Must win game in week two

After the Green Bay Packers embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Vikings last week the Packers find themselves in a predicament. A loss to the lowly Chicago Bears Sunday night at Lambeau Field could send the Packers spiraling downward. After the Bears the Packers travel to Tampa Bay where they always get blown out, so 0-3 if highly likely if the Packers lose Sunday.

Chicago-Bears-v-Green-Bay-Packers-1995cc2f8f96d20659e718b4caf25dba.jpgDo I think they will lose Sunday night? I do not. But the game got a lot more interesting after the Bears knocked off the 49ers last week. Yes it was bad weather day in Soldiers Field which tends to be an equalizer in the NFL. Still, Bears’ QB Justin Fields will present some problems for the Packers, he lit them up in two games last year even though the Bears lost both.

The Packers should get wide receiver Allen Lazard back and maybe on of their two injured offensive lineman back, which would be a bonus. Hopefully Lazard can give Aaron Rodgers a safety valve and go to guy. Randall Cobb should not be on an NFL roster. And while I think Christian Watson is going to be a bust, might as well find out one way or the other right away and try to get him the ball more. After his colossal drop last week Rodgers only looked his way one more time.

The Bears’ defense might not have the pass rush capability the Vikings do but they are no slouches, either. This will be no walk in the park for the Packers.

With their backs against the wall I think the Packers will rise to the occasion and even their record. Packers 27, Bears 24.

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