Top Reasons the Packers are One of a Kind NFL Franchise

The Super Bowl title has been so near yet so far for the Green Bay Packers the last decade. Last year, Green Bay was one of the top teams predicted to win Super Bowl LVI.

Then the team met San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs and fell 13-10. The entire team and fans were disappointed. But they are hopeful of lifting the Lombardi trophy soon.

After all, the Green Bay Packers are one of the most successful franchises in the NFL. Here, we’ll explain why the Packers are a special franchise.

 1—Most Championships in the League

The Packers have 13 NFL Championships—Nine NFL Championships and four Super Bowls. NFC North rivals—Chicago Bears—rank second with eight NFL Championships and one Super Bowl.

Some football fans argue that pre-Super Bowl championships are not as impressive as the Lombardi Trophy. But ask any Cheesehead and they will respond with pride for being the most successful team in the league.

Before 1967, football was governed by more than one major league. Still, there were periods when football was incredibly competitive, clearing doubts that pre-1967 championships are unimpressive.

The most impressive bit of Packers’ success is that they were once led by Vince Lombardi—the most successful coach in football’s history. He won the first two Super Bowls with Green Bay and had previously led the team to three more championships. 

2—Passionate Fans

Get this. If you applied to be a seasonal ticket holder for the Packers, you could live to 120 years and still not qualify for the ticket.  That’s because more than 140,000 people are on the waitlist to become Green Bay Packers season ticket holders. And the franchise accepts just 750 new members per season. 

Despite that, people are continuously applying to become seasonal ticket holders. If you’re lucky and have an older relative with a seasonal ticket; you can inherit it from them—it’s legal.

That said, Packers games have sold out every season since 1960. It doesn’t matter if the team is winning or losing. You can always count on seeing passionate fans clad in Green Bay colors on the stands.

One of the reasons Packers games sell out is because Cheeseheads genuinely love their team. Also, tickets are relatively affordable for seasonal ticket holders. Another reason is that Green Bay has been displaying quality football over the years. 

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3—Quality Football

It’s true—successful teams attract many fans. Some watch Green Bay Packers to experience quality football. Others love Green Bay because it helps them make money on sportsbooks.

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Unlike some NFL teams, Green Bay takes pride in displaying quality football year after year. The organization has a standard of football passed down over to new players, coaches and manager. 

The organization’s principles of treating fans and football with respect are part of the reason it’s so beloved by its fans. As we stated earlier, Green Bay has been upgrading its stadium capacity to accommodate more Cheeseheads periodically.

When it comes to making important decisions, Green Bay chooses what’s best for the team. For example, manager Ted Thompson chose Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre when the latter wouldn’t make up his mind over retirement. It proved to be an excellent choice.

4—Legends Galore

The Green Bay Packers has the second highest number of Hall of Famers in the NFL. The number stands at 28 after LeRoy Butler was inducted earlier this year. The Chicago Bears have 30 Hall of famers, ranking first in the league.

Many of Green Bay’s Hall of Famers actually deserve to be in there. Think of Earl Lambeau, who co-founded the team in 1919. Then there’s Vince Lombardi, whose achievements we’ve already mentioned.

Other legends include Bart Starr, the MVP for both Super Bowl I and II. There’s Reggie White, Brett Favre and future Hall of Famer Ron Wolf. Wolf rebuilt Packers into success after 24 years of struggling.

Besides Hall of Famers, Packers has contracted hundreds of celebrated footballers over the years. Their players, alongside their contributions to football, are another reasons Cheese heads sell out tickets in every game. 

5—Proper Management

Winning two Super Bowls in a row is great. But it took more than football success to turn Green Bay into a great franchise. It took great management form the franchise to not only succeed football wise but also profit wise.

There are few sports organizations in the world that rival Green Bay in class management over time. As we mentioned previously, the team loves to do what’s best for its fans.

So, when it first went bankrupt in 1923, Green Bay began selling shares to its fans. It has done the same thing time and again, allowing fans and local business people to own the team. 

To be clear, Green Bay is not a for-profit team. It is the only publicly owned NFL franchise. Every other team is owned by people out to maximize their profits.

Still on the team’s class act, Green Bay is probably the only NFL franchise located in a small city. Green Bay has a population of slightly over 104,000 people. Yet, the team sells out tickets in every game. That’s because it appreciates the local city and its fans. 


The Green Bay packers is a special team. It is unique in that it’s the only publicly owned major sports organization in the US. It’s located in a small city yet sells out tickets every year. 

What’s more, Green Bay has experienced long-term football success. It has the highest number of NFL championships and also the most passionate fans in the league.

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