Packers undrafted free agents: Izaah Lunsford


From draft and develop to their loyal fan base, the Green Bay Packers have a reputation for more than just winning. Not the least of these things is their desire and ability to turn undrafted players into starters. As a result, Packers fans have more than just 7 or 8 drafted players to be excited about. For that reason, we’ll take several days to outline each of the Packers current UFA players. What are the pros, cons, and chances of making the team?

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Izaah Lunsford, a defensive tackle out of Bowling Green, is in every way a Packers defensive lineman. A quick penetrate and disrupt tackle with a high motor and no quit in him, Lunsford fits right in the mold of Kenny Clark.

At 6’3 310 pounds, running a 5.13 40, Lunsford is physically identical to Clark and is also surprisingly athletic for his size. Whether it be stunts or spins, Lunsford is going to get past his man one way or another.

In college Lunford played 44 games over 4 years at Bowling Green. He racked up 90 total tackles in that span as well as 4.5 sacks and 3 passes defended.


From my perspective, Lunsford is a DE (DT depending on alignment) you want on the field in pass rushing situations. Although he has the size to take on double teams, playing NT and trying to hold his ground against double teams might prove to be too much.

Besides that, he’s too athletically gifted to have him bogged down by 2 defenders. Let someone else shoulder that burden while Lunsford chases.

In other words, I think he’ll be an asset against the pass but maybe not so much against the run.

Chances of making the team

I like Izaah a lot. Every year there are a few guys I watch that are UDFA’s and I can’t figure out why. Ladarious Gunter was one of those guys for me and Izaah is another. He’s a division I player that dominated everyone that was in front of him. He’s a violent football player. Half his highlights in the video below are made on the perimeter because the guy refuses to quit.

He has a ton of competition at defensive line which also happens to be one of the Packers strongest positions but considering the need for depth, the amount of rotation, and the fact that he is the only UDFA and 1 of 2 defensive lineman in the whole draft, I would be a little surprised if he wasn’t on the team.


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