikings: De’Angelo Henderson, RB, Coastal Carolina
Yes they drafted Latavius Murray but it’s entirely possible that isn’t a fix all. Murray is a big name but really hasn’t ever produced in his 3 years. At this point in his career he’s average. Unless the line improves, he will most likely be less than average. Just sayin’.

16 (200). New England Patriots from Indianapolis Colts: Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Tennessee
Chung, Roberts, and Van Noy are all sub-par. They could use some help. Maybin most closely fits the mold of Elandon Roberts so perhaps he could help as a Mike linebacker.

17 (201). Washington Redskins: Hunter Dimick, EDGE, Utah
Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Murphy are a solid duo but Preston Smith has been a disappointment. Dimik fits the profile of a Kerrigan and could serve as an understudy to the elder Kerrigan.

18 (202). San Francisco 49ers from Denver Broncos: Aviante Collins, OL, TCU
To round out their final offensive line need, the 49ers grab Aviante Collins.
That should help out young Kaaya.

19 (203). Denver Broncos from Tennessee Titans: Nate Hairston, CB, Temple
The Broncos have arguably the two best corners in the NFL. Unfortuantely the talent falls off a cliff after that.

20 (204). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Blair Brown, LB, Ohio
Scouts are all over the board on Brown but NFL.com has him ranked as a potential 4th round pick. Brown could be an instant starter in a position that is far from solidified.

21 (205). Detroit Lions: Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, DL, USC
The Lions have added a few big bodies to the defensive line but not any BIG big bodies. Tu’ikolovatu is a BIG body. He may be able to step up and spell Ngata in 2017.

22 (206). Miami Dolphins: Keionta Davis, EDGE, UT Chattanooga
The Dolphins need some help on the right side of the line. Davis seems to be the kind of big bodied guy the Dolphins would like.

23 (207). New York Giants: Josh Harvey-Clemons, S, Louisville
The Giants struck gold with Landon Collins but may need to dig a little deeper to find a second. Clemons is another that NFL.com seems to like and has been on the top of their board for a long time.

24 (208). Oakland Raiders: Artavis Scott, WR, Clemson
Artavis Scott is seen as a slot receiver which will come in handy if the Patterson experiment doesn’t pan out.

25 (209). Washington Redskins from Houston Texans: Jehu Chesson, WR, Michigan
There isn’t a ton to love about the Redskins wide receivers. They drafted Ardarious Stewart but that won’t fix the unit.

26 (210). Detroit Lions from Seattle Seahawks: Jayon Brown, LB, UCLA
The Lions need a lot of help at linebacker. They drafted two up to this point. Hopefully one can contribute.

27. Kansas City Chiefs (Forfeited): BURN!

28 (211). Dallas Cowboys: Erik Austell, OL, Charleston So.
La’el Collins has been a massive disappointment. If the Cowboys want to remain one of the top offensive line units in the game they need to keep drafting linemen.

29 (212). Green Bay Packers: Mack Hollins, WR, North Carolina
The Packers need more physical receivers and 6’4 Hollins should be able to help out with that.

30 (213). Pittsburgh Steelers: Xavier Woods, S, Louisiana Tech
The Steelers already grabbed a safety but Woods has fallen a little further than he should have. it should provide some security and depth.

31 (214). Tennessee Titans from Atlanta Falcons: Freddie Stevenson, FB, Florida St.
The Titans are all about rounding out a great roster. Adding the top FB in the draft to possibly replace Jalston Fowler isn’t the worst move.

32 (215). Detroit Lions from New England Patriots: Jeremy Cutrer, CB, Middle Tennessee St.
There is a good amount of corner talent available and the Lions are far from set at the position.

33 (216). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection): Chad Williams, WR, Grambling St.
The highest value player for a position that is still likely a need is Chad Williams. Ergo, this pick.

 34 (217). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection): Marquez White, CB, Florida St.
The Bengals are as perfectly mediocre as you can be at corner. It isn’t a pressing need but a need nonetheless.

35 (218). Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection): Jadar Johnson, S, Clemson
The Chiefs need a third safety to play high in nickel situations. Their current option isn’t really panning out.

Round 7

1 (219). San Francisco 49ers from Cleveland Browns: Keith Kelsey, LB, Louisville
The 49ers desperately need linebackers. Fortunately that just so happens to be the most plentiful position remaining.

2 (220). Washington Redskins from San Francisco 49ers: T.J. Logan, RB, North Carolina
Logan is more of a change of pace back than a 3 down back but the Redskins can’t afford to be picky.

3 (221). Chicago Bears: Andrew Eide, OL, BYU
The Bears did draft a tackle but talent and depth are still a concern. With a new young QB and RB it’s pretty important they get this right.

4 (222). Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina
Hurns wasn’t fantastic as the best as a slot receiver. They may want a guy that can serve in that capacity.

5 (223). Miami Dolphins from Los Angeles Rams: Keion Adams, LB, Western Michigan
OLB is functionally a non factor for the Dolphins. They need a lot of help at the position. It’s the 7th round but Adams fell further than expected.

6 (224). Cincinnati Bengals from New York Jets: Storm Norton, OL, Toledo
The offensive line is the biggest need to address. The Bengals have a ton of picks and should therefore take a bunch of swings at the position.

I don’t know if Storm Norton starts in 2017 but he has a cool name.

7 (225). Los Angeles Chargers:  Des Lawrence, CB, North Carolina
A position of need that hasn’t been addressed until the 7th is a shame but Lawrence was a solid corner in the ACC.

