Who Will Pip Rodgers to Regular Season MVP Title?

Packers fans might have feared for the worst when their NFL regular season campaign started with a 38-3 hammering at the hands of the Saints, but since then normal service has been restored with Aaron Rodgers showing the sort of form that always puts him in the mix when it comes to MVP odds talk.

Here we take a look at what the evergreen quarterback’s chances are of claiming the regular season MVP crown, as well as who the men are who could stop him in is tracks.

There has been plenty to cheer this NFL season and there is so much more to come for Packers fans

Rodgers Still Has a Shot

At the time of writing, he is just a couple of months away from being 38 years old, but Aaron Rodgers is clearly drawing inspiration and strength from men like Tom Brady who is living proof that age is just a number. The former Patriot is consistently confounding critics and sports betting tipsters to bring home the gridiron bacon. Indeed, both veteran QBs appear on odds comparison websites like OddsChecker, where they are ranked high up the regular season MVP winner betting odds lines. For Rodgers’ part he has thrown the ball exquisitely and broken records in the process, breaking into the top 5 players who have the most passing yards in the history of the league, to sit just behind fellow Green Bay legend Brett Favre.

Allen Fits the Bills

The Bills have gone from being one of the NFL’s biggest laughing stocks to suddenly becoming one of the hottest properties in the sport, and a large part of the reason for that turnaround has been Josh Allen, who has shown that he is far from having hit his ceiling as an MVP-grade QB. He currently stands as the betting favorite to claim the regular season MVP crown, but Buffalo fans will be hoping he can do even better than that and deliver them a long awaited Super Bowl crown. Packers fans certainly know all about his capabilities as he helped the Bills beat Green Bay in a pre-season 19-0 blowout in which Allen threw 2 touchdowns and for 194 yards without so much as breaking a sweat.

Aaron Rodgers would dearly love to get his hands on a Vince Lombardi trophy before his career is out

Murray Makes His Move 

After 5 games in the NFL regular season there was only one team in the league that had managed to maintain a 100% record and that was the Cardinals outfit led by the wildly talented Kyler Murray. The other thing that will play in Murray’s favor this season is that even when he has an off day, the Arizona defense can get him out of jail, thus keeping him on track for the sort of winning record that an MVP candidate must have in the bank. There is plenty of money already being lumped in the young 24-year-old to establish himself as one of the hottest QBs in the league alongside Allen and Mahomes.

Stafford Reinvents Himself in LA

Matthew Stafford must have breathed a sigh of relief when he finally got to move away from the poisoned chalice that is being Detroit QB. He is now showing his true potential at the LA Rams, making it clear that he was always a class act being held back by a lazy pride of Lions. His latest standout performance was a 365-yard game against the Seattle Seahawks, which he produced despite suffering a dislocated finger during the game. Now that’s MVP worthy sort of form and there is no sign of him letting up anytime soon!

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