Running back position still an uncertainty

The Green Bay Packers are closing in on training camp and by most accounts have had a successful offseason. They addressed needs in the draft in April and even signed a few big free agents. Myself, I have one kind of major concern. Who is the running back?

Yes, I know Ty Montgomery is the current starting running back, but is he really a running back? He certainly showed signs last year of being a capable back, had some nice long runs and also showed a knack for those 1-yard TD runs that the Packers have been so lacking in recent years. But he will have to learn to be more durable if he is going to be an every down back.

As a wide receiver, he wasn’t on the field every play, and if he took a big hit he could easily take a play off. At running back you have to be durable, never come off the field. I still think had he not come off the field in the NFC Championship game last January we would have had a different game. Aaron Ripkowski fumbles on the next play and the rout is on. Montgomery needs to prove he can stay on the field, and after the Packers’ drafted three running backs, I think the message was delivered loud and clear.

I have a terrible feeling the Packers will be going through the same running back trials during the season as they did last year. If Montgomery isn’t the guy or gets hurt early, I think Jamaal Williams, the Packers’ fourth round pick out of BYU will get the first chance to replace him. If not him the Packers doubled down by taking Aaron Jones in the fifth round and Devante Mays in the seventh. We’ll find out if that is enough to keep them among the favorites to win the Super Bowl at sites like sports betting NZ if you are looking to make some money.

One thing is sure, it will be an intense battle in training camp. The rookies have to feel they have a chance to beat out a guy who is a converted receiver with little experience at running back. It’s going to be fun to watch in camp and especially the preseason games. I would love to see Montgomery be the man, just because seeing an 88 jersey at running back in the Hall of Fame would be very cool.

Let’s get through one year first. You never know.

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