8 (226). Seattle Seahawks from Carolina Panthers: Paul Magloire, LB, Arizona
The Seahawks need some help in their SAM linebacker spot. Magloire would fit that role quite well.

9 (227). Cincinnati Bengals: Cameron Tom, OL, Southern Miss
You could call this overkill but Tom is a center which the Bengals haven’t really addressed. Bodine isn’t horrible but he was mediocre at best in 2016 and it was by far his best year.

10 (228). Dallas Cowboys from Buffalo Bills: Steven Taylor, LB, Houston
Damien Wilson made a huge leap from year 1 to year 2 but he was still pretty average. A little insurance couldn’t hurt.

11 (229). New Orleans Saints: Cole Hikutini, TE, Louisville
Fleener didn’t quite pan out. I’m sure the Saints will stick with him and hope things improve but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

12 (230). Philadelphia Eagles: Stacy Coley, WR, Miami
The Eagles have a pretty low chance of having a top WR core as it is. The Addition of a wideout with speed and fluidity couldn’t hurt.

13 (231). Arizona Cardinals: Marquel Lee, LB, Wake Forrest
Jarrad Davis is a good pickup in round 2 but the Cardinals don’t have any top level talent at the position. Even if Davis pans out he may need some help.

14 (232). Minnesota Vikings: Corey Levin, OL, Tennessee-Chattanooga
The Vikings needed to do more in this draft at O line but sometimes the chips don’t fall where they need to. Levin is most likely a guard but is an athletic one that has a chance to play tackle. A good grab for a team that needs both.

15 (233). Carolina Panthers from Indianapolis Colts through Cleveland Browns: Travin Dural, WR, LSU
The Panthers need someone to step up at wide receiver. If Benjamin won’t, perhaps Dural will.

16 (234). Los Angeles Rams from Baltimore Ravens: Alek Torgersen, QB, Pennsylvania
I’m sure Goff is the plan for the Rams at quarterback. I’m also quite sure Goff is terrible.

17 (235). Washington Redskins: Tarik Cohen, RB, North Carolina A&T
The human joystick finds a home in the 7th round with the Washington Redskins. How nice! Unlike their previous pick, Cohen has the potential to play on 3 downs.

18 (236). Tennessee Titans: Matt Milano, LB, Boston College
With the addition of Reuben Foster, Milano is likely a depth pick but he has some experience at safety. Never know…

19 (237). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jelani Hamilton, EDGE, Miami
Jelani fits the mold of a William Gholston type player. Which is good because William Gholston isn’t super great.

20 (238). Denver Broncos: Bryan Cox, EDGE, Florida
The Broncos don’t really need help here but Cox is a good value and a good fit.

21 (239). New England Patriots from Detroit Lions: Hardy Nickerson Jr, LB, Illinois
The patriots need another linebacker so they get another linebacker.

22 (240). Miami Dolphins: Calvin Munson, LB, San Diego St.
He’s a small school guy but he’s turned a few heads. Don’t let the late pick fool you.

23 (241). New York Giants: DeAngelo Brown, DL, Louisville
You can never really have enough big fellas. Brown is exactly that.

24 (242). Oakland Raiders: Sam Rogers, FB, Virginia Tech
The Raiders locked up Beast Mode but they could use another beast at FB. Jamize Olawale hasn’t been all that fantastic.

25 (243). Houston Texans: C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa
Not a moment too soon, the Texans take a stab at quarterback with a guy that has gotten a surprising amount of attention for being a late round guy.

26 (244). Oakland Raiders from Seattle Seahawks: Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise St.
ILB is a position of need for the Raiders and Vallejo is a talented dude. He dropped due to physical issues but his ceiling is promising, especially if you’re willing to be patient.

27 (245). Kansas City Chiefs: Gabe Marks, WR, Washington St.
Marks is a slot guy but the Chiefs need receivers of all stripes.

28 (246). Dallas Cowboys: Riley Bullough, LB, Michigan St.
Their previous pick was also a backer but Bullough is more of an inside guy. His competition is with Hitchens.

29 (247). Green Bay Packers: Aaron Jones, RB, Texas El-Paso
The Packers have had a decent amount of success utilizing picks that come late, especially undrafted players. Perine is a good fit but another back in the draft is not only possible it’s expected.

30 (248). Pittsburgh Steelers: Speedy Noil, WR, Texas A&M
A slot guy with the name Speedy. How can this possibly be a bad pick for the Steelers?

31 (249). Atlanta Falcons: James Onwualu, LB, Notre Dame
The Falcons really want to hit on the linebacker spot. It’s important for them if they want to avoid be a 1 dimensional offensive powerhouse.

32 (250). Detroit Lions from New England Patriots: Ben Boulware, LB, Clemson
Linebacker has the potential to be a huge liability in 2017. The Lions are doing everything they can do avoid that scenario.

33 (251). Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection): Damore’ea Stringfellow, WR, Mississippi
A.J. Green can’t be the only target in Cincinnati. They need to threaten defenses with more than 1 weapon.

34 (252). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection): Ezra Robinson, CB, Tennessee ST.
The Broncos are determined to keep their defense at the top. Ensuring they lock down receivers is key in a pass happy league.

35 (253). Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection): Isaiah McKenzie, WR, Georgia
Last but statistically unlikely to be least, the Denver Broncos select a slot receiver to compete with the underwhelming Cody Latimer

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