Packers will roll in FLA

The Green Bay Packers got their first gift of the season in the form of hurricane Ida. Instead of having to play in the extremely loud Superdome the Packers and Saints will square off in Jacksonville, Florida. I think this is a big advantage for the Packers.

For one, Packers’ fans travel. For the Saints’ brass to think Jacksonville is somewhat less attractive as a destination site is crazy. There are tons of Packers’ fans already in Florida and those coming from out of state are coming for the game only. Summer vacation is over.

And I’m not worried about the heat. It was a brutally hot summer in Green Bay this year. Especially during training camp. The Packers should be ready for that no problem. Finally, the game is now on grass instead of the speedy turf the Saints are built for. Another advantage for the Packers.

So, with said, Packers 34, Saints 19.

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