2020 NFL Mock Draft

Team draft order is via tankathon.com. Big board can be found here.

1 Bengals Joe Burrow QB LSU

There is a ton of debate between taking the QB of the future of Chase Young. On one hand, Chase is elite and it may be early for a QB. On the other hand, I watched the difference between Burrow and Fromm on television and I can tell you I have no interest in taking a flyer in the second round. If we want to draft a QB of the future, this is the best chance we’re going to have.

2GiantsChase YoungEDGEOhio State

This is the best possible situation for the Giants. This is parade-worthy.

3RedskinsAndrew ThomasOTGeorgia

The pick makes a lot of sense for a lot of reason. It really won’t matter until they address the front office but that’s a discussion for another time. Haskins needs help. He has a WR, let’s get him a tackle.

4DolphinsTua TagovailoaQBAlabama

I always hate dropping a QB in a terrible situation but such is the life of a lot of these QB’s. We’ve got 3 picks in the first so let’s get Tua and start building.

5LionsJerry JeudyWRAlabama

It’s not a massive need but how do you pass it up? This is also, by the way, a bad situation for the Packers. Better be ready for a shootout.

6CardinalsJeffrey OkudahCBOhio State

The Cardinals need a lot of things so taking the best available is probably the best option. Fortunately for the Okudah is a stud and their corners are horrible, even with Peterson who is likely gone next year.

7JaguarsTristan WirfsOTIowa

A WR feels like the right thing to do but we need a solid foundation first and we just simply don’t have it. Get the OL, protect the QB, establish the run, THEN worry about passing the ball all over the yard.

8FalconsA.J. EpenesaEDGEIowa

Not only are we not getting enough production off the edge but McKinley, Clayborn, Hegeman, Bailey, and Means are all either free agents prior to 2020 or after it. We have to address this.

9JetsCeedee LambWROklahoma

I’d love to get some OL help but there isn’t much available and this is a team that just needs a spark. We got a flashy new QB, Le’Veon Bell is our RB, and we are the most boring offense in football. Let’s liven this up a little.

10ChargersTyler BiadaszIOLWisconsin

Just when everything seemed to be going right, the offensive line decided they would all at once decide to play like garbage. Okung fell off a cliff… Well actually everyone else has always kind of been trash. All the more reason.

11BroncosKristian FultonCBLSU

Another time I really wanted to get a WR to see if I could just super power this offense but the corners are about to ruin what could otherwise be a great defense. Fangio has this defense humming but take Harris out of the corner group and it is beyond horrible.

12PanthersJustin HerbertQBOregon

Lots of folks won’t like this but it seems to already be in the works. They are looking for a new HC already and the rumors of moving on from Cam are already swirling. They have other needs but it looks like the Panthers are looking for a full rebuild and Kyle Allen is the answer to nothing.

13EaglesTrevon DiggsCBAlabama

The corners have been an issue here for a while. It’s a little bit of a reach but I’m going need over value here.

14RaidersIsaiah SimmonsLBClemson

Being patient pays off for the Raiders because there are 3 top tier talents available. This might be the lesser of the 3 but we need a LB badly and Simmons is a great one.

15ColtsDerrick BrownDLAuburn

If you didn’t know any better you’d assume this was a Colts fan mock draft because Brown falling to 15 is insane. But alas, here we are. Brown is considered by many to be a top 3 talent but is 7th on my board. Still a massive slide and a huge pick up for a team that could really use him.

16BucsGrant DelpitSLSU

This is the 3rd of 3 to slide massively because of reasons, and is another huge get for a team that needs a safety. In fact I would argue they need one more than any other team. This is absolute best case scenario… Well maybe one of the QBs falling but whatever, this is big.

17BrownsJavon KinlawDLSouth Carolina

I wouldn’t say I’m in love with the pick and if I was doing trades in this mock I might do one here but the defensive front isn’t great and Kinlaw could be a monster interior pass rusher.

18Raiders (CHI)Henry RuggsWRAlabama

We added some defensive help with Simmons, now we’re going to get a little firepower. An Alabama replacement for Cooper feels right also.

19TitansCreed HumphreyIOLOklahoma

The Titans are similar to the Chargers in that their roster is nowhere near as bad as their record. With Tannehill playing well and possibly about to get an extension, let’s get a tad more help along the interior and see if we can get this thing going.

20Jaguars (LAR)Laviska ShenaultWRColorado

We added a tackle earlier in the draft with Wirfs and I halfway regretted not getting a WR because we just have nothing at the position. We have a few option but I think the trigger just needs to be pulled here.

21CowboysXavier McKinneySAlabama

The Cowboys have been begging for safeties in FA and aren’t very covert about it. McKinney is near the top of the board so I’m not going to hesitate.

22Mia (PIT)Alex LeatherwoodOTAlabama

As I said, we got Tua, now it’s our job to not ruin him. Getting a tackle is the first step.

23Mia (HOU)D’Andre SwiftRBGeorgia

And then I’ll take, protect the QB with a receiving back for 1,000, Alex.

24VikingsC.J. HendersonCBFlorida

Slight reach but it’s the most obvious glaring issue and is the thing that would probably upset me the most so here ya go.

25BillsJonathan TaylorRBWisconsin

I’ve been saying for a while J.T. to the Bills makes a ton of sense. Why stop now.

26ChiefsYetur Gross-MatosEDGEPenn State

Well at least that payday for Clark worked out for Clark. As for the Chiefs, this defense needs a lot of help and getting help off the edge isn’t a bad place to begin looking.

27PackersDylan MosesLBAlabama

OL, WR, and LB are the biggest wants of Packers fans. Seeing Moses, who is #20 on my board, still available made this decision very easy. Most think the Packers would never take a LB in the first but I think that’s silly. They definitely prioritize different positions more highly but if a LB is the highest on the board and your next highest is ranked 27th, Gute will skip down Vegas to turn the card in personally.

28SeahawksJedrick WillsOTAlabama

Ya I’m reaching for offensive linemen for the Seahawks cause it’s a mock published on a day ending in Y. Not that it’s a prediction. if I wanted to predict a pick I’d scroll to guys that are a 3rd round value, close my eyes, and poke the screen. But in this mock I’m the GM and once again, we’re going to try and actually build a legitimate NFL offensive line.

29PatriotsRaekwon DavisDLAlabama

If I was forced to pick a weak spot, defensive line (not edge) would be near the top. I considered Tee Higgins but we just took a WR in the first last year. Davis just feels more like a Patriots pick anyway. Massive monster that can’t be moved along the DL.

30SaintsTee HigginsWRClemson

Because it’ll make everyone else say “Oh no”

31RavensCurtis WeaverEDGEAuburn

Judon is a stud and will probably get paid but we lose Za’darius and Suggs, and McPhee might be on the way out. Gotta reload.

3249ersKenneth MurrayLBOklahoma

The 49ers are solid but there are a surprising amount of holes. They just paid Kwon but I don’t care, that was stupid. Let’s actually get a good LB on the team.

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